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Superintendent gives update on school enrollment and new learning initiatives

At the Greene County Board of Education’s regular meeting held Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020, Superintendent Dr. Corey Jones gave an update on student enrollment, system assessment processes and student and personnel motivation efforts. Dr. Jones reported that, to date, the school system is short 40 students from the 2018-2019 school year. “We currently have 1000 student enrolled, which is three less than earlier this school year. Eutaw Primary has 349 students; Robert Brown Middle has 357 and Greene County High has 294,” he stated.
According to Superintendent Jones, the school system has several initiatives creating a more student involved learning environment which already is showing positive results. He stated that the system is continuing to rely on the Scantron Benchmark Assessment for the lower grades and the ACT for the high school. Jones noted that the principals are scheduled to present the assessment data from their individual schools in a special meeting this week.
The board president and attorney announced a change in the agenda process beginning at the board’s March meeting. The Public Comments section will appear on the agenda following the Welcome to Visitors. The process will require visitors to sign in prior to the start of the board meeting, if they wish to make comments before the board. At the start of the meeting, the signed list will be taken up by the board, and only those on the list will be allowed to speak. This adjustment in the agenda is intended to avoid the visitors waiting for the board to conclude its work in executive session.
The board approved the following personnel items recommended by Superintendent Jones.
Resignation: Jacob Sullivan, Baseball Coach, Greene County High School.
Non-renewal – Principal Contract for Garry Rice, Effective June 30, 2020; Principal Contract for Toice Goodson, Effective June 30, 2020.
Employment – Tara Thomas, Kindergarten Teacher, Eutaw Primary School for the remainder of the 2019-2020 School Year, effective February 18, 2020.
The board acted on the following administrative service items:
Approved Resolution Opposing School Start Date Legislation.
Approved MAK Engineering, LLC, Structional Assessment for Greene County High School. * Approved agreement between Greene County Board and Marimac Academy, Janice Filer, to Perform Consulting Services to Greene County Schools.
Approved of contract between Greene County Board and Amy Quitt, for extended hours from 10 to 12 hours for Speech-Language Services.
Approved Greene County Boys Basketball Team and Managers traveling to New Orleans March 14-17 2020, to attend the Semi and Final Games of the Sunbelt Conference Tournament.
*Approved Robert Brown Middle School students traveling to Six Flags in Austell, Georgia for STEM DAY, May 15, 2020.
Payment of all bills, claims, and payroll.
The financial snapshot as of December 31, 2019, presented by CSFO Lavonda Blair, included the following: General Fund Balance – $970,617.61; Check Register Accountability Report – $291,190.24; Payroll Register – $868,054.25; Combined Fund Balance – $3,418,637.95. Local Revenue Sources included local taxes of $90,861.40; Bingo collections for December will be reflected in the January financial report, since the board’s central office was closed at time of disbursement.

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