School year ends with scholars engaging in multiple activities

The Greene County Board of Education held it regular monthly meeting, Monday, May 15, 2023, with all board members present. Superintendent Dr. Corey Jones began his report to the board with the Positive News of each school. He noted that across the district, all principals are engaged in leadership professional development focusing on instructional practices. He reported that all Spring State Assessments have been completed. Relating to Greene County High School, Dr. Jones stated the it has been recognized as a Chapter Member of the Alabama Junior Academy of Science by Samford University. Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships, participate in competitions and attend the science camps sponsored by Samford University.
In collaboration with CDC, the Youth Advisory Committee Team at GCHS will host the Minding Your Mental Fair on Wednesday, May 24 from 5-7 pm. GCHS 9th and 10th graders enjoyed an evening of fun at the Sneakers Ball on April 15. The high school prom was held April 21 with the theme: Golden Dreams. At College and Career Decision Day, held May 1, seniors shared their plans after high school.
On May 10, five scholars from Greene County Career Center graduated in Welding from Wallace Community College Selma. They are 11th grade students who received their Associate Degrees in Welding before graduating high school.
Dr. Christopher Crawford, a graduate of Greene County High School, works with scholars to build physiological computing applications. Dr. Crawford is conducting a study designed to help software developers understand ways to create future educational applications.
Positive News from Robert Brown Middle School highlighted the Creative Girls Rock, with girls grades 5-8, participating in the end of year brunch and activities on June3, 2023. The Young Teens Asthma Wellness Virtual Camp is designed to help students recognize the triggers, discuss feelings and understand the basics of asthma. Participants will receive camp gear for healthy eating and monitoring exercises. On May 11, the after school tutorial program visited the Georgia aquarium.
Eutaw Primary School held Honors Day for various classes: Kindergarten, May 15; First Grade, May 16; Second Grade, May 17; Third Grade, May 18. Pre-K end of year celebration is scheduled for May 19.
The board approved the following personnel items recommended by the superintendent.
Employment of the following teachers for Summer School June 5 – 30, 2023.
Greene County High School: Veronica Moore, Tameshia Porter, Angela Harkness – Special Services, Drenda Morton – Assistant, Brittany Jenkins, Janice Jeames-Askew – After Completion of Contract, Clifford Reynolds.
Robert Brown Middle School: Vanessa Bryant, Raven Bryant, Felecia Smith, Demetris Lyles, Quentin Walton, Tyletha Lord, Valencia Moore-Miller – Paraprofessional/Aide, Denise Horton – Paraprofessional/Aide, Mary Hobson – Special Services Aide, Pinkie Travis – Aide,
Eutaw Primary School: LaShaun Henley, Gwendolyn Webb – Paraprofessional/Aide, Kaleigha Jemison, Pamela Pasteur, Gloria McGhee, Keisha Williams, Montoya Binion, Charlease Smith, Carla Durrett.
Child Nutrition Program: Burnia Cripin, Sandy Wilson, Romanda Askew, Jacqueline Pickens, Rosie Davis.
Non- renewal: Tracy Hinton, Biology Teacher, Greene County High School; Alanda McEwen, Counselor, Robert Brown Middle School.
Resignation: Ralph Marshall, History Teacher, Greene County High School.
Brenda Lawrence will serve as school nurse for the Greene County schools summer Learning Program, June, 2023.
The board approved the following administrative items recommended by the superintendent.
* Bank reconciliations as submitted by Ms. Marquita Lennon, CSFO.
* Payment of all bills, claims, and payroll.
* FY 2023 Budget Amendments
* Approval for Shamyra Jones to travel to the JAG National Training Seminar, July 10 -14, 2023 in Louisville, Kentucky.
* Approval of Barbara Martin to Attend 2023 Model School Conference, Orlando Florida June 25 – 28, 2023.
* Approval of Agreement between Greene County Board of Education and Kim Herren, for Provision of Developmental Delayed Services for 2023-2024 School Term.
* Contract between Cooks Pest Control and Greene County Board, for Termite Treatment at Greene County High School.
* Approval of four-day work week for all extended employees beginning June 5, 2023, and ending July 18, 2023.
* Memorandum of Understanding between Greene County Schools and Skilled Trades of West Alabama Apprenticeship Programs.
* Approval of McKee and Associates Architects, INC. Repairs for Robert Brown Middle School Press Box.
Approval of Contract Between Greene County Board and H&H Educational Services, LLC.
CSFO, Marquita Lennon, gave the following financial snapshot report ending April 30, 2023.
The combined General Fund Reserve total 5.05M; Cash Reserve totaled 2.86M; (All bank accounts have been reconciled); General Fund Bank balance – $3,427,655.81; Accounts Payable Check register – $286,934.04; Payroll Register – $933,558.23; Combined Ending fund Balance – $6,101,091.19. Local revenue: Property Taxes – $60,694; Sales Taxes – $133,729; Other Taxes – $3,971; Bingo – $55,839; total Local revenue – $254,233. The board also approved FY 2023 Budget Amendments from categories including ESSER II, ESSER III, CNP, UAB COVID Grant, and Cyber Security.