Greene County School System rolls out Technology Initiative

At the regular monthly meeting of the Greene County Board of Education, held Monday August 21, 2017, Superintendent James Carter announced that a press conference to announce the rollout of the new Technology Initiative will be held Monday, August 28, 2017 at 10:30 pm at the board’s central office, 220 Main Street, Eutaw, AL. The public is invited to attend.
According to Dr. Carter the Chrome Books Program/Tablets will be available for students, parents and teachers in the current 2017-2018 school session. The Chrome Books are for students in grades 4 -12; the Tablets are for students in grades K-3. The initial rollout will begin the process of training first teachers, staff and students in using the technology. The next step will be to train parents, so students will have support at home for homework projects.
Superintendent Carter stated that a survey is being conducted to determine how many student households have access to the internet. A follow up phase will be to determine how to assist families without internet access.
According to Dr. Carter, approximately 947 Chrome books and Tablets will be issued to students for use in school and, hopefully at a later date, to take home for continued school work.
The Chrome Books Program/Tablets is a collaboration with the Housing Authority of Greene County and Stillman College and T-Mobile.
In his report Superintendent Carter also cautioned that in order for our students to be Career and College Ready, there must be an Educational Proficiency Plan for each student grades 8-12. If a student is preparing for college, there should be a written plan to follow the student’s progress.
Dr. Carter noted that the ACT Aspire Data results showed increases in reading and math at Eutaw Primary School; Robert Brown Middle School students’ results flat lined across the entire school; Greene County High showed little or no improvement across the school population. Carter explained that the state has determined that the ACT Aspire does not test students according to the Alabama Department of Education’s mandated curriculum, thus, the ACT Aspire will no longer be used and will be temporarily replaced with the Global Scholar assessment.
In other business the board approved the following Personnel Services Items:
*Reassignment: Fentress Means, half day Physical Education Teacher, at Eutaw Primary School, and half day Drivers’ Education Teacher, at Greene County High School.
* Resignation(s): Robert Brown Middle School, Majorie Duncan, 5th Grade Teacher, effective June 25, 2017; Jacob Sullivan, Assistant Football Coach; Greene County High School, Jerome Franks, Physical Education / Drivers’ Education Teacher effective July 19, 2017.

* Employment at Robert Brown Middle School: Cardelia Paige – 5th Grade Teacher; Angel Cardona, Adjunct Instructor, Dance; Katlin Whittle, Arts Instructor, Eutaw Primary and Robert Brown Middle School, Grades 4-6; Justin Booth, Part-time Physical Education Teacher, at Greene County High School, and Part-time Agro-Science Teacher, Robert Brown Middle School, for 6th, 7th and 8th Grade; Ms. Lester Cox, Teacher Aide at Eutaw Primary School from August 9th 2017 – September 29, 2017.
*Additional Service Contract 2017-2018 for the following employee at Greene County High School (Separate Contract): Fentress Means, Head Baseball Coach.
* Catastrophic Sick Leave: Linda Little, Greene County High School.
* Family and Medical Leave : Angelia Hood, Central Office.
Administrative services items approved:
* Increase in admission for Robert Brown Middle School Athletic events from $3.00 to $5.00.
* Contract with West Central Volleyball Officials Association, and West Central Football Officials Association, as home game officials.
* Meal price change to be in compliance with the Child Nutrition Guidelines for visitors during the 2017-2018 school year. The necessary meal price adjustments are as follows: Visitor Students Breakfast $1.25, Lunch $3.50; Visitor Adult Breakfast $2.00, Lunch $3.75; Employees Breakfast $1.75, Lunch $3.50.
* Bid summitted by Flowers Bakery for bread during the 2017 – 2018 school year; Bid summitted by Borden Dairy Milk Company Inc. for Milk during the 2017-2018 school year.
* Bank reconciliations as submitted by Ms. Katrina Sewell, CSFO.
* Payment of all bills, claims, and payroll.
* Travel for Greene County High School Debate Team to John Paul II High School in Nashville.
Instructional Services Items approved: First Reading for Greene County Schools One-on-One Technology Handbook; Implementation Guide of Curriculum Component for Strategic Plan (Phase 1).

Board to pursue making Robert Brown Middle School an Art & Technology Academy

At the Greene County Board of Education meeting, held Monday, June 12, 2017, Superintendent James Carter, Sr. proposed that the board consider Robert Brown Middle School becoming an Art and Technology Academy and authorized the superintendent to apply for a Magnet School grant for this purpose. Dr. Carter explained that in this arrangement art and technology would be taught across the curriculum broadening the core curriculum for students.
Dr. Carter also stated that the Arts and Technology Academy would compliment the STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics) program that will be implemented in grades 4-8 at Robert Brown Middle School in the next school session.
In his report Dr. Carter announced that the Chrome Books Program/Tablets will be available for students, parents and teachers in the 2017-2018 school session. This is a collaboration with the Housing Authority of Greene County and Stillman College. “In the Chrome book collection students and teachers will be able to discover a series of programs that will help teachers learn to use this product effectively,” he stated.
According to Dr. Carter, approximately 947 Chrome books and Tablets will be issued to students for use in school and to take home for continued school work. He explained that students and parents will be trained in using the Chrome books and Tablets. “We want our teachers, students and parents to feel confident using Chrome books technology in this new endeavor. The end results will be more online coaching and mentoring that helps them design learning experiences for each student,” Carter said.
Dr. Carter informed the board that according to recent reports the third grade cursive writing proficiency percentage indicated that 85% of the students were proficient in cursive writing.
The board approved the following personnel items for Robert Brown Middle School recommended by Superintendent Carter: School Personnel recalled at Robert Brown Middle School: Teresa Atkins – Family and Consumer Science; Jacob Sullivan – 8th grade Social Studies; Jeffrey Nolen – 7th grade Social Studies; Ms. Majorie Duncan – 5th grade teacher; Ms. Wanda Blakely – Special Education teacher; Ms. Shunetta Kirkman – 6th grade teacher. Ms. Ashley Moore was hired as 5th grade teacher at RBM

The board approved the non-renewal of Ms. Raven Brown, Special Education Teacher at RBM and the involuntary transfer of Ms. Doris Robinson from P. E. Teacher at Robert Brown to P.E. Teacher at Eutaw Primary. The board approved the following personnel items for Greene County High School recommended by Superintendent Carter: Three-year Principal’s Contract for Mr. Garry Rice, for the period of July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2020; Fentress Means – Greene County Learning Academy; Mrs. Nancy Cole – Long-term Sub Social Studies. The board also approved a family Leave Request for Ms. Linda Little, Social Studies teacher at Greene County High.
Dr. Bennie Pennington was hired as Lead Teacher at the Greene County Learning Academy, and Mrs. Sondra Green was approved as full time Health Science teacher at Greene County Career Tech Center.
On the recommendation of Superintendent Carter, the board approved additional Service Contracts 2017 – 2018 for the following employees at Greene County High School: (Separate Contract): Rodney Wesley – Head Basketball Coach (Boys); Kendra Payne – Head Basketball Coach (Girls); Janice Jeames – Girls’ Volleyball Coach; Frederick Holmes – Band Director; Jerome Franks – Head Baseball Coach (Boys); Su’Kova Hicks – Head Softball Coach (Girls); Drenda Morton – Cheerleader Sponsor.
Additional Service Contracts 2017 – 2018 were approved for the following employees at Robert Brown Middle School: (Separate Contract): Corey Cockrell – Athletic Director, B – Team Basketball; Jacob Sullivan – Assistant Football Coach; Jeffrey Wesley – Head Basketball Coach; Marjorie Duncan – Head Girls’ Basketball Coach; Dorris Robinson – Cheerleader Sponsor.
The following personnel were approved for Seamless Summer Feeding Program to operate at Eutaw Primary June 5 – 15, 2017 and at Greene County High School June 5 – 29, 2017 at a rate of $15.00 per hour for Managers and $13.00 per hour for Cooks: Linda Underwood – Manager at Eutaw Primary; Rosie Davis – Cook at Eutaw Primary; Mary Hill – Cook at Eutaw Primary; Gloria Lyons – Manager at Greene County High; Jessica Lake – Cook at Greene County High; Youlonda Coleman – Cook at Greene County High.
The board approved employment of the following teachers for Summer School June 5 – June 16, 2017 (Funding Source – Federal Funds): Greene County High Teacher, Kelsey Smith – Special Education, Summer school teacher.
At Eutaw Primary the board approved employment of Jacqueline Allen as Reading Intervention Teacher and Brittany January as Math Teacher at Robert Brown Middle School.
The board approved the non-renewal of Ms. Sherry Wright as bus driver.
Under administrative services, the board approved the following:
* First Reading Federal Funds – Conflict of Interest Policy.
* Agreement between Greene County Board of Education and Criterion Consulting, LLC for professional consulting services in area of Finance.
* Travel for Frederick Square to attend the National Conference on School Discipline in Atlanta, GA., June 21 – 24, 2017.
* Travel for Linda Underwood to attend the School Nutrition Association Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA., July 9 – 12, 2017.
* Travel for Sharon Jennings to attend NAESP Leadership Institute in Alexandria, VA. ,July 26-28, 2017.
* Travel for SFC Timothy Gibbs and JROTC students to attend the LeaderSTATE STEM Camp at Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS on July 17 and July 21, 2017.
* Four Day Work Week beginning June 5 – 9, 2017 and ending the week of July 24- 27, 2017.
* June 29th as payday for the month of June due to the 4-day work week.
* System to close July 3rd as part of the Fourth of July Holiday.
* Budget Amendments recommended by the CSFO, due to the SDE by June 15, 2017.
* Bank reconciliations as submitted by Ms. Katrina Sewell, CSFO.
Superintendent presented the board with a draft of the Greene County Board of Education Strategic Plan for first reading. The board will review the plan at a work session tentatively scheduled for Monday, June 26, 2017.

Board of Education approves non-renewal of school personnel recommended by superintendent

The Greene County Board of Education held its monthly meeting, Monday May 8, 2017, one week earlier than usual to satisfy the timeline for end of school requirements regarding school personnel. State law mandates that non-tenured personnel must be notified of their non-renewal status 15 days prior to the end of the school term. Individuals who receive a non-renewal notice from the Board of Education, may still be considered for continued employment for the next school term.
With the recommendation of superintendent Dr. James H, Carter, Sr, the board approved the following personnel for non-renewal by school.
Eutaw Primary School: Eric Hendricks, Physical Education Teacher; Jackie Allen, Reading Intervention.
Robert Brown Middle School: Sheketha Crowell, 5th Grade Teacher; Sheila Billups, 5th Grade Teacher; Shenetta Kirkman, 6th Grade Teacher; Wanda Blakely, Special Education Teacher; Joseph Polk, 7th Grade Teacher; Tiffany Linebarger, STEM Facilitator; Angel Cordona; Adjunct Dance Instructor; Vassie Brown, Adjunct Instructor, Drama; Frank Jackson, Auto Mechanic Teacher (part-time); Teresa Atkins, Family and Consumer Science; Jacob Sullivan, 8th Grade Social Studies; Jeffery Nolen, 7th Grade Social Studies; Marjorie Duncan, Reading Intervention.

Greene County High School: Frank Jackson, Auto Mechanic Teacher;
Greene County Career Tech Center: Sondra Green, Health Science Teacher (part-time); Tweela Jordan, Teacher Aid (part-time).
Greene County Learning Academy: Cordarrin Wilson, Alternative School Teacher; Fentress Means, Alternative School Teacher.
Additional Service Contracts (separate contracts) were terminated for the following personnel:
Rodney Wesley, Head Basketball Coach (Boys); Kendra Payne, Head Basketball Coach (Girls); Gentrell Eatman, Head Football Coach; Eric Hendericks, Assistant Football Coach; Walter Taylor, Assistant Football Coach; Janice Jeames, Girls’ Volleyball Coach; Frederick Holmes, Band Director; Jerome Franks, Head Baseball Coach (Boys); Jacob Sullivan, Head Softball Coach (Girls); Angel Cardona, Dance line Sponsor; Cordarrin Wilson, Track Team. Under personnel items, the board approved a three year Principal Contract (probationary) for Toice Goodson, 9th Grade Academy Principal.
The board approved the following personnel for the system’s Summer School Program.
Eutaw Primary School Teachers: Diana Bowen; Pamela McGee; Montoya Binion; Keisha Williams; Tamecisha Abrams.
Robert Brown Middle School Teachers: Vanessa Bryant, 4th Grade; Theodora Scott, 5th Grade; Shunetta Kirkman, 6th Grade; Katoya Quarles – Math, 7th & 8th Grades; Su’Kova Hicks – English, 7th & 8th Grades.
Greene County High School: Angela Harkness; Gilda Jowers (additional facilitator).
The following administrative services, recommended by Dr. Carter, were approved by the board.
* Travel Biloxi, MS to attend 2017 Spring Nike Championship Basketball Clinics on May 12, for Rodney Wesley, Jeffery Wesley, Kendra Payne, Codarrin Wilson.
Provide Summer Feeding Program at the following school sites: Greene County High School – June 15-30 (duration of Summer School Program); Eutaw Primary School – June 5-16 (two weeks).
Replacement of controls for units above ceiling and remove additional insulation for new controls into existing heating and cooling units at Robert Brown Middle School at additional costs of $8,000.
Authorize Superintendent Carter to secure independent experts to determine cause of buckling of gym floor at Greene County High School.
Chief School Financial Officer, Katrina Sewell, presented the board with the April Accounts Payable Check Register and the Payroll Check Register. Sewell reported that all local accounts have been reconciled with the exception of Carver Middle School/Paramount accounts, which are consolidated through March, 2017. According to Sewell, the system has requested assistance from the State Department of Education to complete the bank reconcilements.
The CSFO also noted that the Bus Fleet Renewal Fund for 2016-2017 was short $19,000. This amount will be reimbursed to the general fund account from the 2017-2018 Fleet Renewal Fund.
Superintendent Carter presented updated on various programs/projects of the current school year including the following: Family and Consumer Science; Computer Science Program; Drama Program; Career Tech Program; JROTC Program; Dual Enrollment; Choir; Community Services.

Greene County Board of Education hires CSFO

Katrina H


At a call meeting held Monday, March 13, 2017, the Greene County Board of Education approved a three year employment contract for Mrs. Katrina Hudson Sewell of York, AL to serve as Chief School Financial Officer (CSFO) for the school system. Mrs. Sewell is scheduled to begin work in the central office on March 27 following a two-week notice to her current employer, the Pickens County Board of Education.
Mrs. Katrina Sewell, a native of Demopolis, AL, received her Bachelor and Master Degrees in Business Administration from Faulkner University in Montgomery. She has served in various capacities in public education, including CSFO for the Sumter County School System for three years. Her work experiences include Accounts Payable Clerk, Business Marketing Teacher, Business Education Teacher, Information Technology Instructor and Career Coach.
Sewell was selected from the five finalists applicants selected to be interviewed by the board. She noted that she is in the process of completing her training for state certification as a CSFO and will continue that preparation in her position with the Greene County School System.
According to the State Codes of Alabama, the Chief School Financial Officer is directly responsible to the school board, but must work cooperatively with the school superintendent who serves as her supervisor on a day-to-day basis. The CSFO will in turn supervise at least three other central office personnel.
Ms. Sewell expressed a desire to secure a work position which meets her training and experience qualifications and would allow her to remain in this region.

Local board honored for School Board Appreciation Month – Superintendent questions state’s designation of failing schools in Greene County

During his report at the regular meeting of the Greene County Board of Education, Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017, Superintendent James Carter stated that Robert Brown Middle School and Greene County High School have been designated by the State Department of Education as failing schools based on tests scores from 2015-2016. “It has been determined that Greene County School System has two schools that fall within the bottom 6% of schools in Alabama. Any schools within this range are placed on the failing schools list as referenced in the Alabama Accountability Act of 2013, revised in 2015,” Dr, Carter said.
Dr. Carter further explained that the state tests, the ACT Aspire in Reading and Math, were administered in the Spring of 2016 to grades 3-8 and grade 10. “We are not making excuses when we say that this was the first time these particular tests were administered to the schools.” He also noted that the tests results attributed to Robert Brown Middle School were from the former Carver Middle School and do not include students test results from the former Paramount School. Robert Brown Middle School began operations as a consolidated school from Carver and Paramount in August of 2016.
“I am concerned that Robert Brown Middle School is called a failing school when Robert Brown Middle School did not exist when these tests were given,” Carter said. He also noted that Greene County High School was not on the failing list in the previous year. “ This is somewhat perplexing for them to be placed back on the failing list after being off the list last year,” he added.

“The Alabama Accountability Act is just another scheme for tax credits and vouchers to be given to students’ parents who choose for their children to have a private school education,” Carter stated.
According to state reports, the Alabama Accountability Act helps students move from public to private schools with scholarships funded by tax credits. Approximately 70% of the nearly 6,000 scholarships went to children who would not otherwise attend a failing school.
Superintendent Carter also announced that the Robert Brown family has made a generous donation of $5,100 to the recently dedicated Robert Brown Middle School. Carter extended a deep appreciation to the family on behalf of the entire school system.
In recognition of School Board Appreciation Month, the board received special recognition and salutes from the schools and Central Office Personnel. Eutaw Primary students presented a creative dance as well as other treats. Robert Brown Middle School students serenaded the board and presented other treats. The Child Nutrition Program personnel gave the board members fruit baskets. Parent Involvement Coordinator presented a special Certificate of Appreciation to each board member. Greene County High School announced that it will make special presentations to the board at its Honors Program scheduled for January 31.
The board approved the following personnel items recommended by the superintendent.
Employment of Mrs. Sondra Terry as part-time Science Teacher at Greene County Career Center; employment of Tren’D’Mis Davis as Bus Driver and adding Ms. Tanesha Lyons to the current CNP Substitute list for 2017-2018 year.
The Administrative Services approved by the board included the following:
* Expand wireless opportunities for schools following additional review.
* Accept proposals for sale/lease of properties at former Paramount Jr. High and Carver Middle School.
* Approve lease agreement with Norfolk Southern Corporation for use of Paramount parking lot for a limited period of time, pending legal review and approval by board’s attorney.
* Payment of all bills, claims, and payroll.
Bank reconciliations as submitted by CSFO.
The following items were also presented at the meeting by Superintendent Carter:
* Advertisement for sale or lease of properties at Paramount Jr. High and Carver Middle School.
* Sale dates for surplus equipment at Carver and Paramount.
* Restrooms at Robert Brown Middle School have been refurbished and the hallways painted.
* Review of curriculum/instruction of Greene County schools.
* Develop program to recognize outstanding students and employees.
* Review each school’s master schedule to determine if maximum learning opportunities are provided to each student.
* Develop system for scheduling maintenance /work orders in timely fashion.
* Tutorial lab for primary grades and grades four and five.
* Seek foreign language instructors for primary and middle school grades.

Dr. Carter and board promote positive learning environment for students

The Greene County Board of Education, at its regular meeting held Monday, December, 19, 2016, approved a declaration that the entire school system must work to create and promote a positive learning environment for all students. The statement asserts that this is the responsibility and duty of every principal, teacher and all other personnel of the system.
The board established that “…every principal, teacher and other personnel must establish a positive learning environment for all students. An assessment of the positive learning environment will be conducted at the end of each academic year. If sufficient progress has not been made in establishing a positive learning environment, then the principal, teacher and or other personnel may be reassigned or terminated pursuant to the laws of Alabama.”
In his report to the board, Superintendent James H. Carter, Sr. brought further emphasis to the board’s position. “It is imperative that students have challenging standards and curriculum if they are going to be College and Career Ready. If students are going to achieve at their maximum level there should be a genuine partnership between school, family, and the entire school community,” Carter stated.
In his remarks, Dr. Carter said that in order to raise our students’ aspirations, there are two major components necessary. “The first is caring. There must be heartfelt care for students exhibited in all aspects of the education community. Secondly, students must feel like they belong. Every teacher and administrator will be encouraged to speak to each student as they enter the school building and the classroom. Teachers and principals will continue encouraging students to graduate from Greene County High School and take the next step.”Other aspects of Superintendent’s Carter’s remarks were as follows:
* Teachers and students must be sufficient in the use of technology. Technology must be integrated into all subject areas.
* Students will be encouraged to become actively involved in community services.
* Each school will be asked to schedule a school pride day and a school clean-up day.
* Teachers and Principals will set aside 10 minutes per day to have Get to Know My Students Time
* Students should be allowed to have a garden on their campus. This will educate students about the importance of growing your own food. It will also teach students not to be wasteful of food that is prepared for them.
* Professional Learning Community can change the way of educating our children. We know that educators meet regularly, share expertise and work collaboratively to improve teaching skills and improve the academic performance of students.
* Students will have an Early Dismissal at 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 20th
* Board Appreciation Month – January 2017.
The board approved the following personnel items:
* Termination of Sondra Terry, Part-time Health Science teacher.
* Resignation of Ivory Robinson, Elementary Teacher at Robert Brown Middle School.
* Payment for additional services contract for 2016 – 2017: (Separate Contract): Codarrin Wilson – Asst. Football Coach; Angel Cardona – Dance Line Sponsor.
* Resignation of Mr. Leon Dowe, Jr., CSFO Greene County Board, effective January 18, 2017.
* Search for a new CSFO.
* Appointment of Mrs. Cillia Morrow, Long-term Substitute Math Teacher at Robert Brown Middle School effective December 19, 2016.
* Authorized signatures of superintendent, board president and board vice-president at Bank of Tuscaloosa.
The board approved the recommended administrative services:
* Authorized the Superintendent to develop procedures for sale of properties at Paramount Jr. High School and Carver Middle School.
* Authorized Superintendent to advertise the sale of surplus equipment and supplies owned by the Greene County School Board.
* Authorized the Superintendent to have drinking water tested for lead.
* Authorized Superintendent to complete refurbishing the restrooms at Robert Brown Middle School.
* Create a career tech public database of real world improving projects that student of all ages can do.
* Field Trip Request for Robert Brown Middle School’s 7 – 8 grade to participate in the Disney YES (Youth Educational Series) Program in Orlando, FL on May 7, 2017.
* Renaming bank account at Citizen’s Trust Bank to Robert Brown Middle School.
* Payment of all bills, claims, and payroll.
* Bank reconciliations as submitted by Mr. Leon Dowe, CSFO.
The board approved the following instructional services:
* Develop a RFP format regarding Public Charter School Authorizer. The Public Charter School RFP will focus on At-Risk Students Program.
* Integrate attendance as part of a teacher performance evaluation.
* A positive learning environment must exist for all students. Therefore, every principal, teacher and other personnel must establish a positive learning environment for all students. An assessment of the positive learning environment will be conducted at the end of each academic year. If sufficient progress has not been made in establishing a positive learning environment, then the principal, teacher and or other personnel may be reassigned or terminated pursuant to the laws of Alabama.


GREENE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION Prescribed Student Dress Code Grades K-12 Standard Dress Code

Girls:    Navy or khaki knee length skirts, jumpers, or shorts and

NO JEANS    Long or short sleeves navy or white
polo  knit shirt or buttoned blouse (shirt or blouse with
collar).     Shirts in school colors bearing school logo
Navy or white undershirt if visible

Boys:               Navy or khaki slack or knee length shorts.
NO JEANS    Long or short sleeves navy or white
polo or oxford  buttoned front) with   collar.
Navy or white undershirt if visible

Boys and Girls

Shoes:      Navy, brown, tan, or black leather
low-top or deck shoes.  No restrictions
on  Athletic shoes.

 Belts:    Web or leather belt in brown, black, or navy must be
worn with all items of clothing that have belt loops.

 Outer wear (coats, jackets):      Students are  encouraged to
purchase adopted outer wear
in school colors.  If not purchased
adopted outer wear jackets should
be navy, black, khaki, or brown.
Students  will  not be allowed to
wear embellished jackets; i.e.
Racing, Pennzoil, M&M, etc.

Book Bags:             Mesh (navy, black, or brown) or clear.

If parents are unable to ensure that students comply with Greene County Board of Education’s Dress Code Policy, the student’s parents or guardians must file an exemption form with their child’s school, which establishes special extenuating circumstances.  Approval for the exemption must be granted by the Superintendent according to the guidelines set forth in the exemption action of the Greene County Board of Education Uniform Dress Policy and in accordance with the information requested on the Exemption Form.

Students not in compliance with the DRESS CODE will not be allowed to attend school.
These sanctions are based on the STATEWIDE ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on