School Board members installed; school system gets C on state report card

At the Greene County Board of Education’s monthly meeting held Monday November 21, 2022, Dr. Carol Zippert officially opened the meeting and conducted the preliminary items on the agenda, including the presentation of the FY 2021 Audit Report presented by Shelly Patrenos of the Alabama Office of Public Examiners.
Following the Audit Report, Zippert vacated her position at the meeting and two new board members were sworn in – Mr. Robert Davis for District 1 and Mr. Brandon Merriweather for District 2. District Judge Lillie Jones Osborne conducted the installation ceremony as Merriweather’s mother held the Bible for him and Davis’ wife held the Bible for him.
Following the installation, the board re-organization was conducted by Attorney Hank Sanders. After explaining the procedure, Attorney Sanders opened the floor for nominations for Board President. Mr. Merriweather nominated Mr. Leo Branch and Ms. Carrie Dancy nominated herself. Mr. Branch received three votes: Merriweather, Davis and himself; Dancy received two votes:  Verionca Richardson and herself. Sanders called for a motion to accept Mr. Branch as Board President for this term. The vote to accept was unanimous.
Attorney Sanders called for nominations for Vice President and Ms. Dancy nominated Ms. Richardson. No other nominations were offered. Ms. Richardson was also accepted by unanimous vote.
Superintendent Dr. Corey Jones focused his report on the school system’s report card from state testing for the 2021-2022 school term. Grades tested included 3rd, the entire middle school and the 11th grade. According the Dr. Jones, the Greene County School District received a 70 ( C ) on the State Report card, which is the same score the District received  the last time the State Report Card scorer was released in 2018-2019.
The indicator scores for the District were Academic Achievement, Academic Growth, Graduation Rate, College and Career Readiness and Chronic Absenteeism.  The District received 6.64 of the possible 20 points for Academic Achievement. Greene County School District received 27.75 of the possible 30 points for Academic Growth due to the fact that 92.51% of the students tested grew academically during the school year.  The District received 24.32 points of the possible 30 points for the Graduation Rate.  Greene County received 4.60 points of the possible 10 points for the College and Career- Readiness indicator and 7.17 of the possible 10 points for Chronic Absenteeism.
Superintendent Jones noted that the last testing period followed nearly an entire school year of virtual classes due to the pandemic. “At home learning is difficult without proper guidance and supervision. The district will work diligently to improve the scores in each indicator,” he said.
The Superintendent encouraged parents to ensure that our Scholars attend school everyday to decrease Chronic Absenteeism which is when a student is out of school for 18 or more days during the school year regardless if the absence is excused or unexcused. Also, parents are encouraged to enroll our scholars in after school programs and take advantage of summer school to give our scholars the best opportunity to be successful.
The board approved the following personnel items recommended by the superintendent.
Employment: Cassandra Kelley, Long-Term Substitute, Greene County Learning Academy for 2022-2023 School Term; Victoria Moore, Chemistry/Physics Teacher, Greene County High School for 2022-2023 School Term.
Custodian Department: Willie Harkness from full-time Substitute Janitor to 3-day Substitute Janitor at Greene County Career; Jerome Jackson, from split hours at Greene County Career Center to Full-time Janitor at Greene County High School.
2022-2023- Supplemental Contracts: Ephraim Russell, Band Coach, Greene County High School; Henry Miles, Football Coach, Robert Brown Middle School; Quenton Walton, Assistant Football Coach, Robert Brown Middle School; Tavaris Lacy, Assistant Football Coach, Robert Brown Middle School; Marquavis King, Assistant Football Coach, Robert Brown Middle School; Ashley Moody, Cheer Coach, Robert Brown Middle School.
2022-2023 – Robert Brown Supplemental Contracts – Basketball: Henry Miles, 8th Grade Boys Basketball Coach; Marquavis King, Assistant Boys Basketball Coach; Quentin Walton, 7th Grade Boys Basketball Coach; Tavaros Lacy, Assistant Boys Basketball Coach; Shafontaye Myers, Grills Basketball Coach; Ashley Moody, Cheer Coach.
T.E.A.M.S. Contract: KaNeeda Coleman; Havelen Carodine; Elroy Skinner; Tracy Hinton; Dutchess Jones.
After School Tutorial Program-School Nurse: Jacqueline Raby; Dorothy Jones; Brenda Lawrence;
Mentor Teachers for 2022-2023 School Term: Teresa Atkins; Angela White; Kaneeda Coleman; Tura Edwards; Sharron Martin; Siegfried Williams; Felicia Smith; Ashley Moody; Vanessa Bryant; Annie Howard; Raven Bryant; Carolyn Beck; Montoya Binion.
Approval of Mentor Teachers for 2021-2022 School Term: Patricia Rhone; Walter Taylor; Felecia Smith; Rhinnie Scott; Janice Jeames; Raven Bryant; Valerie Moore; Doris Robinson; Rhinnie Scott.
The board approved the following administrative items.
* Payment of all bills, claims, and payroll.
* Approval of September 2022 and October 2022 bank reconciliations as submitted by Marquita Lennon, CSFO.
* Contract Between Greene County Board and Alabama High School Athletic
* 2022-2023 Petroleum Contract between Greene County Board and Pruett Oil Co.
Contract between Greene County Board of Education and Clear Winds Technologies Devise Repair Services.
Contract between Greene County Board and Tiffany Bishop, Education Consultant ACT Prep Facilitator.
CSFO Marquita Lennon presented the following Financial Snapshot as of October 31, 2022.
* General Fund Balance – $2,201,143.62; reconciles to the summary Cash Report.
* Accounts Payable Check Register – $252,142.58.
* Payroll Register – $948,125.20 (total gross pay rot include employer match items).
* Combined Ending fund Balance – $4,707,128.95.Total Local revenue – $ 286,901.