School Board finalizes new principals’ contracts; hires Career Center Director

The Greene County Board of Education met in its regular session Monday, December 20, 2021 with three board members constituting the quorum, Leo Branch, Veronica Richardson and Carol Zippert.
In the personnel actions recommended by Superintendent Dr. Corey Jones, the board approved the employment of Ms. Brittany Harris as Principal of Eutaw Primary School as well as her one year probationary contract, effective January 1, 2022.
At its November 15, 2021 meeting, the board approved Ms. Andrea Perry as Principal of Greene County High School, effective November 1, 2021, following the resignation of former Principal Willie Simmons, and, subsequently, at Monday’s meeting, approved Perry’s one year probationary contract, effective November 1, 2021.
On the recommendation of the superintendent, the board approved the employment of Teresa Atkins as Director of the Greene County Career Center, effective January 1, 2022.
Nyesha Watson was hired as Pre-K Teacher at Eutaw Primary School for the 2021-2022 school year.
The board approved the voluntary transfer of Dencer Hall from Maintenance Helper to Full-Time Maintenance Employee.
The board accepted the resignation of School Nurse, Deidre Paige-Hall, effective December 31, 2021.
The following administrative items recommended by the superintendent were approved by the board.
* Service Authorization Fee Agreement between Greene County Board and Links 2 Learning, Linking Pivotal Services for Learning.
* Proposed Salary Schedule for Maintenance, School Custodial Workers, and Instructional Substitutes.
* Field Trip Request for Greene County High School, to travel to LaGrange, Georgia, April 14, 2022, for end of year success for Math Excellence.
* Greene County High School Boys Basketball Team to travel to Chattanooga, Tennessee for basketball tournament December 16-19, 2021.
Payment of all bills, claims, and payroll.
Fuel Award for the 2021-2022 school year to Pruett Oil (only bidder).
Approval of Tuesday, December 21, 2021 as alternate day for Friday June 18, 2021, relative to Juneteenth National and State Holiday. Employees were approved for a 4-day work week (summer plan) and had completed the time requirements to satisfy the week prior to the proclamation. On June 17, 2021, Gov. Kay Ivey issued a proclamation declaring Friday, June 18, 2021 a state holiday to commemorate Juneteenth, a new federal holiday that falls on the 19th of every June.
In his abbreviated report to the board, Dr. Jones noted that positive COVID-19 cases reported in Greene County had risen to 3.8% out of 105 tested in the previous seven days. He stated that the system is prepared for online classes if the situation warrants returning to virtual instruction. “We have the technology in place; we will just have to adjust delivery of instructional plans and materials,” he said.
Jones said the system is also planning to return to virtual Town Hall Meetings to encourage our community to get vaccinated.

Editoria: Vote for Walt Maddox for Governor and Straight Democratic Ticket on Nov. 6

In less than two weeks, all Alabama voters will have an important choice to make, on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. We urge you to use your vote for change and progress by voting for Walt Maddox for Governor and the straight Democratic ticket. Walt Maddox is a twelve-year Mayor of Tuscaloosa who has helped rebuild that city in a fair way after the April 2011 tornadoes. He has a positive vision for Alabama that is forward looking and inclusive. His opponent, incumbent Kay Ivey is looking to preserve the Confederate monuments and policies of the past. Walt Maddox says he will extend Medicaid to 300,000 low income Alabamians on the first hour of the first day he is in office. On this one issue, this one promise alone, we need to vote for Maddox and change the backward direction of Alabama. Extending Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act will bring health care and jobs to every county in the state. This action will help to save many rural hospitals that are on the brink of closing. Walt Maddox and the other Democratic candidates propose an ‘education lottery’ and other steps to generate new revenues to improve education from pre-k through college. The Democratic candidates also support increasing the minimum wage, reforms to our criminal justice system, an end to voter suppression, a more welcoming approach to immigrants and other changes that will make Alabama a more livable and equitable state for all of its residents. For Greene County in particular, Maddox and Democratic State Attorney General candidate Joe Siegelman will dismiss the current lawsuit against electronic bingo, promoted by the current incumbent AG and Governor. Allowed to continue, this lawsuit could end the benefits of bingo for Greene County in terms of jobs and revenues for government and charitable agencies. Much of the nation’s attention is fixed on the historic Governors and Senate races in neighboring Southern states, like Georgia, Florida and Texas, but we have a chance in Alabama to continue the trend we began with the election of Senator Doug Jones in December 2017. With historic turnouts in the Alabama Black Belt, inner cities and among voters who are disgusted with President Trump, we can change Alabama on November 6 and move it in a positive and progressive direction.

ANSA endorses Democratic ticket for Nov.6 General Election



Walt Maddox, Dr. Will Boyd, Joe Siegelman, Heather Milam, Bob Vance

Senator Hank Sanders receives plaque for lifetime service to ANSC. L to R: Shelly Fearson, Sen. Vivian Figures, Robert Avery,  Dr. Roberta Watts, Rev. Robert Turner, Hank Sanders, John Zippert and Dr. Carol P. Zippert.

Saturday’s 32nd. Annual Fall Endorsement Convention in Montgomery, Alabama, the Alabama New South Alliance (ANSA) the political sister organization to the Alabama New South Coalition (ANSC) endorsed the Democratic candidates running for statewide office. The members of the ANSA heard from the candidates and were able to ask questions before the endorsements were made. ANSA endorsed Walt Maddox, current Mayor of Tuscaloosa for Governor. Maddox said, “At the first hour of the first day I am in office, I will extend Medicaid coverage to 300,000 working people in this state who need insurance coverage. This will help these people to gain needed health care but it will also expand our economy and assist rural hospitals to remain in operation. Maddox said he would work for an “Education Lottery to provide revenues for education, scholarships for college and post-secondary education, more pre-k slots and general improvement in the state’s economy. ” Maddox also supported criminal justice reforms including review of sentences on death row leading to commutations for those deserving that consideration. Maddox said my cabinet and appointments would reflect the population and gender make-up of the state When asked why Kay Ivey refused to debate him, Maddox said, “Well, I guess if you have served in state government for more than thirty years, the last eight years in the top positions, without making much progress on Alabama’s problems, like she has, I guess you also would be reluctant to debate.” ANSA endorsed Rev. Will Boyd of Florence for Lieutenant Governor. Boyd who is African-American says, “ I support Medicaid expansion and will help Maddox get his programs through the Alabama Legislature. The Lt. Governor appoints 400 people to 167 different boards and positions. I will be fair and make sure Black people are included in these positions and other jobs that I am involved in creating.” ANSA endorsed Joseph Siegelman for Attorney General. Siegelman said his opponent, Steve Marshall, “ was trying to prosecute people in Black Belt counties for voter fraud while at the same time allowing people in white counties, who did the same things, to not face investigation or prosecution. ANSA also endorsed Robert Vance for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and Donna Smalley for Alabama Supreme Court, Place 4. Also endorsed were Heather Milan for Secretary of State and Cara McClure (Place 1) and Kari Powell for Place 2 on the Alabama Public Service Commission, which oversees utility rates and procedures in the state. Part of the meeting, were a series of presentations on how best to register, educate and mobilize voters including the importance of voter turnout in the Black Belt areas and inner cities. The importance of millennial and new voters was also stressed including helping the previously incarcerated to regain their voting rights. Former Governor Don Siegelman was the luncheon speaker and he discussed his unfair prosecution and time in Federal penitentiary for trying to serve people in Alabama. As part of the luncheon, Senator Hank Sanders, a founder of ANSC, was honored for a lifetime of service and achievement to ANSC, the Alabama Legislature, from which he is retiring at the end of the year, and to the people of the state.

Wedgeworth wins Probate Judge race Summerville chosen District 5 Commissioner in Tuesday’s Runoff Election








Rolonda H. Wedgeworth won Tuesday’s Runoff Election by a vote of 1,291 (56.2%) to 1,006 (43.8%) for Jeremy Rancher for the Democratic nomination for Probate Judge of Greene County. Since there is no Republican opposition, Wedgeworth will be elected at the November 6, 2018 General Election.
Roshonda Summerville defeated Marvin Childs for the Democratic nomination for Greene County Commissioner District 5 by a vote of 248 (53.45%) to 216 (46.55%).
Turnout was down significantly in the runoff from the June First Primary election. Turnout in the Democratic party races was 2,308, down more than a thousand votes from June. Republican turnout was 115 votes. This highlights the dilemma of educating voters to vote in each and every election, which is critically important.
Wedgeworth, who serves as Chief Clerk in the Probate Judge’s office, won in all but three precincts. She thanked her supporters and said “I look forward to serving all citizens of Greene County in the Probate Judge’s office.”
Summerville, a political newcomer who works at the Greene County Physicians Clinic, said, “I learned a lot about my district and the people by campaigning door-to-door and I hope to be a good representative for people in District 5.”

Statewide Republicans completed their slate for the November 6 election with Will Ainsworth for Lieutenant Governor, Steve Marshall for Attorney General, Sarah Hicks for Place 1 on Supreme Court and Rick Pate for Agriculture Commissioner.
Attention turns now to the November 6, 2018 General Election, which is 100 days away. This will pit incumbent Republican Governor, Kay Ivey, against Walt Maddox, Tuscaloosa Mayor, the Democratic candidate, as well as other races for statewide and legislative offices. Candidates and politicalm organizations will be working on strategies to interest and excite voters to turnout at record numbers to participate in this upcoming election.