Carpenter seeks re-election for Eutaw City Council District 2

LaJefferyI am LaJeffery Chris Carpenter, and I’m running this announcement to ask you for your support, and to let you know why I’m seeking Re-Election for District 2 City Council seat in Eutaw.
I am employed by the Greene County Sheriff’s office.
I am a member of the Ezekiel Baptist Church.
I am a member of Morrow Grove Lodge #800.
I am a member of Greene County High School Class of 2006, and I currently hold the position of District 2 Council Member in Eutaw.
I am running because it has been an absolute honor to represent you over the last four years.
I am running because Eutaw needs representatives who believe in the role local government plays in improving people’s lives.
My vision for Eutaw is to have responsible, knowledgeable policy makers; real leaders of the people who aren’t afraid to talk to the people; someone who puts the people’s interests first. I would love for Eutaw to have a community where young people can maximize and realize their full potential.
With all the challenges facing us, we need someone with experience to manage the growth of this city. I am still humbled by the honor and privilege received from you the constituents of District 2 four years ago and I wish to continue representing you without bias, ideology, or prejudice. I hope I can count on your love, support, and vote on August 23, 2016.