Eutaw City Council appoints board and committee members, reviews water system issues, E-911 and pays bills

Shown L to R: Eutaw Police Officer Tyler Johnson, Asst, Chief Kendrick Howell, Chief Tommy Johnson, Mayor Pro Tem LaJeffery Carpenter, Officers Robert Geter and William Smith displaying their new uniform. Chief Johnson stated he has an open door policy. Look professional and act professional. We are here to help our citizens.

At its regular meeting on January 26,2021, the Eutaw City Council
dealt with several outstanding issues including naming people to city committees and boards, reviewing continuing problems with the water system, support for E-911, reviewing an agreement for joint work with the County Commission and Industrial Board, setting lease rates for space at the Carver School Community Center and paying bills.
The Mayor and City Council appointed members of the following boards and committees:
• Eutaw Zoning Board: John Zippert, Broderick Fulghum, Cynthia Cooper, Corey Cockrell, and Shirley Eubanks
• Eutaw Housing Authority Board: James Powell, Jonathan Lewis, Jacqueline Allen, and Isaac N. Atkins
• Eutaw Medical Clinic Board: Judy Jarvis, John Zippert and Joyce Cotton
• Eutaw Historical Commission: Evelyn Davis, Gilda Jowers, Diane Liverman, Carol P. Zippert, Sharon Trammell, Johnnie Mae Knott, Sandra Walker, Judy Jarvis
• Eutaw Cemetery Board: Nicolas Wilson, Joseph Fritz, Suzette Powell, Sharon Trammell, and Connie Tyree
The Council took up the issue of setting a rental payment for use of rooms at the Carver School Community Center. The CRFD, a non-profit agency has had a space for a year and Liberty Tax, a business. is requesting a space. Councilwoman Tracey Hunter raised the concern that the monthly charge includes utilities. Mayor Johnson said it was a community center not a business, so the city was not likely to recover all costs for the facility, but needed to charge a fair rate for non-profits and others. Hunter then moved to table the issue until more research and information was available.
The Engineers of the South (EOS), the consulting firm that is currently contracted to monitor the operations and quality of the Eutaw Water System was present and stated their interest in supporting efforts to improve the system. The spokesperson for EOS said that they would provide a proposal to increase time on monitoring the system, help in auditing and correcting faulty meters and replacing meters that could not be repaired. EOS is also answering an ADEM complaint about the water system, which was sent to the past Mayor but never answered.
The City also has a proposal from Kathie Horne of Water Management Associates for improving and repairing problems with the water system. Her agreement is for three years and charges $6 per meter, per month. Mayor Johnson said the city has 1,400 water meters, which means that Horne’s contract is for $8,400 a month or more. Johnson said she wasn’t sure if the city could afford this contract and welcomed other proposals, like one from EOS. The Mayor said this would be discussed in more detail at a Council Work Session on Tuesday, February 2nd.
The next agenda item was a pledge by the City since 2004, to provide $30,000 a year for the operation of the E-911 emergency assistance and dispatching services, which has never been paid. Johnny Isaac, Chair of the E-911 Board was present and said, “In 2004, I was the Sheriff and Reginald Spencer was Eutaw Chief of Police, we agreed to transfer dispatching services to E-911. This is saving the city between $200,000 and $300,000 a year. We hope you can support us with $30,000 that was pledged but never paid. The monies we get from the phone bill tax of $1.86 per customer is not sufficient to operate E-911”
Mayor Johnson said the City should pay $30,000 a year to support E-911, from bingo funds. The Council agreed and supported this expense.
The Council reviewed an agreement between the City, County Commission and Industrial Development Authority for development of the Interstate 59/20 Exit 40, especially the location of a motel and other projects to improve the county. The Council tabled this issue for further discussion at the upcoming work session.
The Council received a listing of outstanding bills for the months of November, December and January, which they approved for payment.

Eutaw City to purchase former Carver School facility for $213,000

At its monthly meeting held, March 26, 2018, the Greene County Board of Education, on the recommendation of Superintendent James H. Carter, approved the sale of the former Carver Middle School facility to the City of Eutaw. Dr. Carter’s recommendation stated: “The sale of Carver Middle School building along with acres that will be designated to the City of Eutaw.”
The City of Eutaw offered $213,000 as total payment for the facility and rendered a down payment of $50,000, with the balance to be paid in $50,000 annual payments over the next three years, and a final payment of $13,000. The board approved the proposal on a four to one vote.
The former Carver facility is approximately 61,000 square feet and sits on 15.40 acres. The amount of acreage that will be part of the sale has not been determined.
In 2016, the Carver facility was appraised with a market value of $640,000. Previously, the board was advised that the property could be sold for less than the appraised value provided that the purchaser utilized the facility for educational programs and projects.
As a pre-requisite for consideration of sale of the property, the proposed buyer was required to submit a detailed proposal on how the property would be utilized. The specific sale arrangements have yet to be worked out between Eutaw City and the Greene County Board of Education. No final sale documents have been officiated.
The former Carver Middle School and the former Paramount Jr. High School were closed at the end of the 2015-2016 school year. The School Board consolidated the two schools to form Robert Brown Middle School serving 4th through 8th graders.

The board also approved the following personnel items:
* Additional service contracts for Justine Booth as assistant football coach at Greene County High for 20108-2019 academic year.
* Corey Cockrell as assistant football coach at GCH for Spring training only.
* Employment of Russell Rivers as auto mechanic at Greene County Career Center and
Robert Brown Middle School.
* Resignation of Rachel Nickson as Early Childhood Coordinator, Eutaw Primary School, effective March 30, 2018.
* Resignation of LaJoycelyn Davis as secretary at Robert Brown Middle School, effective March 30, 2018.
* Catastrophic leave (maternity leave) for Jerria Prince.
* Non- Renewal
Contract for Fredrick Square, Principal, Robert Brown Middle School, effective June 30, 2018.
In administrative services, the board approved the following.
* Supplemental Contracts for football coach to be paid starting October 1, 2018 and ending September 30, 2019.
* Dexter Hinton to travel to Mississippi State University, for UWA STEM Challenge, March 22, 2018.
* Tamika Thompson to travel to Atlanta Georgia, for HSTW Staff Development Conference, July 10 – 13, 2018
* The sale of Carver Middle School building along with acres that will be designated, to the City of Eutaw.
* Additional information to Greene County Board of Education Policy Manual.
* School Calendar (option B) for the 2018-2019 school year.
The board approved the superintendent’s recommendation to implement a policy statement specifically for employees who perform special duties outside their normal job description. The policy will allow employees to be paid a minimum of $200 per month and a minimum of six months up to $1,200 and a maximum amount up to 12 months or $2,400

Cockrell seeks re-election, District 3 Commission Seat


Corey Cockrell

I, Corey Cockrell, am the best candidate for County Commission District 3, because I possess all the qualities it takes to be a great commissioner. I have a desire to help build up the community and work with the citizens to move them toward a great future. I am a hardworking, dependable, dedicated, and devoted young man who is ready to help Greene County achieve the goals the have been set before us. I want to give the citizens of District 3 and Greene County an opportunity to have better jobs, more activities for the children and senior citizens, and a chance for all citizens to have a great future. I believe that District 3 and the entire county can be the most vibrant county in America. With God and us standing together, we can move this county forward.
I am a graduate of Greene County High School and Jacksonville State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education; currently a physical education teacher at Robert Brown Middle School;; a member of the Business Association Program, Jacksonville State University; member of Jacksonville State University Hyper Club; an active member of Ezekiel Baptist Church.