School Board holds annual budget hearings, noting decline in student enrollment

The Greene County Board of Education held its annual public budget hearings September 5-6, 2019 as well as a called school board meeting on Sept. 5.
CSFO Lavanda Blair presented the details of the proposed budget noting the following: key factors affecting the budget; budget objectives; allocations expected from the State Department of Education and from the Federal Government.
She emphasized that the FY 2020 budget objectives include maintaining pupil/teacher ratios; controlling expenses and maintaining adequate fund reserves.
Ms. Blair noted that last year’s enrollment totaled 1,015.80. As of September 5, the system has enrolled 992. The average daily attendance during the first 20 days after Labor Day determines the basis for state allocations for the next school year. Dr. Jones explained that his office has an aggressive plan underway to locate students in the county who have not yet enrolled in school. He noted that Eutaw Primary has been successful in locating and enrolling all students who were eligible to continue in that program.
According to Ms. Blair, the Greene County School System has earned 70.38 units from the state for the current school year which is a loss of .91. In the previous year, units totals 71.29. The school system currently is 9.5 units above the state allocation. These units must be supported by local revenue.
Although the system is experiencing a slow decline in students, state and federal funds did increase in some categories. The Education Trust Fund (Foundation Program) funds increased by $3,758; transportation funds increased by $18,748.
New revenue sources for the system include the Star Academy Grant of $300,000 for Robert Brown Middle School; Anti-Bullying Grant of $2,916; and a Digital Tools for Teachers grant of $7,195. Superintendent Corey Jones indicated that the system is pursuing funds for support of the arts in the schools.
In the called board meeting on September 5, the board approved the following personnel items recommended by Superintendent Jones:

  • Transfer of location of Ms. Shayla McCray from the Learning Academy (Alternative School) to Greene County High School; Transfer of mrs. Robert Stewart from Learning Academy ( Alternative School ) to Robert Brown Middle School.
    Supplement contracts for Rhonda Cameron, Assistant Cheerleader Sponsor; Rachael Nickson, Assistant Cheerleader Sponsor.
    Administrative items approved by the board included: Contract between Greene County Board and Activate LLC; Contract between Greene County High School, Robert Brown Middle School and West Central Officials Association in Livingston, AL; Contract for school resource officers.