County Commission prepares for annual budget hearings

Shown L to R: Commission Chairperson Allen Turner,Jr., William Webb, County Engineer Willie Branch, Commissioners Corey Cockrell and Roshanda Summerville, Assistant Engineer John Isley with recently purchased Motor Grader and three new Dump Trucks.

At the Greene County Commission’s regular monthly meeting held Monday, August 10, 2020, newly selected CFO Mr. Macaroy Underwood announced that budget packets had been delivered to all county government department heads. Underwood stated that in preparation of the budget for the next fiscal year beginning Oct.1, 2020, the county’s annual budget hearings will begin by September 1.
The commission approved the following budget amendments presented by CFO Underwood.* Request for Capital Improvement Fund Budget amendment to fund HVAC Building Control System; and request for Southeaster Temperature Controls, Inc. proposal/agreement for Honeywell HVAC controls upgrade at base price of $48,578.
Request for Capitol Improvement Fund Budget to purchase two Brush Cutters, two 15 ft. Rotary Cutters from Coblent Equipment & Parts Co. at cost of $30,614.60. All equipment is included on State of Alabama Bid list.
*Added new CFO to bank signatory powers on all bank accounts.
Extended vacation time for county employees until April 1, 2021.
Rebuild Alabama Plan.
The commission tabled a request from the Greene County Water Authority to lease land for a senior facility.
The financial report presented by Ms. Brenda Burke, indicated total accounts payable for July at $589,889.35; payroll transfer at $255,565.82; and fiduciary at $31,920.01. Electronic claims totaled $88,809.19. Burke stated that approximately 17% of the general fund budget remains.
County bank account balances for July were reported as follows: Citizen Trust Bank – $3,924,802.36; Merchants & Farmers Bank – $2,006.068.35; CD Bond Sinking Fund total -$1,068,681.90; Bank of New York – $359,047.46.

County Commission approves purchase of new equipment for Public Works Department

The Greene County Commission met in regular session, Tuesday, October 15, 2019 and authorized the purchase of several work vehicles for the County Public Works Department. These included the following: Three – 2020 Mack Dumps GR64F at $124,474 each; three -21 yd Dump Bodies at $25,084 each; one – 55 ton Lowboy Trailer at $54,375 and one – Motor Grader at $239,049.
According to County Engineer Willie Branch, the Dump Trucks are operated for a year and sold, usually retrieving the cost paid. Branch explained that the Motor Grader and the Low Boy are used until they stop running.
The commission made the following board appointments: Marilyn Jennings for the Greene County Hospital Board (District 2); Carolyn Morgan Young for the DHR Board (District 2). In other actions the commission approved the following:

  • Contract with Knox Pest Control, providing all necessary paperwork is submitted.
  • 2020 Severe Weather Preparedness Tax Holiday – Feb.21-23, 2020.
    • Travel: Engineer to ACCA Legislative Conference, Dec. 4-5, Auburn University; Engineer, Assist. Engineer and office personnel to CIMS User Training, Nov. 6-7, Anniston, AL; Two equipment operators – Flagger Training and Field Exercise, Oct. 29, Columbiana, AL;
  • Payment of claims.
    In her financial report, CFO Paula Bird noted the following bank balances as of September 19, 2019: Citizen Trust Bank – $3,132,651.79; Merchants & Farmers Bank – $2,192,308.10; Bank of New York – $358,782.51; Bond Sinking Fund – $1,049,464.99

County prepares administratively for new gasoline tax

The Greene County Commission held its regular monthly meeting, Monday, September 9, 2019 and took official action on various items discussed at its work session held the previous Wednesday. With the new gasoline tax in effect this month, the commission approved adding two new special revenue funds as it related to the Rebuild Alabama Act. The commission authorized a resolution for bank depository for the new gasoline tax and authorized the chairman to sign all necessary documents.
The commission approved entering into an agreement with TG Earnest & Associates for a culture resource assessment for the bridge replacement on County Road 69, allowing the chairman to sign all necessary documents. At the previous work session, County Engineer Willie Branch advised the commission that expenditures would not exceed $3,500 for the project.
Also based on the engineer’s recommendation, the commission approved hiring one equipment operator and one part-time laborer.
The commission approved the contract with the Alabama Department of Youth Services. Veronica Evans, representing ADYS, made a presentation at the previous work session, detailing the services rendered to youth of Greene County and the related costs. Ms. Evans was requesting that the commission consider budgeting more resources for ADYS in the upcoming fiscal year.
The commission and a delegation from the Town of Forkland, agreed to pursue appropriate action for the sale of, or transfer of, the Forkland park from the county to the Town of Forkland.
Apparently, the park cannot be sold without authorization from ADECA. The county’s attorney was authorized to send the appropriate letters noting the county’s intent.
J & S Bartending, LLC was granted a special events ABD license by the commission.
Commissioner Roshanda Summerville reappointed Mrs. Glenda Hodges to the DHR Board from District 5; and Commissioner Tennyson Smith reappointed Steven Abrams to the E-011 Board from District 2.
The following travel requests were approved:

  • Judge of Probate and one clerk and Board of Registrars to Election Conference, October 30-31, 2019 in Tuscaloosa.
    Overview of County Government for Assistant Engineer on October 9-10, 2019 in Prattville, AL.
    The commission also approved payment of claims and various budget amendments.

Greene County Commission re-elects Tennyson Smith as Chairman and Michael Williams as Vice Chair


County Commissioners and County Engineer show off the new Asphalt Distributor Maximizer 3 truck recently purchased. The 2017 model made by Rosco has a 1,950 gallon capacity and cost approximately $170,000. Standing L to R: County Engineer Willie Branch, County Commissioners Allen Turner, Jr., Lester Brown, Tennyson Smith, Corey Cockrell and Michael Williams. and Asphalt Distributor Maximizer 3 Truck

At its regular November meeting on Monday, November 13, 2017, the Greene County Commission re-elected Tennyson Smith (District 2) as Chairman and Michael Williams (District 5) as Vice Chairman. They will serve in office for the next year.
The Commission also reaffirmed Merchants and Farmers Bank and Citizen Trust Bank, as the county’s banking depositories, with the same signatories on checks. Regular meetings were scheduled on the second Monday of each month at 5:00 p.m. at the William M. Branch Courthouse.
The Commission received a financial report from Paula Bird, CFO for the month of October, which is the first month of the new fiscal year. Bird reported that the Commission had bank accounts totaling $4,572,811 and an additional $1 million in bond related sinking funds.
Bird recommended closing two accounts, the REHAB Grant account with $6,060 and the RSVP account with $4,966, which were no longer needed and transfer the funds to the General Fund Account. The Commission approved this transfer of funds.
The financial report indicated that overall the county had spent 14.7% of its budget, $1,636,824 during the first month. This is a little higher than the 8.33% expected but according to Bird there are some recurring expenses that occur at the beginning of the fiscal year that will even out by the second quarter of the year.
General Fund expenses were running at $416,466 or 13%, for the month, with the Sheriff’s Department and Jail exceeding the budget, due to overtime pay. The Commission approved paying all bills and claims for the month of October.
The Commission voted to instruct the County Engineer, Willie Branch, to consider County Roads 60 and 120 for resurfacing utilizing Federal matching funds. Only major and minor collector roads are eligible for Federal support.

The Commission also considered asking the County Engineer to resurface two miles of road in each County Commission District with county funds. Commissioner Corey Cockrell raised the concern that since his district, District 2, did not have many major or minor collector roads, which are eligible for Federal support, that his district should receive more paving of other roads.
The other commissioners were not impressed with Cockrell’s arguments and supported the original proposal for the County Engineer to designate two miles of roads in each district for paving.

In other actions, The Commission:

* Appointed Sheila Henderson (District 1) and Ron Edwards (District 3) to the DHR Board, which gives recommendations on welfare assistance policies in the county.
* Reappointed Margretta Bir (District 2) and Shirley Edwards (District 3) to the Hospital Board.
* Approved an alcoholic beverage license for Patrice Harris Kimble to operate DOCS Bar on the Lower Gainesville Road.
* Approved travel for Probate Clerk to Licensing Conference, January 10-11, 2018 in Prattville, Alabama.
* Approved Holiday Work Schedule for all county employees.

Commission salutes Henley on retirement; Greene Team seeks hospital support from county

Commission and Henley.jpg

Shown Left to Right: Commissioners Lester Brown and Tennyson Smith, Alexander Henley, County Engineer Willie Branch, Assistant Engineer, John Ensley and
Commissioner Allen Turner, Jr.


At the regular meeting of the Greene County Commission, Monday Sept. 11, 2017, Mr. Alexander Henley was recognized for his long and diligent service to the county. Henley was presented a Certificate of Retirement for 29 years with the county’s Highway Department. Henley noted that during that period of time with the county he worked under 18 County Engineers and Assistant Engineers. “I enjoyed my work and made many friends. Until recent years I had no illness that kept me from my job,” he stated.
During public comments, Mrs. Johnnie M. Knott presented members of the Greene County Hospital/Nursing Home Auxiliary (Greene Team) and other local citizens who had come to the commission’s meeting seeking support for the Greene County Hospital. The general purpose of the group was to ask the commission to provide leadership in helping to keep the hospital and its varied health services operating. Several individuals gave testimonies of how the Greene County Hospital had basically saved their lives by stabilizing them during a health crisis until they could get specific care at another health facility. Many others spoke out in support of the county finding ways to keep the hospital operating. The commission listened but made not statements since that body cannot provide specific commitments during public comments.
In other business the commission acted on the following.
*Approved 2017-2018 Budget, including employee pay adjustments as indicated in the budget.
*Approved liquor license for Jackpot Food Beverage, LLC (Palace Bingo Facility).
*Approved long term detention subsidy contract with Dallas County Detention Center.
*Approved annual bids from Highway Department including bids for timber, corrugated metal pipe, plastic pipe, etc.
*Approved thermostat replacement and installation paid from general fund bingo account.
*Approval various travel requests for Engineer and Assistant Engineer.
*Approved budget amendments and payment of claims.
County CFO, Paula Bird reported that as of August 17, 2017, the county had $1,962,092.35 in Citizen Trust Bank; $4,488,356.17 in Merchants & Farmers Bank and $792,094.11 in the Bank of New York. According to the CFO’s report, of the $3,236,960.59 expenditure budget for the current fiscal year, $2,905,759.82 has been expended to date, approximately 90%.
The commission announced that its October meeting will be re-scheduled for Tuesday, October 10, due to the Columbus Day holiday.