Storms leave Greene County communities powerless for days

picture (1) Shown are Commissioner Garria Spencer, State Representative Curtis Travis and School Board Member Robert Davis with Knoxville and Jena residents receiving hot meals from food truck vendor. and picture (2) Shown are Commissioners Garria Spencer and Corey Cockrell at food truck vendor giving hot food to Knoxville and Jena residents.residents

Storms bearing strong winds swept through Greene County Friday, June 16, 2023, downing trees and power lines, leaving many residents without electricity in their homes for up to six days. Residents of the Knoxville and Jena communities were among the many families who suffered great food losses due to the lack of power. On Wednesday, June 21, Commissioner Corey Cockrell partnered with Commissioner Garria Spencer to sponsor a Food Truck Vendor, providing hot food to the residents at no cost to them. On Thursday, June 22, Commissioner Garria Spencer partnered with State Representative Curtis Travis sponsoring another food truck vendor that provided complete meals to local residents at no cost. School board member Robert Davis was on site to assist. At press time, the Democrat learned that on Tuesday, June 27, a food truck from West Alabama Food Bank delivered 144 boxes of grocery, including meats, to distribute to the Knoxville and Jena communities. According to Commissioner Garria Spencer, the food bank will send additional grocery boxes to Union on Friday, June 30. Anyone wishing to assist these communities, please contact District 1 Greene County Commissioner, Garria Spencer at 205-496-0145.