Probate Judge Julia Spree proclaims May as Foster Care Month


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Shown above seated Judge Julia Spree, Wilson Morgan- DHR Director, Jacqueline Woods -Service /APS Supervisor, Beverly Vester-Q.A. Coordinator- Not Shown, Latonya Wooley- Foster Care/PS Worker, Kimberly Tyree -CA/N Investigator, Fannie Smith- Foster Parent Vice President, Mattie Gray- Foster Parent, Minnie Knox and Jimmie Lee Powell Zoppi Foster Parents not shown.


On Tuesday, May 1, Greene County Probate Judge, Julia Spree issued the following proclamation declaring May as Foster Care Month.
“Whereas, During the month of May, we observe national Foster Care Month and recognize the progress that has been made in finding permanent placements for those children in foster care with a goal of adoption; and,
Whereas, National Foster Care Month in May provides an opportunity for people nationwide to get involved as foster parents, volunteers, mentors, and employers. It’s also an opportunity to show our appreciation for the dedication of the foster families who care for foster children and youth, and the social workers who support them; and
Whereas, there are 3 Foster Family Homes in Greene County and there is still a greater need for more foster care providers; and
Whereas, Foster families are children’s champions, serving as the primary source of love, support and protection to many vulnerable children; and
Whereas, Every child deserves to grown, learn and dream in a supportive and living environment. A tremendous demand exists for foster and adoptive families across the state. Together, we can and we must raise awareness about the need and inspire volunteers to step forward and invest in the lives of our youth through our foster care system and to ensure all youth can grown up in a family who will nurture, guide and love them so they can reach their full potential;
Therefore, I, Honorable Judge Julia Spree, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Probate Judge of Greene County,  do proclaim the Month of May in the year of 2018 to be Foster Care Month.