Citizens Trust Bank welcomes Tracey Boney as a new Mortgage Loan Officer for the Eutaw and surrounding communities


Birmingham, ALABAMA (May 1, 2018) – Citizens Trust Bank and its Mortgage Division are happy to announce the addition of Mortgage Loan Officer I, Tracey Boney to the Birmingham, Alabama location.
Tracey brings a fresh perspective to the loan world, and uses her background in relationship management to bridge the path between renting and buying a home. Tracey is passionate about helping first time homebuyers realize their dream of homeownership by listening to their needs and future desires, and pairing them with the best loan program to fit their lifestyle.
Tracey’s knowledge of available loan programs for each purchase goal will ensure clients from first time homebuyers to veteran home owners will be matched with the best loan to satisfy their needs. She can also help with the decision to refinance a current home loan or cash out on home equity for home improvements or debt consolidation.
Since each goal requires a unique program, Citizens Trust Bank offers a wide variety of first-time home buyer loan programs that Tracey can assist with including fixed rate Conventional, FHA, and VA loans, adjustable rate loans, adjustable rate loans.
When Tracey is outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.
Her hobbies of interest are bowling, attending sports events and traveling. She is also a member of Beulah Missionary Baptist Church.

Her love for gospel and classical music is woven into her family’s makeup. She also plays the piano and violin. Her love for the two instruments led her to study classical music for many years.
About Citizens Trust Bank
Citizens Trust Bank has built financial relationships since 1921 – Through it 96 year legacy built on principle, we go beyond meeting the needs of offering banking products and service solutions; our mission is to financially empower our customers and their generations to succeed. In turn, their success is our success. The bank takes pride in offering its financial solutions throughout metropolitan-Atlanta and Columbus, Georgia and Birmingham and Eutaw, Alabama. Through its parent company, Citizens Bancshares Corporation, the Bank offers its common stock over-the-counter to the general public under the trading symbol CZBS and can be found at
For more information contact Diedra. L. St.Julien at 404.575.8371 or by email

8,000 people open accounts at Citizens Trust Bank in Atlanta, with branches in Alabama

By: Taryn Finley Black Voices Associate Editor, The Huffington Post



 Atlanta executive staff of Citizens Trust Bank

In the weeks following the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, more and more influencers, like Solange and Killer Mike, have started to #BankBlack and have transferred their money into Black-owned banks.

Now, a historic black bank in Atlanta has seen a spike in business. In just five days, 8,000 people have submitted applications to join Citizen’s Trust Bank, according to 11 Alive. Citizens Trust also has branches in Birmingham and Eutaw, Alabama.
“It’s a tremendous propel forward for the bank and the future of the bank and bringing new relevance to a bank that’s been here for 95 years. And, it’s a statement about what the next 95 years will look like,” Jay Bailey, chairman of the bank’s Next Generation Advisory Board, told the local outlet.
The bank’s CEO and president, Cynthia N. Day, thanked Killer Mike on Twitter  for urging people to collectively put $100 million in Atlanta’s only black bank just days before the increase in business.
Executive Vice President Fredrick Daniels said the bank, which was founded in 1921, has survived despite several economic hardships. Now, he said Citizen’s Trust is looking to grow and get more black people to keep their money in their communities.
“Citizen’s Trust provides a financial foundation for our community and that really helps us to put in place the businesses that we wanna see that we don’t see in our communities,” Daniels told 11 Alive.
With $328.8 million in deposits as of the end of 2015, Bailey said Citizen’s Trust’s goal is to make history by becoming the first black-owned billion dollar bank in the country. Bailey noted that while protesting racial inequality is important, a perhaps more noticeable change comes when black people invest back into their communities.
“I’ve been telling people that it’s time to come home,” he said. “Rallies are great and they’re necessary. Protesting is great and it’s necessary but what will sustain and grow from here is our dollar and galvanizing our dollar.”
The United States had 23 black-owned banks, credit unions or savings and loan associations as of March 31, according to the Federal Reserve.