James Carter seeks Greene County Probate Judge seat


James Carter

When I reflect back over my life, I can see the pivotal roles my father and grandfathers played in my life. I witnessed first hand hard working men that were able to do so much with so little; yet, they weren’t too busy to help and serve others with their gifts and resources to make a better life for those around them.
This spirit of a servant inspired me to pursue a college education to build on the foundation that had already been laid by these strong and determine men. Upon obtaining my education, I worked for several years to gain the experience needed to assist in the family business.
My desire to serve lead me, after much consideration, to run for county commissioner. At the tender age of 26, I was elected county commissioner where I learned leadership through trials and errors, but those growing pains didn’t make me lose sight of my desire to help serve the people of Greene County.
During my tenure, I was able to assist in bringing in 10 million dollars to help expand a water system over most of the county and over 2 million dollars in CDBG funds for housing rehabilitation. Also, another plan that was 15 years in the making, before I became commissioner, was the building of a new courthouse. I was elated that it was erected during my term as commissioner.

Now as I look back on my pastoral experiences, it has taught me how to listen and discern individual and family conflicts. Also, the fruit of patience has helped me through the years not to act hastily but listen to the Holy Spirit before counseling and making decisions that affect other lives.
I’ve been blessed with a loving and supportive wife, Cynthia Winn Carter. For the past 37 years she has been there through it all; to encourage, uplift, listen, love and comfort me through many trials, temptations, joys, and pains of this life, for which I am forever grateful. We have 3 children, Tawanna, Jemali, and Ameil and 4 grandchildren, Malik, Makel, MaKalani, and Jordan Paul.
As a husband, father and grandfather, I understand the real struggles facing families today; both single parents and married families.
I believe that without a strong family, there will not be a strong community.
In closing, I have been a servant in some form or the other all my life and I am asking you for the opportunity to serve as your probate judge. Please vote on June 5th for James Carter, Probate Judge of Greene County.

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