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Annual Black Belt Folk Roots Festival embraces spirit of ownership in community

IMG_1127John Byrd marinades finger licking barbecue

Fatima Robinson- assortment of handmade crafts

Blues men Jontavious Willis, Eugene (Geno) Little, Clarence Davis and Jock Webb perform a mix session of blues.

St. John Baptist Church Choir leads devotion at festival

Glory To Glory Gospel Singers join Bro. Sam Isaac, a long time festival favorite.

Rita Sands Mahoney serving soul food dinners

Delfreda Coleman introduces her home made ice cream at festival

The 42nd annual Black Belt Folk Roots Festival, held August 26-27, 2017 on the old courthouse square in Eutaw, was truly embraced by the community in a very special ways. There was a spirit of ownership floating throughout the events and grounds. The festival goers seemed to say: “This is our festival; this is our community celebration; we own it.” Vendors and visitors assisted each other in setting up tents, unloading materials and securing cords to the power source. There were many exchanges of well wishes and encouragement for the festival’s continuation. Heartfelt donations were shared. The community embraced the blues of their struggles on Saturday and prayed their faith through the gospel singing on Sunday. The multiple craft and food vendors prepared delicacies pleasing to the eye and the pallet. The 42nd festival was a joyful time for all.

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