School Board approves FY 2024 budget in excess of $20 million including remaining $5 million in ESSER funds

The Greene County Board of Education met at its Central Office for its scheduled Budget Hearing #2, on Monday September 11, 2023, at 3:00 pm, which was followed by a special call board session at 4:00 pm. The Budget Hearing #2 provided FY 2023 Wrap-Up, Investments, Key Factors Affecting Budget Process and FY 2024 Budget Objectives and Highlights. The FY 2023 Wrap-Up indicated the supplemental appropriations funded totaled $935,656. Investments balance, as of September 30, 2022, was $2,369,225.75 at a 0.10% rate, however, CSFO Marquita Lennon indicated a new rate of 5% on investments has been negotiated for FY 2024.
The board’s proposed budget revenues for FY 2024, including the remaining the $5 million in ESSER III Funds, (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief) total $20,405,939. Expenditures are indicated at $20,308,588.14, with a projected FY 2024 ending General Fund Balance of $4,746,747.09. The FY 2024 budget components reflect State Funds at 36% – $7,357,509; Federal Funds at 37% – $7,564,055 and Local Funds at 27% – $5,484,375. ESSER III Funds must be obligated by September 30, 2024.

Budgetary Highlights include the following:
* The System’s Average Daily Membership decreased by 30.65 (Pre-School class counts not included in the ADM); Funded teacher units decreased by 2.07; Foundation Program net increase by $140,631; Transportation funding increase by $46,041; Capitol funding decreased by $5,853; Millage local match increased by $249,870. (CSFO noted that the State Department will contribute $99,148 which can be applied to millage match).
* The system has 161 employees this year, a decrease of 3 from prior year. Current school enrollment is 858 students: Eutaw Primary – 271; Robert Brown Middle – 333; Greene County High – 254. The Budget #2 Report stated the following: “Out of the $1.82 million of local salaries budgeted, approximately $800,000 is budgeted for teacher salaries and benefits over the number of units that we have earned. This is equivalent to 10.96 (11) teachers…the system must streamline and operate within our earned units, due to ending of ESSER III Funds and possible reduction in gaming funds.” As of now the Greene County Board of Education is not receiving gaming funds.
* Major local funding for the system includes County Ad Valorem at $695,000; 4 Act 1999 at $600,000; Sales tax 2% at $500,000; Motor vehicles at $35,000; Helping Schools at $4,000;
Indirect Cost at $392,000. Totaling $2,261,000.
* The CSFO noted that plans are already in process for streamlining FY 2025 Budget.

Board’s Special Call Meeting
In its special call meeting, the school board approved the following personnel items recommended by Superintendent Dr. Corey Jones.
•Retroactively placing Ms. Barbara Martin on the salary matrix as Instructional Coordinator as of 8/29/2023 according to education and years of experience.
Administrative items approved by the board are the following:
*Approve Annual Budget for Fiscal Year October 1, 2023, through September 30, 2024.
*Lowest bid in the amount of $824,500 from Stateline Mechanical LLC to provide HVAC equipment for the Robert Brown Middle School HVAC project.
* Educational Consultant Agreement between Dr. Lucretia Prince and Greene County Board of Education for consulting and coaching services for building administrators.
* Deposit of $50,000 to Synovus Bank CD.
*Contract between Greene County Board of Education and Greene County Sheriff Department for Resource Offices for the 2023 – 2024 school year.

Brown family donates additional $5,000 to Robert Brown Middle School; CSFO Sewell resigns position with Greene County School Board

Greene County Career Center and JROTC Programs salute school board members for School Board Members Appreciation Month. L to R: Attorney Hank Sanders, School Board Member Kashaya Cockrell, GCH student Gabriel Turner, School Board Members Carrie Dancy and Leo Branch, GCH students Alanna Robinson and Miah Armour, Superintendent James Carter, School Board Members Carol Zippert and William Morgan and GCH Career Center Counselor Angela White.

In recognition of January as School Board Members Appreciation Month, School Board Members, Board Attorney and Superintendent receive fruit baskets and citations from central office staff. L to R: Attorney Hank Sanders, Schools Board Members Carrie Dancy, Kashaya Cockrell, Leo Branch and Carol Zippert, Superintendent James Carter and Board Member William Morgan.

Danny Jones, COO Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama presents $300 award to Greene County Board. For outstanding participation in West Alabama Works. L to R: GCH Career Center Counselor Angela White, GCH Principal Gary Rice, Gabriel Turner, Superintendent James Carter, Miah Armour and Danny Jones.


At its monthly meeting held Monday, January 22, 2018, the Greene County Board of Education accepted the voluntary resignation of its Chief School Financial Officer Ms. Katrina Sewell with the following stipulations: CSFO Sewell must sign an agreement, with Board President Mr. Leo Branch, to complete the 2017 financial close out for the system and conduct all matters required for making of payroll through January 2018; the completion of these must be certified by the CSFO and Superintendent James Carter by January 30, 2018.

Sewell was hired by the Greene County School Board in March 2017 and was given a three year contract as CSFO. On January14, 2018 she submitted her resignation to the board and later confirmed that she had accepted a job offer as CSFO with the Perry County Board of Education. Subsequently, the board authorized the superintendent to open the search for a chief school financial officer. The position will be advertised.
Jerri Brown presented a contribution of $5,000 to Robert Brown Middle School on behalf of his family. To date, the Brown family has contributed $10,000 to RBM since the consolidation. Brown indicated that this contribution to RBM is designated for the sciences, the library and the athletic program.

The school is named for Dr. Robert Brown, who served the Greene County School System as teacher, principal and superintendent before his retirement. His son Jerri Brown encouraged the community to consider making contributions to the school system. “ Giving to our schools which are non-profit entities, will help you on your tax reports and returns,” he said.
As part of his report to the board, Dr. Carter recognized Donny Jones, Chief Operating Officer with the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama, who presented a check for $300 to the board for having the second largest attendance of students and parents at the World of Works program held at Shelton State Community College in the Fall.
Superintendent Carter announced that the Virtual School Program will be extended to serve students in the Greene County School community. “Scholars who dropped out for legitimate reasons or need only few units to graduate will be our top priority,” he stated.
The Greene County High Career Center, the JROTC Program, and the Central Office staff gave special tributes to the board members as part of the National School Board Members Recognition Month. Ms. Barbara Martin, Robert Brown Middle School Principal, invited the board members to a luncheon on January 25 sponsored by the Robert Brown Middle School faculty and staff. Mr. Rice, Greene County High Principal, indicated that the board would be recognized at a program planned for honor roll students.
In other business, the board approved a revision of the contract with the county regarding the resource officers assigned to the local school facilities. The Summer Feeding Program will also be provided at these sites.
Other personnel items approved by the board included the following.
* Rebecca Coleman hired as teacher with the 21st Century Community Learning Center at Robert Brown Middle School.
* Allow medical leave (child birth) for Demilia D. Snyder beginning Jan. 5 to March 12, 2018.
The following administrative services were approved by the board.
* Six weeks summer school at Greene County High, Robert Brown Middle School and Eutaw Primary School beginning June 4, 2018