Eutaw City Council hires new City Clerk, continues work to improve water system

At its regular meeting on April 27, 2021, the Eutaw City Council approved the Mayor’s recommendation to hire Shakelvia Spencer, as the new City Clerk. Mayor Latasha Johnson said Spencer had been working in a clerical position with the police department and wanted to promote within the existing staff to secure a new clerk. The Council approved a new ordinance for the payment of per diem, at $75 a day for Council members and employees traveling on city business to conferences and training workshops. At the suggestion of Zane Willingham, Legal Counsel, the City Council voted to suspend the rules, requiring two readings of the ordinance at successive meetings, to pass it on a unanimous roll call vote, at the April 27th meeting. Corey Martin, Water Department supervisor, reported on continuing improvement to the City’s Water Department. He indicated that water loss for the entire system had been reduced to 41% in March from previous levels of 50.2% in January and 68% in February. Water loss is the difference between the water pumped each month and the water billed. This means more of the water is being accounted for and billed. Martin also said, “ We have received more revenue for water, sewer and garbage in the past six months under Mayor Johnson than we received in the previous year.” After the meeting, Martin said the City took in $845.000 in payments since the beginning of the current fiscal year on October 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021, compared with a total of $808,000 for the past fiscal year. He and the Mayor indicated improvements and closely monitoring the system has yielded significant benefits. The Council also approved a series of routine items including:

• Approved travel and per diem for police to attend training. • Approved resolution for Tier 1 employees of the Retirement System of Alabama (RSA).

• Approved the Municipal Water Pollution Prevent Annual Report for 2020.

• Approved payment of three claims against the city, Truddie Cox for $732.50; Cindy Taylor for $39.00 and Barbara McShan for $615.19. • Approved closing of the Eutaw Downtown Revitalization Community Account and donate its $1,054.65 to the Eutaw Garden Club for beautification efforts.

• Approved travel and per diem for Robert Geter and Austin Whitehead to attend Birmingham Police Academy, July 12 to 16, 2021.

• Approved Belinda Vanable for usage of the City Park on May 8 for a Cancer Memorial Ride.

• Approved payment for Mayor, Council and Administrative Assistant to travel to a League of Municipalities meeting in Huntsville on May 11-15, 2021.

• Approved payment of city matching funds for lighting at the Exit 40 on Interstate 20/59.

• Approval of rental of space at R.H. Young for Elegant Beauty Supply LLC and This Belongs to US Inc. • Approval to pay bills including to Layne Services for well repair.