Commission approves FY 2022-2023 Budget; Sheriff charged for additional staff positions and SRO supplement

The Greene County Commission met in a called session, Tuesday, September 26, 2022 to consider and act on three particular items: Approval of the FY 2022-2023 Budget; The School Resource Officers contract; The sheriff’s supplemental contract which includes additional funds for SRO’s and the Sheriff’s funded staff positions (additional employees).
The discussions focused mainly on the County’s FY 2023 General Fund Budget.
According to CFO Macaroy Underwood the County’s total revenue and transfer budget for FY 2023 is $12, 349,593 and total expenditure and transfer is $11, 407,454, which means fund balance is budgeted to increase by $942,139. Bingo funds make up $900,000 of the projected surplus or increase in fund balance. Macaroy also noted that the County’s General Fund revenue and transfer total is. $4,027,161 with expenditures totaling $3,989,303. There is a General Fund surplus of $37,858.
The School District is requesting five SROs for the current school year (187 instructional days) at the previous basic rate. The Greene County Board of Education entered into an agreement with the Sheriff of Greene County for the purpose of establishing terms under which the Sheriff and the County agree to provide the School District School Resource Officers and the compensation (contracted rate) for the same is paid to the County by the School District. The Sheriff provides SRO pay beyond the 187 instructional days paid by the school system.
The Sheriff Department is allocated 51% from the County’s General Fund Budget, however, the Sheriff’s Supplemental Agreement with the County includes payments totaling $189,992, which the sheriff will provide to the County Commission for five additional employees in the Sheriff’s Department and $35,558 for additional pay and benefits for the School Resource Officers.

State Department of Alabama spotlights Child Nutrition Program in Greene County schools

Greene County High School Cafeteria Serving Line

The Greene County Board of Education met in regular session, Monday, May 16, 2022, with all board members present. The venue for the board meeting was changed on the day of the meeting from the Central Office to Greene County High School due to water issued related to the City of Eutaw. No water could be accessed in the building. City officials notified Superintendent Corey Jones of the difficulties stating that city workers were trying to alleviate the problem, but could not assure Dr. Jones when the problem would be resolved. Most of the Central Office staff were assigned to work from home.
As part of his monthly report to the board, Superintendent Jones had Ms. Teresa Atkins, who currently serves as Acting Director of the Child Nutrition Program (CNP) for the school district, to give an overview of the CNP operations. Ms. Atkins noted that as a federal program, the CNP must follow particular guidelines regarding basic meal requirements as well as presentation of meals. The basic meal requirements differ according to student age groups. Ms. Atkins stated that to assure that the Greene County School System is providing nutritious and palatable meals, she partnered with the State Child Nutrition Program to assist her in enhancing the total meal service for students. This resulted in providing students with various choices of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and breads. At GCHS students may also serve themselves on the lunch line.
Ms. Atkins explained that the CNP Program is federally funded through reimbursements. “We can only get reimbursed for the meals actually served. If a student is at school and does not take a lunch tray, the system cannot claim funds for that meal; however, if a student takes a food tray and does not eat anything on the tray, the system can claim reimbursement.”
Atkins noted that the CNP staff tries to accommodate the particular needs of students, such as catering to students with various allergies, other medical conditions governing the type of foods they can or cannot consume and religious preferences in foods. At the start of a school year, parents/guardians are asked to complete a questionnaire on each child noting the exceptions in foods their child requires.
The week of April 11-15, 2022, Greene County High School lunchroom was featured on the State’s Child Nutrition facebook page. Atkins said this special recognition from the State Department was the results of revamping the serving lines, training staff on how to offer students more options for both breakfast and lunch and creating an inviting atmosphere in the cafeteria.
In continuing his report, Superintendent Jones announced that summer school is scheduled from June 6-30, 2022 from 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM, four days per week. The classes will focus on individual student deficiencies and weaknesses and credit recovery as needed. Enrichment activities will be a major focus of the summer program as well. Hopefully, educational and fun field trips will be scheduled.
Dr. Jones also gave positive news updates on each of the schools. At Eutaw Primary educators and scholars celebrated May Day. Scholars who participated in the After-School Program visited the Montgomery zoo on Friday, May 13, 2022. Third Grade Graduation was held Monday, May 16, 2022. Educators and scholars will show their support for Mental Health Awareness Month by wearing green on Friday, May 20, 2022.
Robert Brown Middle School observed Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2-6, with lunch and snacks provided by school partners. Faculty and students held a volley game. May 18 was Honors Day Program. May 25 is RBMS graduation.
At Greene County High School, Cosmetology Department, over 30 students participated in the Hair Show on May 6. The track team, students from GCHS and RBMS, participated in Sectionals. Thirteen of the dual enrollment scholars received certificates in Welding from Wallace Community College Selma. Greene County High School was spotlighted in the Break for a Plate Alabama and Alabama CNP State Newsletter. Teachers and scholars participated in Community Service Project to support Branch Heights Residents impacted by the tornado. A blood drive was held at GCHS on April 22, sponsored by the Greene County Career Center’s HOSA-Future Health Professionals.
.The personnel service items recommended by the superintendent and approved by the board are as follows:
Non-renewal, Robert Brown Middle School: Carrie Rhodes, 4th Grade Teacher; Cyontai Lewis, Physical Education Teacher; Richard Cammon, Social Studies Teacher; LaDasia Grace, 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies; Richard Cammon, 6th Grade Teacher; Marquavius King, 6th Grade Language Arts; Glenara Faust , 5th Grade Teacher;
Non-renewal, Greene County High School: Cassandra Freeman, Chemistry Teacher; Arthur Williamson, English Teacher;
Non-renewal, Eutaw Primary School: Destiny Taylor, 2nd Grade Teacher; Malesha Williams, Elementary Teacher;
Retirement: Gloria Lyons, Cafeteria Worker, Greene County High School effective May 1, 2022; Debra Waiters, Parent Involvement Facilitator, July 1, 2022.
Medical Leave: Shirley Noland, effective February 2, 2022, thru April 22, 2022.
Catastrophic Leave and FMLA Leave: Jennifer Reeves, starting March 28, 2022, ending May 9, 2022.
Employment of the following teachers for Summer School June 6 – July 15, 2022.
Greene County High School: Clifford Reynolds; Kaneeda Coleman; Tameshia Porter; Angela Harkness; Drenda Morton; Dutchess Jones; Janice Jeames.
Robert Brown Middle School: Vanessa Bryant; Raven Bryant; Felecia Smith; Nkenge Reynolds; Elroy Skinner; Monquelle Wigfall; Leanita Hunt; Dorris Robinson; Pinkie Travis.
Eutaw Primary School: Genetta Bishop: Gwendolyn Webb; Tara Thomas; Pamela Pasteur; Quenterica White; Montoya Hurst-Binion; Cheryl Morrow; Carla Durrett; Keisha Williams.
Child Nutrition Program: Burnia Cripin; Sandy Wilson; Romanda Askew; Jacqueline Pickens; Rosie Davis.
The following administrative services were approved by the board.
* Bank reconciliations as submitted by Ms. Marquita Lennon, CSFO.
* Payment of all bills, claims, and payroll.
* Contractual Agreement between Greene County Board and Behavior Aide, Denise Horton.
* Agreement between Greene County Board and Amy Quitt, Speech Language Therapy Services.
* Approval of 2022-2023 School Calendar.
* Approval of Summer School Program, starting June 6, 2022 – July 15, 2022.
* Approval of 4-day work week for all extended employees beginning June 6 and ending no later than July 29, 2022.
* Retroactively Authorization Debit Card Account at Merchant and Farmers Bank.
* Credit Card for Travel and Expenditures.
Purchase New Vehicle for Superintendent.

The Financial Snapshot as of April 30, 2022 presented by Mrs. Marquita Lennon, Chief Financial Officer is as follows: General Fund Balance – $2,873,434.22 (reconciled to the Summary Cash report); Accounts Payable Check Register – $168,727.62; Payroll Register $862,388.60; Combined Ending Fund Balance – $5,538,710. Local revenue for the month from property taxes, sales and other taxes and bingo revenue totaled $202,184.


Sheriff Jonathan Benison seeks re-election to office

Friends, family, and neighbors, let me start by acknowledging how trying the last couple of years has been for so many of us fighting through this pandemic and everything that has come with it. My team and I have been on the front-line and working behind the scenes: giving personal protective equipment to those without, escorting funeral services for our citizens that fell victim to COVID-19, and putting stringent protocols in place to ensure the safety of deputies, staff, inmates, and the overall public while we continued to serve and protect.
In 1982, I began my law enforcement career. I have worked as a Deputy right here in Greene County and went on to serve 24 years as an Alabama State Trooper before I was elected by the great citizens of Greene County to become your Sheriff in June 2010. I was officially appointed by the Governor to begin my term in December 2010. I am as proud and honored to be your Sheriff today as when I first swore the oath in front of friends and family.
During my tenure, I have invested tremendously in the Sheriff’s office and Jail Annex, implemented community programs and participated in large-scale law enforcement efforts aimed at lowering crime and keeping the citizens in our communities safe. For me, serving and protecting is first and foremost; however, as Sheriff, I am also tasked with promulgating the rules and regulations of the operation of electronic bingo through Amendment 743, which was voted upon by the citizens of Greene County. With much transparency, millions of dollars have been dispersed to the benefit of the municipalities of Boligee, Union, Eutaw and Forkland, the Greene County Hospital, Greene County Board of Education, Greene County Commission, Greene County Sheriff’s Office, and numerous other sub-charities and local organizations.
With everything that has happened lately, I know that life has been a series of non-stop decisions, a lot of which have been the hardest we have ever been faced with, but I am asking you to make another decision, a decision for yourself, a decision for your family, a decision for the future safety and well-being of our home, Greene County. I am asking you to head out to the polls on May 24th and make the decision to keep your sheriff! Vote Jonathan “Joe” Benison as Sheriff of Greene County. God bless us all.


School Board hears implementation of Alabama Literacy Act at Eutaw Primary; hires assistant principals for GCHS and RBMS

Principal Brittany Harris describes reading programs at Eutaw Primary School

At the Greene County Board of Education meeting, held Monday, January 24, 2022, Superintendent Dr. Corey Jones introduced Ms. Brittany Harris, Principal at Eutaw Primary School who had prepared a special presentation on the Alabama Literacy Act and its implementation at Eutaw Primary School. The Alabama Literacy Act was created to help improve reading in Alabama public schools. The goal is to ensure that students are reading on grade level by the end of the 3rd grade.
Principal Harris began her presentation with the statement, “Eutaw Primary School is the place where learning begins.” She said that the mission of Eutaw Primary School is to provide a safe, caring and quality learning environment for all students.
Ms. Harris noted that the Alabama Literacy Act, signed into law on June 10, 2019, determines that all students must read on the 3rd grade level before exiting the 3rd grade. “Commencing with the 2021-2022 school year, third grade students shall demonstrate sufficient reading skills for promotion to fourth grade.”
The Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program (ACAP) is administered to scholars in grades 2-8. Harris stated that any second grade student who did not score above a 448 on the ACAP assessment will have a portfolio. Any 3rd grade student who scores below a 452 on the ACAP assessment will need an alternative path for promotion.
Student Reading Improvement Plans (SRIP) are developed for any K-3 student who demonstrates a deficiency. If a consistent deficiency is found, parents are notified in writing no later than 15 days after identification.
Ms. Harris emphasized that it is important that educators are sufficiently prepared. “All educators must become experts in the Science of Reading (SOR). Educators must incorporate SOR strategies into instruction.
Eutaw Primary utilizes Reading Street as its core reading program. Spire is used for intervention.
Ms. Harris noted that after school programs and summer school programs are also available to students for learning completion and enrichment. School transportation is available for students participating in these additional programs.
Superintendent Jones presented recommendations for the assistant principal positions at Greene County High School and Robert Brown Middle School. The board approved Mrs. Janice Jeames Askew as Assistant Principal at GCHS and Dr. Rosalyn Robinson as Assistant Principal at RBMS.
In other personnel matters, the board approved the following:
Employment: Brenda Lawrence, School Nurse, Greene County School System; Sharron Martin, Literacy Coach, Robert Brown Middle School; Richard Cammon, 6th grade Social Studies Teacher, Robert Brown Middle School; MAJ James Barry Davis, James Barry, as ROTC Instructor at Greene County Career Center.
Resignations: Brandi Eubanks, 6th grade Social Studies Teacher, Robert Brown Middle School, effective January 3, 202; Dre’Mail King, Physical Education Teacher, Eutaw Primary School, effective January 13, 2022. Burina Crispin, Cook, Robert Brown Middle School, , 2022, to sub position, effective February 1, 2022; Shannon Smith, Auxiliary Teacher, Eutaw Primary School, effective January 17, 2022.
Supplemental Pay for Teresa Atkins and Mary Henderson, for assistance in CNP Program until CNP Director position is filled.
Catastrophic Leave for Jessica Lake, Janitor, Robert Brown Middle School, starting December 20, 2021, for 6-8 weeks.
The board approved the following administrative services.
* Lease Agreement with Vision Financial Group, Inc. for Clear Tough Panels and Installation for Greene County Schools.
* Agreement between Criterion Consulting and Greene County Board for Formative Administrator Evaluation Support Services.
* Agreement between EBARA and Greene County Board for Installation of 15HP Sewage Pump at Greene County High School.
* Agreement between Greene County Board and Greene County Nursing Home, for Education and Student Training.
* Payment of all bills, claims, and payroll.
* Bank reconciliations as submitted by Ms. Marquita Lennon, CSFO.




County Commissioner, Lester “Bop” Brown
dies suddenly at 61

Lester ‘Bop’ Brown, Greene County Commissioner for District 1, representing part of Eutaw, Union, Mantua, Jena and Knoxville, in the northern part of Greene County, passed away suddenly on Saturday night, at age 61. The family is seeking a formal autopsy to explain the cause of death.

Brown was completing his second four-year term as County Commissioner and planning to run for re-election this year. He was first elected to the County Commission in 2014, after serving several terms on the Greene County Board of Education.

Brown worked closely with the state and county levels of the Alabama New South Coalition (ANSC) in electing Black people to important state and county positions. He was instrumental in the write-in campaign to elect Ison Thomas as Sheriff of Greene County in 2006.

Brown was a grassroot political and community leader admired by his friends and constituents but feared and respected by his enemies. He spoke his mind and was often blunt in expressing his viewpoints. He was very generous with people throughout the county distributing sweet potatoes and other vegetables, providing coolers of water for funerals, and calling people on holidays with good wishes.

On the Greene County Commission, Brown supported more funding for employees, the hospital and ambulance service but he clashed with Sheriff Jonathan Benison on funding for his expanded staff and urged that the Sheriff be accountable financially for additional employees retained beyond the budget.

Commissioner Brown warned frequently about the fragility of counting on funding generated from electronic bingo for support of county agencies and programs. He wanted the County to develop more jobs to keep young people in the county and strengthen the tax base instead of depending on gambling revenues.

The Memorial services for Lester Brown will be:

Friday, February 4, 2022
Viewing – 12 Noon to 5:00 pm
Robert Young Community Center
(Former Carver School)

Saturday, February 5, 2022
Greene County High School Gymnasium
Lie in State 10 am – 12:00 pm
Funeral Services 12 Noon

Lester is survived by his wife Linette and his five children, as well as many other relatives and friends.


School Board finalizes new principals’ contracts; hires Career Center Director

The Greene County Board of Education met in its regular session Monday, December 20, 2021 with three board members constituting the quorum, Leo Branch, Veronica Richardson and Carol Zippert.
In the personnel actions recommended by Superintendent Dr. Corey Jones, the board approved the employment of Ms. Brittany Harris as Principal of Eutaw Primary School as well as her one year probationary contract, effective January 1, 2022.
At its November 15, 2021 meeting, the board approved Ms. Andrea Perry as Principal of Greene County High School, effective November 1, 2021, following the resignation of former Principal Willie Simmons, and, subsequently, at Monday’s meeting, approved Perry’s one year probationary contract, effective November 1, 2021.
On the recommendation of the superintendent, the board approved the employment of Teresa Atkins as Director of the Greene County Career Center, effective January 1, 2022.
Nyesha Watson was hired as Pre-K Teacher at Eutaw Primary School for the 2021-2022 school year.
The board approved the voluntary transfer of Dencer Hall from Maintenance Helper to Full-Time Maintenance Employee.
The board accepted the resignation of School Nurse, Deidre Paige-Hall, effective December 31, 2021.
The following administrative items recommended by the superintendent were approved by the board.
* Service Authorization Fee Agreement between Greene County Board and Links 2 Learning, Linking Pivotal Services for Learning.
* Proposed Salary Schedule for Maintenance, School Custodial Workers, and Instructional Substitutes.
* Field Trip Request for Greene County High School, to travel to LaGrange, Georgia, April 14, 2022, for end of year success for Math Excellence.
* Greene County High School Boys Basketball Team to travel to Chattanooga, Tennessee for basketball tournament December 16-19, 2021.
Payment of all bills, claims, and payroll.
Fuel Award for the 2021-2022 school year to Pruett Oil (only bidder).
Approval of Tuesday, December 21, 2021 as alternate day for Friday June 18, 2021, relative to Juneteenth National and State Holiday. Employees were approved for a 4-day work week (summer plan) and had completed the time requirements to satisfy the week prior to the proclamation. On June 17, 2021, Gov. Kay Ivey issued a proclamation declaring Friday, June 18, 2021 a state holiday to commemorate Juneteenth, a new federal holiday that falls on the 19th of every June.
In his abbreviated report to the board, Dr. Jones noted that positive COVID-19 cases reported in Greene County had risen to 3.8% out of 105 tested in the previous seven days. He stated that the system is prepared for online classes if the situation warrants returning to virtual instruction. “We have the technology in place; we will just have to adjust delivery of instructional plans and materials,” he said.
Jones said the system is also planning to return to virtual Town Hall Meetings to encourage our community to get vaccinated.

Greene County School System’s CSFO begins duties

Marquita Lennon

The Greene County Board of Education hired Ms. Marquita Lennon as the system’s Chief School Financial Officer at its call board meeting November 22, 2021. Ms. Lennon assumed her official duties as CSFO on December 13, 2021.

In Her Words

I have over ten years of experience in financial and budget analysis as a Public Utility Analyst with the Alabama Public Service Commission. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Administration from Auburn University and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia Southern University. I am a devoted wife of 11 years and the proud mother of 3 children 4, 7, and 9 years old. My father is the Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Opelika, AL and my father-in-law is the Pastor of 1st Holy Ground Temple in Ozark, AL.

Zippert seeks re-election for District 1 school board seat

Dr. Carol Zippert

I am seeking re-election to the Greene County Board of Education, District 1 in the May 24, 2022 Primary Election. I have served as a school board member for the past eight years. I completed an unexpired term in 2014 and was elected to the District 1 seat in 2016. The overall role of the Board of Education is to serve our children, creating policies and supporting programs and projects that provide for and enhance their academic, cultural, physical and social development.
My main goal for serving is to always focus on the students through our administrators, teachers, support staff, families and community. This was complicated by the arrival of the COVID pandemic which made last year’s progress more difficult. I supported our administration’s efforts to keep our school family safe, yet continue to provide all the tools we could acquire for the virtual schooling forced upon us by COVID. During the virtual period, we also utilized our transportation system to deliver meals to students at home.
Once we were able to return to face-to-face classes, we provided additional safety measures including encouraging vaccinations for all who were eligible, requiring face masks, installing plexiglass shields, maintaining hand sanitizing stations and continuous sanitizing of school facilities. We also supported additional instructional programs, including a summer school program for retrieval and enrichment.
I have always been a strong proponent of the concept that it is vitally important that we learn the truth of where we come from (our history) so we can understand our living today (our present) and decide for ourselves how we want to continue to live and contribute (our future).
I introduced to the Greene County School Board the idea of infusing Black History in our academic curriculum. This has become a policy, yet there is still much work to be done in the design and implementation of that policy.
I support strong leadership development for our students at all levels for building individual self esteem and affirmation toward each other.
I also support a greater role of the arts in our school curriculum to develop the creativity in our students which helps to solidify our school and community bonds.
Although I am elected through a District, my commitment is to serve our entire school system. To keep myself prepared I attend all the workshop trainings of the Alabama Association of School Boards( AASB) on the role and duties of a board member and to stay abreast of Alabama education laws and guides.
If you support my past work and plans for the future, please vote for me in the Primary Election and urge your family and friends to do the same.

Greene County school system’s chief financial officer resigns

The Greene County Board of Education met in a special call meeting, Thursday, September 2, 2021, for matters involving the system’s CSFO, Lavonda Blair and for personnel matters. Following an executive session, the board voted unanimously to accept the CSFO’s resignation, effective September 16, 2021. The board did not disclose reasons for the resignation. Ms. Lavonda Blair was hired as Chief School Financial Officer for the Greene County School System, on a three year contract, beginning August 1, 2018. In June of this year, the board renewed Blair’s contract effective July 1, 2021, expiring June 30, 2024. The board authorized the President, Dr. Carol Zippert, with the assistance of the Superintendent Dr. Corey Jones, to seek temporary personnel to continue the tasks in the system’s CSFO Department, especially regarding the closeout of the books for the current fiscal year ending September 30. The board further authorized President Zippert and Vice-President Kashaya Cockrell to initiate the search for a qualified CSFO for the system. Regarding personnel items, the board approved the superintendent’s recommendation to hire the following: Mary Henderson as Secretary for the Department of Transportation; Cyontai Lewis as Physical Education Teacher at Robert Brown Middle School. Following the close of the board meeting, Superintendent Jones announced that Greene County Schools would continue the remote learning program for approximately another two-weeks, up to the next regularly scheduled school board meeting, September 20, 2021. Dr. Jones noted that his decision is based on the rising number of COVID virus cases in Greene County and the surrounding region. According to Jones, each school would prepare lesson packages for students not yet able to participate in the on -line virtual classes. “We had to secure more tablets or repair existing ones as well as purchase more hot-spots for students in areas not accessible to the internet. Even with the hot-spots, some students are having difficulties logging-on. To address this, the system is arranging for log-on spots (crater points) that students can access,” he said. Dr. Jones urged everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated. “The low vaccinated rate in our county, including among parents, school personnel and eligible students, is the main reason the COVID virus is attacking us,” Jones said. It was also announced that beginning with the September 20th meeting, the board will hold its regular monthly meetings at 5:30 pm in the Central Office.

Board holds Budget Hearing

Parents concerned about COVID positive cases in schools; anxious for alternative programs

Parents attend school board meeting to express concerns for children’s safety with rising COVID positive cases in some schools.

The Greene County Board of Education, at its regular session, Monday August 16, 2021, held the first of two required public Budget Hearings relative to the 2021-2022 fiscal year.  The second public Budget Hearing is scheduled for Thursday, August 26, 2021 at 4:30 in the Board’s Central Office.

  Superintendent Dr. Corey Jones opened his report with a statement that the school system has received information that five students at one of the schools have tested positive for the coronavirus. (Editor’s Note: At press time Wednesday, the school system had 20 students reported COVID positive.)  Those students are currently in isolation and no longer in school.  He noted that his immediate response was to implement contact tracing and send written communications to the parents of students who may have had contact with the students reported to have tested positive.  He cautioned all parents to monitor their children closely and have them tested at any signs of related illness.  He also urged parents to get their children who are of age vaccinated, and to encourage other adults to get vaccinated as well.

    “We are implementing all methods we can to provide a safe environment in our schools, but in this situation, the children testing positive did not get infected in school.  Contact tracing indicated this occurred in the community.  There is a rise in the spread of COVID 19 and its variants all over Alabama, including Greene County.  Vaccinations are still at a low rate, and without a mandatory mask mandate for the public, our community is greatly exposed,” Jones stated.  

    He emphasized that masks are required by everyone in Greene County schools and school properties. “We are also not allowing visitors at the schools.  This is another measure to keep students and personnel safe,”  he said.

    Superintendent Jones remarked that, understandably, parents are concerned about the safety and welfare of their children and are anxious about continuing to send them to in-school classes.  “ We are also monitoring the COVID situation closely, giving attention to the guidance of all health agencies and directives from the Governor’s office, and we will be prepared to make adjustments in school operations as authorized and needed,” he stated. “ Virtual learning is currently available for students who have serious underlying conditions,” Jones added.

    Jones reminded that  officials from the State Department of Health will be at Robert Brown Middle School and Greene County High on Wednesday, August 18 to hold clinics and administer vaccinations,  with parental consent, to students 12 year and older. 

    A number of parents attended the board meeting to express their concerns, during public comments, about the report of students with COVID positive and the risk to their children continuing with the in-school classes. Parents, seemingly, were seeking assurance that school officials would keep their children safe.  They were also anxious to know the specific plans for an alternative academic program (virtual classes).  Many expressed that they were considering keeping their children home, even if they were not COVID positive.  One parent expressed that the news that some students from a particular school had the virus was a traumatic experience for her child.

    Superintendent Jones repeated the process for continuous sanitizing of all school facilities; mandating masks; sanitizing hands, and stated he will be contacting State Department of Education regarding alternative schooling.

    In continuing his report, Superintendent Jones noted that current school enrollment is down. “We have 838 students enrolled to date; so far there is a decrease in the ADM by 46.65%.  We have 152 employees.   All bus drivers are vaccinated and with 19 bus routes and 19 buses, all but seven are equipped with air conditioning, and buses on the longest routes have air conditioning,” he said.  

    Jones stated that buses have to be purchased on a staggered schedule, to comply with state directives and benefit from the limited state resources for the Transportation Department. 

“If we bought five buses now, these are likely to need replacing at the same time and we would not have sufficient resources to replace all five,” he explained. 

    Jones also noted that there will be greater emphasizes on student reading and Math improvement, with interventionists at each school; this is in addition to the regular classroom teachers.

    The board approved the following personnel items recommended by the superintendent. 

Rescind: Calvin Finch –  History Teacher, Greene County High School; Tanisha Strode-2nd grade Teacher at Eutaw Primary School.

Employment: Ralph Marshall – History Teacher, Greene County High School; Brittany Jenkins – Math Intervention, Greene County High School; Randall White – Maintenance, Greene County Board of Education; Glenara Faust – Fifth Grade Teacher, Robert Brown Middle School; LaDaisha Grace – Seventh/Eight Grade Social Studies, Robert Brown Middle School; Tabitha Smith – In-School Suspension Facilitator, Robert Brown Middle School; Nyesha Watson – First Grand Teacher, Eutaw Primary; Destiny Taylor – Long Term Substitute, Eutaw Primary; Shana Lucy – Third Grade Teacher, Eutaw Primary.

Voluntary Transfer: Pamela Pasteur, from First Grade Teacher to Reading Intervention Teacher, Eutaw Primary School; Corey Cockrell, from PE Teacher at Robert Brown to 9th Grade, Greene County High; Sherita Pickens, from 3rd Grade Teacher to Math Intervention Teacher, Eutaw Primary; Felecia Smith, from 6th Grade Teacher, Robert Brown Middle to Math Intervention Teacher, Robert Brown Middle; Tameshia Porter, English Teacher Greene County High to Reading Intervention Greene County High.

Supplemental Contracts Robert Brown Middle School:  Henry Miles, Head Football Coach; Quentin Walton, Assistant Football Coach; Ladasia Grace, Girl Basketball Coach; Henry Miles, 8th Grade Boys’ Basketball Coach; Elroy Skinner, 8th Boys’ Assistant Coach; Quentin Walton, 7th grade Boys’ Basketball Coach.

Supplemental Contracts, Greene County High School: Corey Cockrell, Head Football Coach; Janice Jeames Askew, Volleyball Coach; Halven Carodine, Assistant Boys Basketball Coach, Boys.

     The Board approved the following administrative items. 

* Payment of all bills, claims, and payroll.

* Bank reconciliations as submitted by Ms. LaVonda Blair, CSFO.

* Resolution Agreement Special Education.

* Certificate of Agreement between Greene County Board of Education and Brandon Comer of    Comer Capital Group.

* Authorize Attorney Hank Sanders to interact on vaping lawsuit and bring back written proposal to the board for consideration.