Arnelia ‘Shay” Johnson inaugurated as Greene County Revenue Commissioner

Arnelia “Shay” Johnson (center) being sworn-in as Revenue Commissioner, by Circuit Clerk, Veronica Morton-Jones; Ariyanna Johnson holds Bible for her mother.

On Thursday, September 30, 2021, Arnelia “Shay” Johnson was sworn-in as Revenue Commissioner for Greene County, a position over the appraisal, assessment and collection of ad valorem property taxes for the county.

Johnson was elected to the position in the November 2020 General Election but her four-year term does not begin until October 1, 2021, to coincide with the fiscal/tax year. She succeeds Barbara McShan, who held the position for the past six years.

Johnson worked in the appraisal and assessment part of the office for many years, so she is knowledgeable and familiar with the role she will play as Revenue Commissioner, heading the office which brings in a substantial part of the tax revenues coming to Greene County.

At the inauguration ceremony, Marilyn Sanford was the Mistress of Order, Roshonda Summerville, Chair of the Greene County Commission offered a welcome and Rev. Kevin L. Cockrell gave an invocation. Rev. John Kennard, a former Greene County Tax Assessor, before the positions of Assessor and Collector, were merged into one position as Revenue Commissioner, introduced the new Revenue Commissioner.

Circuit Clerk, Veronica Morton Jones, administered the oath of office to Arnelia “Shay” Johnson. Ariyanna Johnson, the new Commissioner’s 15 year- old daughter held the Bible, which was used to swear in her mother.

After the oath, Johnson thanked her family and friends for their support, including John Cockrell, her campaign manager, who passed away since the election. “I am here to give service to the people of Greene County. I will have an open-door policy, if you need to see me to ask a question or voice a concern, I will be available to assist you,” said Johnson.

At the conclusion of his introductory remarks, Rev. John Kennard said, “She will have to be tough, to fight for what is right; she will have to be tender, to love; she will be human and make mistakes; she will have the humility to admit her mistakes; and she will need resilience, to keep moving forward.”


Alabama New South Alliance endorses local Greene County candidates

Arnelia ‘Shay’ Johnson
William Morgan
Mary Edwards Otieno

On Sunday, February 9, 2020 members of the Greene County Alabama New South Alliance met to screen and endorse local candidates for the March 3rd primary. There are several local contested races on the ballot along with the Democratic Party Presidential choice, Congressional races and some statewide positions.
The Alabama New South Alliance screens local candidates based on several criteria including: a. qualifications/experience, b. Community Involvement, c. Compatibility with ANSA Platform, d. Responsiveness to Questions and e. Electability. All candidates were invited to attend the screening.
For Greene County Revenue Commissioner, both candidates, incumbent Barbara McShan and challenger Arnelia ‘Shay’ Johnson appeared and were screened. They answered questions about their experience, qualifications, plans and community involvement. Arnelia ‘Shay’ Johnson received the endorsement in a close vote.
For Greene County Board of Education – District 3, William Morgan, incumbent came for the screening and answered questions.
His opponent, Veronica Richardson, did not attend the screening. ANSA endorsed William Morgan.
For Greene County Board of Education – District 5, incumbent Board member, Carrie Dancy did not attend the screening. Her opponent, Mary Edwards Otieno was screened and received the ANSA endorsement.
The ANSA will have sample ballots available next week and at the polls on Election Day to help people to make their choices.
Statewide candidates endorsed by ANSA include: Joe Biden for President, Laura Casey for Chair of the Alabama Public Service Commission, Billie Jean Young – State School Board-District 5 and Congressional candidates where there is opposition.
ANSA also urged a ‘No’ vote on Statewide Amendment No. 1 which provides for appointment of the State School Board by the Governor in place of the current system of election by districts.
Absentee ballots, including early walk-in voting, are available from the Circuit Clerk’s office in the Greene County Courthouse.

McShan seeks election to continue as Greene County Revenue Commissioner

I am Barbara McShan and I hereby announce my candidacy for Revenue Commissioner of Greene County. I am a member of White Oak Cumberland Presbyterian Church of American in Mantua and the proud mother of one daughter, LeVershaun Williams.
I was appointed as Revenue Commissioner in July 2018 by Governor Kaye Ivey to fill the unexpired term of the previous Revenue Commissioner upon her retirement. I have worked in the Revenue Commissioner’s Office as Clerk, Chief Clerk and currently as Revenue Commissioner for over 17 years. Since taking the Oath of office, I have continued the duties and smooth operation of this office. The Revenue Commissioner is responsible for the appropriate operation of both the assessing and collecting offices.
My years here have been primarily in collection and I am very knowledgeable of the process, procedure and duties of the assessment office as well. Some of the duties in the collection office are to prepare daily collection reports for both the property and manufactured home, make daily deposits, prepare monthly reports for manufactured homes and semi-monthly property reports, prepare these reports and send the notarized copies to the State Comptroller’s Office along with funds that are due. The remaining funds are distributed to the County and local municipalities, Board of Education, just to name a few. Some of duties of the assessment office include assessing tax amounts, per State guidelines for real and personal properties, keeping appraisal and mapping equipment updated, and determining exemptions. 
These listed duties do not include the entirety of things done by either office. I emphasize that the public, whether in person or by phone, is treated in respectful and professional manner with any assistance required.
I enjoy my work. I am experienced, qualified and bonded. I would like to thank each of you in advance for your vote and support in the upcoming primary election to be held on Tuesday, Mach 3, 2020. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13.

Greene County candidates qualify for 2020 elections

Qualifying for the 2020 Alabama March Primary Elections closed on Friday, November 8, 2019 with several Greene Countians vying for public office. Greene County District Judge Lillie Jones Osborne, seeking her third term in office, is unopposed in the March Primary.
Arnelia “Shay” Johnson, who is currently employed in the County’s Appraisal Office is seeking the position of Revenue Commissioner along with the incumbent Revenue Commissioner, Barbara McShan, who is completing two years of the unexpired term of former Commissioner Brenda Goree. McShan was appointed Greene County Revenue Commissioner by Governor Kay Ivey in April, 2018 and assumed the position July 1, 2018.
Greene County School Board positions in Districts 3,4,5 will also be up in 2020. Mr. Leo Branch, the incumbent in District 4, is unopposed for the March Primary. Ms. Veronica Richardson has qualified for School Board District 3, along with the incumbent Mr. William Morgan. Mrs. Mary Otieno has qualified for School Board District 5, along with incumbent Ms. Carrie Dancy.
The position of Constable is open in each of the five districts in Greene County. Mr. Lester Brown has qualified for Constable in District 1; Mr. John Steele, Jr. in District 2; Mr. Spiver Gordon in District 3; Rev. James E. Carter in District 4 and Mr. Jesse Lawson in District 5.
The Alabama Primary Election is scheduled for March 3, 2020.

Retiring Revenue Commissioner, Goree, presents final report to County Commission

The Greene County Commission met in regular session Monday, June 11, 2018 and approved the year-end report from outgoing Revenue Commissioner, Brenda Goree. Goree stated that the document pointed out some minor errors in her operations and appropriate adjustments would be made. She also noted that this would be her last year-end report to the commission, since she is leaving office by the end of June. Barbara McShan will assume the position on July 1, serving the remainder of Goree’s term, which expires in 2020. Goree requested her retirement in 2017 and it will go into effect on June 30.
In other business the commission acted on the following:
*Approved a contract with Alabama Department of Transportation for preliminary engineering for bridge replacement on County Road 69 over McConnico Creek, with ALDOT paying 80% and the county paying 20% of the cost.
* Approved ABC License for Green Track Side Plaza (Chevron Service Station).
* Approved the placement of two high school interns for the summer. Commissioner Cory Cockrell proposed this arrangement at the commission’s work session, wherein he will pay the students through Next Level Leaders non-profit organization.
* Approved hiring one part-time bus driver for the Eutaw Nutrition Site.
* Approved Blue Cross Blue Shield contract for 2018-2019.
* Approved request from Society of Folk Arts & Culture for access to the courthouse restrooms for the 2018 Black Belt Folk Roots Festival.
* Approved resolution to add lodging tax collection to services of RDS, which is the Revenue Discover System that collects various taxes for the county, including sales and use, and beer and tobacco taxes.
*Approved the clean-up and re-purposing of the Montgomery Recreational Center in the Knoxville Community.
*Approved staff travel to various workshops and training.
*Approved payment of claims and budget amendments presented by the county’s CFO, Paula Bird.
Bank balances as of May 18, 2018, reported by Ms. Bird included the following: Citizen Trust Bank – $2,787,828.27; Merchant & Farmers Bank – $2,616,703.76; Bank of New York – $918,088.04; CD Bond Sinking Fund – $805,753.35

Governor Kay Ivy appoints Barbara McShan as Greene County Revenue Commissioner

Barbara McShan.jpg

Barbara McShan, newly appointed Greene County Revenue Commissioner, is congratulated by Tennyson Smith, Greene County Commission Chairperson. McShan shares the letter from Governor Kay Ivy affirming her appointment.

Barbara A. McShan has been appointed Greene County Revenue Commissioner, effective July 1, 2018, serving the remainder of the term held by Brenda Goree, which expires in 2020. Goree requested her retirement as Revenue Commissioner in October 2017. It will go into effect on June 30, 2018.
Prior to Governor Kay Ivy’s appointment in a letter dated April 20, 2018, Barbara McShan served as Chief Clerk in the Revenue Commissioner’s office. She moved into that office from a part time position with the then Tax Collector.

In 2002, the offices of Greene County Tax Collector and Tax Assessor were combined, through legislative action, to form the office of the Greene County Revenue Commission. Goree was the county’s last Tax Collector and Rev. John Kennard was the county’s last Tax Assessor. That same year, in a countywide election, Ms. Brenda Goree was elected as the county’s first Revenue Commissioner and was successful in subsequent elections. She continues to serves in that capacity until her retirement is effective.
According to Ms. McShan, several persons applied for the unexpired position as Revenue Commissioner and were probably interviewed as well. She indicated that she was very happy that the governor selected her. “I love my job. I meet so many people. I feel that, through my work, I actually know everybody in Greene County,” she said.
She explained that although the Revenue Commissioner’s office handles various licenses, mobile home registrations, property assessments and property taxes, she has never experienced a citizen getting upset with anyone in the office. “Even when their taxes are delinquent, they come in and calmly pay the tax,” she stated.
When asked her response to Governor Ivy’s appointment of McShan, Goree stated: “I am so glad the governor appointed someone local and someone who has worked for many years in the Revenue Commission’s office. Ms. McShan knows the job. I am confident that she will keep the public informed, and will maintain accurate records including safeguarding public funds,” She said.
Goree also indicated that she will be available to assist McShan in her official transition.
The Revenue Commission’s seat, a six year term, comes up for election in 2020, however Ms. McShan indicated she is not considering running for the position. “I think at that time I will be ready to retire and rest,” she said.