New Eutaw Mayor, Latasha Johnson, and City Council members sworn in at ceremony on Courthouse Square; Council organizational meeting held later in day

On a bright and sunny Monday, November 2, 2020, the new Mayor of Eutaw, Latasha Johnson, and five City Council members were sworn-in to their new positions for a four-year term.
The Investiture Ceremony took place, starting at Noon, with masks and social distancing out doors on the Old Courthouse lawn. 300 family members, friends, guests and citizens formed the crowd to welcome in these new city office holders.
Former City Councilman Joe Lee Powell served as Master of Ceremonies. Councilman LaJeffrey Carpenter gave a welcome. Several Greene County pastors, including Rev. Calvin Finch, Rev. Anthony Johnson, Rev. Edward Culbert and Rev. Randy Miller read scriptural passages from the Old and New Testament. Several solos were sung by Donald Young, Rev. Joe Nathan Webb and Kendrick Howell. Mollie Rowe read a poem about the life and challenges of the new Mayor.
City Judge Josh Swords swore in the five new Eutaw City Council members as a group. Each Council member addressed the assembled group before the swearing in.
Ms. Valerie Watkins of District No. 1 said she planned to work in unity and love with the new Mayor and council members.
Tracey Hunter of District 3 said she wanted to work together with others in city government. She committed herself to work for transparency, unity and accountability with the other Council members.
Larrie Coleman, District 4 councilman thanked his family and voters for their support.
Jacqueline Stewart of District 5 said she was honored to serve and would have to begin to look at the problems of the city through the eyes of others and make decisions in accordance with the needs of others.
Mayor Latasha Johnson was sworn-in by District Judge Lillie Osborne and gave some remarks. She said that she hoped to work together with the other council members and work through difficulties facing the city. She said she was humbled, hopeful and proud to serve the City of Eutaw. She said that she was ready to work together with the council members in unity. She asked for the assistance and prayers of all in the city.
Rev. A. B. Griffin of New Peace Baptist Church and the Mayor’s pastor gave some remarks to offer a charge to the Mayor and City Council. He had three main themes: unity, maintain peace and be a servant leader offering support to others.
Sheriff Joe Nathan Benison also gave remarks at the ceremony after which a lunch was served.
City Council
Organizational Meeting
The City of Eutaw Council held its opening organizational meeting at 2:30 PM at the Carver School Gymnasium. The Council adopted Roberts Rules of Order as their procedural guide.
They approved the employment of Attorney Zane Willingham as City Attorney and City Prosecutor and agreed to pay him for both roles. They appointed Kathy Bir as City Clerk and Joe Lee Powell, as Assistance City Clerk.
The Council approved District 2 Councilman LaJeffrey Carpenter as Mayor Pro Tem, to serve in place of the Mayor when she is not available to participate in actions and activities.
The Council reaffirmed its meetings to be held at 6:00 PM on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. The Council approved a list of standing committees, their chairpersons and members.
Josh Swords was reappointed as City Judge and Bennie Abrams was appointed as Fire Chief.
Tommy Johnson, a former Eutaw City policeman and Sheriff’s Deputy was named to serve as Chief of Police as the current Chief Derrick Coleman along with several other police officers resigned effective October 30. Office Kendrick Howell was named Assistant Police Chief.
The Council tabled action on several positions until it could prepare and review its fiscal budget, to determine if these positions were necessary and affordable, including Director of Parks and Recreation, Building Inspector and General Superintendent of Roads, Streets and Water.
The Council agreed that Latasha Johnson, Mayor, LaJeffrey Carpenter, Mayor Pro Tem, Councilwoman Tracey Hunter and Kathy Bir, City Clerk be check signatories of the city bank accounts with Merchants and Farmers and Citizens Trust Bank.
The Council approved a motion to allow the Mayor to sign a three-year consulting agreement with Water Management Services to correct problems with billing and physical facilities of the city water system. Former Mayor Raymond Steele refused to execute this contract and when the Council approved the contract and had it signed by Carpenter, refused to allow the consultants to do their work in the City’s Water Department.
Mayor Latasha Johnson said she spoke with Kathie Horne of Water Management Associates and agreed to sign a new contract and get them started working to correct the problems of the City Water Department.
At an earlier meeting, the old City Council accepted the resignations of Ruthie Thomas, Water Clerk and Martina Henley, Court Clerk, effective November 3, 2020, as well as the police resignations.
At this meeting, the outgoing City Council also approved an on-premises liquor license for John’s, located at 100 Main Street in Eutaw, Alabama. They also approved various procedures for changing locks on city property and return of city property and vehicles by outgoing officials.
At the end of the organizational meeting, City Judge Josh Swords swore in Tommy Johnson as the city’s new Chief of Police.

Oliver seeks Boligee Mayor’s position

Mr. Oliver.jpg

Marvin E. Oliver has qualified to run for Mayor of the Town of Boligee in the August 23rd municipal election.
Mr. Oliver was born in Maitland, FL and was an honor graduate of Robert Hungerford High School in Eatonville, FL. He received his BS degree from Alabama State University and his Masters degree from the University of Alabama. In 1973 he was employed by the Greene County Board of Education as a music instructor at Birdine Jr. High School in Forkland. In the fall of 1980 he was transferred to Paramount High School in Boligee. He became a resident of Boligee in 1985 and in 2000 he was assigned to work at Paramount, Carver and the newly former Greene County High School. For five years, he was the only music teacher in the school system.
After working in the local system for 42 years he retired.
He and his wife of 20 years, Maggie, reside in Boligee and since being retired have acquired an interest in seeing the Town of Boligee advance far beyond what it is today.

Oliver said, “Since moving to Boligee, I have seen the town all but disappear. Boligee had two stores, a restaurant, a laundromat, ABC store, a garage, Boligee Cafe, the Post Office Town Hall and Arrowood Apartments. Now all that is left are the Post Office, Town Hall, Boligee Cafe and Arrowood.
“I want to spearhead the effort to bring Boligee back to life. I want to give the citizens of Boligee reasons to be proud of Boligee once again. I know that there is a lot that needs to be done but I am committed to this challenge. I love living in  Boligee. I have a vision for Boligee. I want to see Boligee grow and prosper. My goal is prosperity for Boligee.”

Reginald Spencer vying for Mayor of Eutaw



“Good things don’t just happen. They happen when you have strong, positive, effective leadership. This is why I want to be your mayor,” announced Reginal J. Spencer, Eutaw City Councilman.
The following lists some of my training and achievements:  Attended Alabama Law Enforcement Academy in 1990;  Employed by Eutaw Police Department in 1991; Attended Alabama Canine Law Enforcement Training Center in 1994; Served as Assistant Police Chief in 1994; Promoted to Chief of Police in 1997 (supervising as many as 15 employees); Member of E911 Board since inception in 2003 (Budget Committee Chairman); Promoted by Greenetrack as Director of Security Department 2007-present (supervising a many as 85 employees); Member of the Board of Equalization from 2010-2012; Elected to the Eutaw City Council in 2012; Member of New Generation Church; married 27 years to Linda Rancher Spencer, 6 children and 8 grandchildren.

As you can see, I have been actively involved with the citizens of this community and have kept this city safe for many years. I am no stranger to hard work and possess the leadership to serve this city well. As your Mayor, I will continue to represent the people of this great city, by not only protecting its citizens, but by making sure that all citizens of this city, no matter their income level or background, will be well respected. I will represent the interests and voice of the people. After all, the sum total of a city is its people.
As your Mayor, I will seek out projects and programs for our youth that will provide life-long skills. Similarly, I will work with the city council to help attract businesses to our city. I will seek out funding from the state and federal government to bring programs and provide jobs that will benefit our community as a whole. Finally, I will care about your interests and hear your voice as citizens of this city.
I am Reginald J. Spencer, and I am asking for your vote.  I would love the opportunity to be the next Mayor of the City of Eutaw.

Official list of candidates who have qualified with the Election Manager to hold the office of Mayor and/or Councilman for the City of Eutaw:

Carl Davis
Hattie “Barnett” Edwards
Reginald J Spencer, Sr.
Raymond Steele

LaTasha Johnson
James “Truck” Lewis

La’Jeffery “Chris” Carpenter
Stanley Luscious

Joe L. Powell

Shelia Smith

Bennie L. Abrams III

I, Johnnie M Knott, Election Manager, do hereby attest that the above names have been submitted to appear on the official ballot for the Municipal Election to be held on Tuesday, August 23, 2016.

Respectively submitted:
Johnnie M Knott

Editor’s Note : The Democrat provides each candidate for office with an announcement, which includes a photograph and up to 300 words. Please contact us to make arrangements for your news story.

Edwards seeks re-election as mayor of City of Eutaw


Hattie Edwards Mayor Hattie Edwards

Dear Constituents,

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the voters of the great City of Eutaw for electing me to serve as your Mayor for the past four years. I would like to thank you for your confidence and your vote.
By the way, this is an election year. There are four men running for mayor again, against me, a woman trying to make a difference. The last four years were a challenge, but by the grace of the God I succeeded. I have secured over $5.2 million for the City of Eutaw, which will cover new digitally-read water meters as well as a new water tank, and two hundred new fire hydrants.  We will also be able to replace the pipes on Hwy. 14. The road that runs by Merchant & Farmers Bank (Prairie Avenue) is in the process of being paved. I’ve had new traffic lights installed – all in a four-year period. Just imagine what I will do if given the opportunity to serve another four years.
At this time, I’m asking for your support and vote in my re-election campaign for Mayor on Tuesday, August 23, 2016. You may be asked to go out to the polls to vote for a different candidate for this position for a number of reasons, but I’m asking for your support because I’m the person not only with experience but with the dedication and a strong determination to continue to move Eutaw forward.

During my four years as your Mayor I feel I’ve demonstrated exceptional commitment, loyalty and hard work. But my job is not over yet. I need your support and trust again, because I’m determined to move Eutaw to the next level with your help and support.
Therefore, let my experience of forty six (46) years as a public servant, of which 34 years were with the county, 8 years on the Eutaw City Council, the last 4 as Mayor, stand for something.

Hattie Barnett Edwards
Mayor of City of Eutaw





Ollie Vester selected as Mayor of Forkland


Ms. Ollie Vester was selected for the position of Mayor of Forkland, AL at the Forkland Town Council meeting held Monday, May 2, 2016. Ms. Vester will hold the position of Mayor until the municipal elections scheduled for August 2016. Michael Westmoreland was also nominated for the mayoral position.  The final vote was 3/2 for Ms. Vester.
The Forkland Mayor’s seat was vacated after  the death Mr. Derrick Biggs, who was completing his first term as mayor.
Vester has served on the Forkland Town Council for eight years, representing District 1.  She was at the end of her second term and held the position of Mayor Pro Temp. Other Forkland Town Council members are Preston Davis, Willie Sashington, Dora Armstead and Jimmie Benison. Ms. Vester’s District 1 seat on the council will be filled at the next meeting.
Ollie Vester is a lifelong resident of Forkland and a retired teacher with the Greene County School System.  In response to her selection as Forkland Mayor, Ms. Vester stated,”I am happy to be of service to the Forkland community.”