Superintendent Carter honors retired school personnel School Board approves 4% pay raise for all its employees


School Superintendent, Dr. James Carter, presented Certificates of Recognition of Service to the school system to six retirees of 2016. L to R: School Board President, Leo Branch; retiree Mrs. Dorothy Branch; retiree Mr. Charles Carter. Honored retirees not shown are: Mr. Otis Crawford, Mrs. Jerdin Gray, Mrs. Billie Jean (BJ) Wallace, and Mrs. Fannie Aaron.

At the monthly Greene County Board of Education meeting held June 13, 2016, the board approved a 4% pay raise for all employees of the school system. The Alabama State Legislature approved a 4% raise for school employees with annual salaries of $75,000 and less and a 2% raise for school employees with annual salaries above $75,000. Individual school systems could opt to give the 4% increase to all employees, making up the difference for the upper pay levels with local funds. Superintendent James H. Carter stated that seemed to be the most equitable way to handle the raise. School personnel had not received a pay raise since 2008 and that raise was only 2%.

Dr. Carter presented special acknowledgements and certificates of appreciation to six retirees including Mrs. Dorothy Branch for 27 years in the school system; Mr. Charles Carter for 20 years; Mr. Otis Crawford for 25 years; Mrs. Jerdin Gray for 35 years; Mrs. Fannie Aaron, for 31 years and Mrs. Billie Jean Wallace for 25.5 years. Dr. Carter noted that efforts are continuing in preparation for the consolidation of middle school grades beginning with the next school session in August. “ The transformation continues with the consolidation of Paramount Jr. High School and Carver middle School into one campus. This should provide our middle school students, grades 4-8, with more course offerings and a nicer facility to teach and learn in for students and staff,” Dr. Carter said.
In his report, Dr. Carter remarked that he was pleased with the number of students enrolled in summer school, but he was perplexed that more students weren’t enrolled in the enrichment program. He stated that approximately 167 students are enrolled in summer school.
Superintendent Carter also gave a recap of the initiatives of the previous school year including choir, band, Performing Arts Program, Learning Academy, chess program, additional sports teams such as volleyball, softball, baseball and track. “At every stop, we saw most teachers using proven best practices in ways to engage students. We saw students who were more than capable, serious and focused and facilities that are conducive to learning,” stated Carter.
The board approved the superintendent’s request to declare as emergency projects the renovations needed at the former Greene County High School and the Peter J. Kirksey Vocational Facility. Carter explained that this action would speed up the process with the State Department of Education. The board also approved moving the Greene County Learning Academy from the former Greene County High School facility to the Peter J. Kirksey Vocational Facility.
In other business, the board approved the voluntary transfers of the following teachers for the 2016-2017 school term:
Katoya Quarles from 6th grade Math teacher at Carver Middle to 7th and 8th grade Math teacher at the consolidated middle school; Majorie Duncan from 5th grade teacher at Carver to 7th grade reading intervention teacher at the middle school; Rebecca Coleman from 2nd grade teacher at Eutaw Primary to computer science teacher at the middle school; Elona Washington from kindergarten teacher at Eutaw Primary to 1st grade teacher at Eutaw Primary; Sheila Tillman from 1st grade teacher at Paramount Jr. High to kindergarten teacher at Eutaw Primary; Charlease Smith from 3rd grade teacher at Eutaw Primary to 2nd grade teacher at Eutaw Primary; Cheryl Morrow from kindergarten/1st grade teacher at Paramount to 2nd grade teacher at Eutaw Primary.
The board approved a probationary 11 month contract for Toice Goodson as Principal of Greene County High School 9th Grade Academy.
The board also approved employment of the following for the middle school: Henry Miles, Jr. as elementary teacher; Frank Jackson as auto mechanics teacher 1/2 time; Migeual Catlin as long-term Math substitute. Employment for Greene County High School: Frank Jackson, auto mechanics 1/2 time; Jamar Jackson from custodian 11 months to custodian 12 months. Employment in Performing Arts: Vassie Brown, adjunct instructor, Theatre; Angel Cordona, adjunct instructor, Dance.
The superintendent recommended and board approved the recall of Shekitha Crowell as 5th grade teacher for the middle school and Jerome Franks as physical education teacher (TBA). The non-renewal recommendation of Cassandra Allen as business education teacher at Carver was also approved.
The board approved the following additional service contracts at Greene County High School for the 2016-2017 school term: Rodney Wesley, Head Basketball Coach (boys); Kendra Payne, Head Basketball Coach (girls); Gentrell Eatman, Head Football coach; Janice Jeames, Girls’ Volleyball Coach; Frederick Holmes, Band Director; Jerome Franks, Head Baseball Coach (boys); Jacob Sullivan, Head Softball Coach (girls); Walter Taylor, Assistant Football Coach. Dorris Robinson, Cheerleader Sponsor.
Additional service contracts approved for the middle school include: Corey Cockrell, Athletic Director, Head Football Coach, B-Team Basketball Coach (boys); Jacob Sullivan, Assistant Football Coach; Jeffery Wesley, Head Basketball Coach (boys); Marjorie Duncan, Head Basketball Coach (girls); Drenda Blackman, Cheerleader Sponsor.
Teachers employed for the Summer School Program include Carla Durrett, Gentrell Eatman and Angel Cordona for June 6 – June 17. Gloria Lyons was employed as manager for the Summer Feeding Program at Eutaw Primary for June 20 – June 30, 2016. Angela Harkness was employed as after school tutor – Special Needs, Summer School Teacher.
On the recommendation of the superintendent, the board declared various items from the Child Nutrition Program as surplus to be removed from the CNP inventory. Several buses were also declared as surplus to be sold and removed from the inventory of the School Bus Shop.
Various Out-of-State travel requests were approved for students, faculty and staff.
The board approved the summer school contract for the Resource Security Officers.