Greene County Physicians Clinic has COVID bivalent vaccine

The Greene County Physicians Clinic has now received the new bivalent covid (Moderna) vaccine. We have the primary vaccine and the booster. the booster is for ages 6 and older. The bivalent booster will protect you from the Omicron and other newer variants of the virus.

Since the restrictions for the usage and storage for the covid vaccine is so restricted, we have set up the following guidelines:

We are taking appointments only for the vaccine. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am-1pm and 3pm till 4pm , starting Thursday January 19th 2023. The Covid vaccine patients will be put in a different room and given the vaccine, then asked to wait in another room to observe them for the required 30 minutes after the vaccination.  If we have any extra vaccines leftover for that day, we will call around the departments to see if anyone is wanting a vaccine. The unused vaccine for the day will need to be discarded.

We have also sent an email or a phone call or voice mail, to the local business and schools in our area to see if they are interested in the vaccination. We will post a flyer in the hospital and the clinic to make our patients aware of the vaccine, and post on social media.

We also have the flu shot available and the HPV vaccine available to patients aged 9 – 40 years of age for males and females . If you are needing info on the HPV vaccine, please contact us.

To make your appointment, call the Greene County Physicians Clinic at 205-372-3388 and then press 4.