County Commission expresses interest in county-wide Sunday alcohol sales

The Greene County Commission met in regular session Monday, May 8, 2023. All Commissioners were present. At the Commission’s work session on May 3, Commissioner Allen Turner raised an interest in the county authorizing Sunday alcohol sales. Turner raised questions on the process – would the County have to present its request to the State Legislative Representatives, and would such a proposed bill have time to be advertised before the current session ended. Subsequently, State Representative Curtis Travis was invited to attend the Commission’s meeting on May 8. Rep. Travis stated that since Greene County is a “wet” county, the County Commission could authorize Sunday alcohol sales at prescribed times. He noted that the Commission should develop a resolution to that effect.
According to Mayor Latasha Johnson, the City of Eutaw has authorized Sunday alcohol sales, but currently that does not extend throughout the county.
The Commission approved a request by Probate Judge Rolonda Wedgeworth to secure a new contract for computer services in her office. In her initial request presented at the Commission’s work session on May 3, Judge Wedgeworth stated that her office was in dire need of an updated computer system. She noted that due to the inadequacies of the current vendor, her office is out of compliance with the State. “We are in a situation where we have to develop our own forms which is a set back to our work. Our current vendor will not respond to requests for assistance,” she said. As per her request, the Commission approved Ingenuity, Inc., business and technology services, as the new vendor at a cost of $28,000.
The Commission approved three members for the Board of Equalization: Mrs. Alfretta Crawford, Mrs. Loydleetta Wabbington, and Mr. John Vester.
Other items approved by the Commission are as follows:
* Repair Jury Building on old courthouse square at cost not to exceed $35,000.
* Engineer’s request to fill position of Shop Foreman.
* Engineer’s request for right-of-way acquisition for bridge replacement on County Rd. 220 for the sum of $20, 500.
Engineer’s request to move one driver from Highway Department to Solid Waste Dept.
Engineers’s request to adjust salaries of four employees in Solid Waste Department.
* Travel request for Assistant Engineer on June 7 and June 13-14, 2023.
* Replacing back doors at Eutaw Activity Center.
Sheriff’s request to replace commercial dishwasher at county jail.
The Commission tabled the following items.
* Request from the Water Authority Board.
Consideration of Sunday alcohol sales in the County.
The commission approved the financial report and the payment of claims for April 2023 as presented by CFO Macaroy Underwood. In his report Underwood noted the following: Accounts payable – $309,692.59; Payroll Transfer – $274,299.19; Fiduciary – $69,124.45; Total $653,116.23; Electronic Claims – $85,183.29. Bank totals at end of April: Citizen Trust – unrestricted $2,928,224.96, restricted $5,181,617.91; Merchants & Farmers – unrestricted $3,170,801.50, restricted $1,544,523.24; Total investments – unrestricted $877,979,73, restricted $881,522.99.

DST Alumnae Chapter provides Thanksgiving dinners for a family in Greene and a family in Hale Counties

1st photo: Mrs. Loydleetta Wabbington, representing Greene County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., presents Thanksgiving dinner for local family to Greene County DHR staff, Beverly Vester, QA Coordinator.

2nd photo: Hale County DHR staff receives Thanksgiving dinner for local family. L to R: Jerilyn White, Shana Lucy, Social Service Supervisor and Yolanda Curry.

On Tuesday, November 26, 2019, the Greene County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. provided Thanksgiving dinners for a family in Greene County and a family in Hale County. The dinners were provided through the respective county’s Department of Human Resources (DHR), who selected the recipient families. This is an annual service provided by the DST Alumnae Chapter. Phillis Belcher is Chair of the Chapter’s Courtesy Committee. Mrs. Loydleetta Wabbington serves as Co-Chairperson of the Courtesy Committee. Isaac Atkins is DST Sorority Greene County Alumnae Chapter President.

Greene County Delta Sigma Theta Sorority delivers Thanksgiving dinner


Delta Meal

On Tuesday, November 21, 2017, the Greene County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. provided a Thanksgiving dinner for the family of Mrs. Latitia M. Rogers. Mrs.Rodgers, shown above in back row center, is receiving the dinner with her children: Larry T. Cochran, 13, a 7th grader; Latisha M. Cochran, 11, a 6th grader; LaTia D.Cochran, 10, a, 5th grade; LaDarian Cochran, 9, a, 4th grader; LaMarkis D. Cochran, 7, a 1st grader and Lailah M. Cochran, a 1 year old. Mrs. Loydleetta Wabbington, who serves as Chairperson of the Courtesy Committee of the DST Greene County Chapter presented the dinner. Also present at the event was DHR Representative Beverly Vester. Ms. Andrea Perry is DST Greene County Alumnae Chapter President. Mrs. Rodgers would like to thank the chapter for providing Thanksgiving dinner and state this is truly a blessing and honor.