McShan seeks election to continue as Greene County Revenue Commissioner

I am Barbara McShan and I hereby announce my candidacy for Revenue Commissioner of Greene County. I am a member of White Oak Cumberland Presbyterian Church of American in Mantua and the proud mother of one daughter, LeVershaun Williams.
I was appointed as Revenue Commissioner in July 2018 by Governor Kaye Ivey to fill the unexpired term of the previous Revenue Commissioner upon her retirement. I have worked in the Revenue Commissioner’s Office as Clerk, Chief Clerk and currently as Revenue Commissioner for over 17 years. Since taking the Oath of office, I have continued the duties and smooth operation of this office. The Revenue Commissioner is responsible for the appropriate operation of both the assessing and collecting offices.
My years here have been primarily in collection and I am very knowledgeable of the process, procedure and duties of the assessment office as well. Some of the duties in the collection office are to prepare daily collection reports for both the property and manufactured home, make daily deposits, prepare monthly reports for manufactured homes and semi-monthly property reports, prepare these reports and send the notarized copies to the State Comptroller’s Office along with funds that are due. The remaining funds are distributed to the County and local municipalities, Board of Education, just to name a few. Some of duties of the assessment office include assessing tax amounts, per State guidelines for real and personal properties, keeping appraisal and mapping equipment updated, and determining exemptions. 
These listed duties do not include the entirety of things done by either office. I emphasize that the public, whether in person or by phone, is treated in respectful and professional manner with any assistance required.
I enjoy my work. I am experienced, qualified and bonded. I would like to thank each of you in advance for your vote and support in the upcoming primary election to be held on Tuesday, Mach 3, 2020. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13.

Rev. William Barber says Alabama abortion ban is hypocrisy in claiming to be pro-life while disregarding the lives of poor people

Rev. William Barber, Co-Director of the Poor People’s Campaign joined the SOS Coalition for Justice and Democracy at its weekly Tuesday rally on the steps of the Alabama State House to urge Governor Kaye Ivey and the Alabama Legislature to support Medicaid Expansion, under the Affordable Care Act, for working poor people in the state.“I have come here today as a bishop of the church to expose the distorted moral narrative of the Governor and the Alabama State Legislature in claiming they are pro-life in adopting a mean spirited ban on all abortions, with no exceptions for rape, incest and health of the mother. They are forcing women in Alabama back to back alleys to seek reproductive health care services,” said Rev. Barber.
“ A number of states including, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Ohio and Missouri are adopting these total abortion bans while at the same time having the highest rates of infant mortality, maternal death rates, food stamp utilization and failing to expand Medicare Expansion,” said Barber.
Rev. Barber indicated, “It is the height of hypocrisy for the Alabama Governor and the Legislature to say they are pro-life when 948,000 people in the state make under $15 hour. These are the very mothers who cannot get health care insurance coverage because the state has not extended Medicaid to the working poor. To be more concerned about the unborn, than with people after they are born, makes little sense.”
A grandmother from Birmingham, who had reunited her five grandchildren from foster homes, testified that she was working two jobs and still could not qualify for health insurance coverage because her income was still too low. She also indicated that she was struggling to keep her food stamps and other government support.
John Zippert, Chair of the Board of the Greene County Health System testified, “Our small rural 20 bed hospital is seriously challenged with providing $100,000 a month in uncompensated care to people who would have some health insurance to pay for their care if the State of Alabama expanded Medicaid. Our hospital, like most of those in the state, is operating with a financial deficit. We cannot continue operating this way very much longer.”
Sandy Fox, Southeast Regional Director for Planned Parenthood said, “My organization plans to sue the State of Alabama to prevent this abortion ban from going into effect.
We are continuing to offer reproductive health services to women in Alabama as we have since 1930. Black women in the South have a rate of cervical cancer six times higher than whites, and the Legislature and the Governor are trying to cut and stop health care services for poor women.
Zippert also said, “The SOS has developed a Citizens Arrest Warrant for Governor Kay Ivey. We want to arrest her for the crime of failing to expand Medicaid, which has lead to 500+ people a year dying unnecessarily without heath care; signing the draconian abortion ban, which hurts women; failing to act on prison reform and criminal justice; and continuing to suppress the votes of African-American, Latino and other voters.”
Rev. Barber pointed out that there was a statute in front of the Alabama State Capitol of Dr. Marion Sims, a medical doctor who practiced surgery on Black women during slavery without anesthesia to learn new gynecological procedures and that the Alabama abortion ban was following his brutal and misguided legacy.
“The most dangerous thing about the pro-life people is that they anchor these beliefs in their religious faith. But Jesus says nothing in the Bible about abortion but he does say a lot about treating the poor well and as you would want to be treated,” said Rev. Barber.