Greene County Commission agrees to sell park to Town of Forkland

The Greene County Commission held its regular meeting on Monday July 8, 2019 at 6:00 PM at the William B. Branch Courthouse. Four of the five commissioners were present, Ms. Roshonda Summerville was absent.
The Commission voted to approve sale of the Forkland Park to the Town of Forkland for fair market value. In the public comments section, Joe Tuck, Forkland City Council member said, “ On behalf of the Town of Forkland, we want to thank the Commissioners for agreeing to sell us the Forkland Park. We intend to do a good job in fixing up and running the park for the people in and around Forkland.”
Mayor Charlie McAlpine of Forkland, who also attended the Commission meeting, said to this reporter at the end of the meeting, “We will work with the Commission, to get an appraisal of the park, so we can establish the fair market value and complete the purchase for the residents.”
The Commission received a financial report for the month of June 2019, from CFO Paula Bird, which showed bank deposits of $5,734,247 in local banks and $933,776 in sinking funds for bond payment and $955,253 in other bond funds in the Bank of New York. Bond funds were used to build the Courthouse and jail.
Ms. Bird also explained that we were at the 75% point in the Commission’s fiscal year and most agencies spending were within this range. Those agencies with spending more than 75% of their budgets had clear explanations for the over spending. Commissioner Brown warned that if the Sheriff’s Department had overtime exceeding its budget then other budgetary adjustments would need to be made within the limits of the total budget.
Ms. Bird reported that $566,992 in claims had been paid for the month of June and an additional $76,466 had been paid in electronic payments on obligations.
The Commission allowed the County Engineer to solicit bids for temperature control at the Courthouse; advertise and hire a driver for the solid waste department; and approved travel for the Engineer and Assistant Engineer to attend conferences and training.In other business, the Commission approved:
• re-appointment of Reginald Spencer to the E-911 Board;

• tabled appointment to the Hospital Board for District 2;

• request from the
Society of Folk Arts and Culture for use of the
Courthouse bathrooms for the Black Belt Folk
Roots Festival on August 24 and 25, 2019; and

• report from the Revenue Commissioner correcting the 2018 tax collection data.

The Greene County Commission recessed the meeting until July 17, 2019 at 3:45 PM. Several items discussed in the July 3, 2019 Commission Work Session were not discussed and may be the subject of the continuation meeting.
These items included an issue with the Sheriff saying he was not fully reimbursed by funds provided by the Board of Education for the cost of safety officers assigned to the schools and issues concerning the future of the Greene County Ambulance Service. The two main employees of the Ambulance Service announced to the Commission that they planned to retire on July 31 and arrangements will need to be made to keep the ambulance service in operation.

Reginald Spencer vying for Mayor of Eutaw



“Good things don’t just happen. They happen when you have strong, positive, effective leadership. This is why I want to be your mayor,” announced Reginal J. Spencer, Eutaw City Councilman.
The following lists some of my training and achievements:  Attended Alabama Law Enforcement Academy in 1990;  Employed by Eutaw Police Department in 1991; Attended Alabama Canine Law Enforcement Training Center in 1994; Served as Assistant Police Chief in 1994; Promoted to Chief of Police in 1997 (supervising as many as 15 employees); Member of E911 Board since inception in 2003 (Budget Committee Chairman); Promoted by Greenetrack as Director of Security Department 2007-present (supervising a many as 85 employees); Member of the Board of Equalization from 2010-2012; Elected to the Eutaw City Council in 2012; Member of New Generation Church; married 27 years to Linda Rancher Spencer, 6 children and 8 grandchildren.

As you can see, I have been actively involved with the citizens of this community and have kept this city safe for many years. I am no stranger to hard work and possess the leadership to serve this city well. As your Mayor, I will continue to represent the people of this great city, by not only protecting its citizens, but by making sure that all citizens of this city, no matter their income level or background, will be well respected. I will represent the interests and voice of the people. After all, the sum total of a city is its people.
As your Mayor, I will seek out projects and programs for our youth that will provide life-long skills. Similarly, I will work with the city council to help attract businesses to our city. I will seek out funding from the state and federal government to bring programs and provide jobs that will benefit our community as a whole. Finally, I will care about your interests and hear your voice as citizens of this city.
I am Reginald J. Spencer, and I am asking for your vote.  I would love the opportunity to be the next Mayor of the City of Eutaw.