Proposed 3 cent bond issue could net county $10M for roads and bridges

At it regular meeting, held Monday, February 13, 2016, the Greene County Commission approved a resolution in support for the three-cent ATRIP-2 bond issue proposed by the Association of County Commissions of Alabama as priority legislation for the 2017 Alabama legislative session. The revenue from the proposed bond issue, which would increase statewide gasoline and diesel fuel tax by 3 cents per gallon, would be dedicated to improving the state’s declining road and bridge infrastructures.
According to the county engineer’s office, the three-cent bond issue would generate over $1.2 billion for Alabama’s 67 counties and would be spent exclusively on roads and bridges.
If the bond issue is approved, the Greene County Commission could receive approximately$10 million for road and bridge improvements, which would include 50 miles of resurfaced roads in the county. The bond issue would also benefit the road and bridge infrastructures of local towns, with $2M of the $10M awarded to the municipalities.
If the measure passes the legislature, the increase would be effective as of July 1, 2017.
As stated in the Resolution: “It is estimated that a three-cent bond issue would cost the average Greene County driver less than $2 per month, but would produce a county economic impact of over $50 million in the form of new jobs, safety improvements, lower vehicle maintenance costs, and other economic development opportunities.”
The Greene County Commission approved the bid from Boligee Electric for replacing lighting at the Eutaw Activity Center. The improvements will also include placing lights outside the facility. Boligee Electric was deemed a qualified vendor with appropriate license and insurance.
Mr. Spiver Gordon was reappointed to the Greene County Housing Authority Board representing District 1 and Mrs. Cillia Morrow was reappointed to the J. C. Poole Memorial Library Board also representing District 1.
In the financial report ending Jan. 17, 2017, CFO Paula bird reported that cash in Citizens Trust Bank totaled $3,551,710.69; cash in Merchants & Farmers Bank totaled $1,884,849.56. The CD Bond Sinking Fund totaled $682,649.23 and funds in the Bank of New York totaled $827,694.81.
Bird noted that some adjustments were made in the Sheriff Department’s budget relative to new vehicle purchase.
In other business the commission approved the following:
* Levying of 2017 taxes
*Levying of Wet County Fees
* ACCA Liability Self Insurance Fund
* Travel for staff and commissioners to various meetings and workshop.