Board approves consolidation of Paramount Jr. High and Carver Middle School

At its May 16, 2016 regular meeting, the Greene County Board of Education approved the superintendent’s recommendation to consolidate Paramount Jr. High School and Carver Middle School, effective with the 2016-2017 school year. The consolidation will combine the 4th through 8th grades from Paramount and Carver at the former Greene County High School on Mesopotamia Street in Eutaw. The K-3 grades from Paramount will relocate to Eutaw Primary School.
According to Superintendent Dr. James H. Carter, this decision was not taken lightly. “When schools face declining enrollment and/or declining finances, one of the options that may be considered in solving the problem is consolidating schools within the district,” he stated.
Prior to making the decision to consolidate, the school board authorized a facilities study to determine the physical conditions of Paramount Jr. High School, Carver Middle School and the former Greene County High School and what it would take financially to bring each facility up to state standards. This assessment was conducted by Ward & Scott Architecture. The Former Greene County High School is the newest facility of the three and would require considerably less in financial investment to bring to state codes.
The superintendent and board members also conducted four community meetings in the county to discuss the system’s situation of declining enrollment and finances and the various benefits of consolidation. The community meetings, held in Union, Forkland, Eutaw and Boligee, gave the community an opportunity to give their input on the consolation proposal. In all of these gatherings, Superintendent Carter and board members assured the community that consolidation of the middle school programs would better insure the safety of students, school personnel and others. “Consolidation could provide a better education for our children with a greater range of academic courses, more extracurricular programs, access to an on site Career Tech Center and continue to move the system toward educational excellence,” Dr. Carter said.
Consolidation will also provide for greater cost efficiency, especially regarding operational expenses such as utilities.
Dr. Cater stated that work will begin immediately to prepared the former high school facility to accommodate the new middle school program.
In other business, the school board approved the following personnel items as recommended by superintendent Carter.
* Greene County High School Non – Renewal: Linda Little, (Social Studies); Chereme Gaines, Long-term Sub (Science).
* Carver Middle School Non – Renewal: Levi Wright, (Assistant Principal/Teacher); Krystal Lockett Miller, (5th Grade); Shekitha Crowell, (5th Grade); Joseph Polk, Long-term Sub (Science); Romanda Askew – CNP Worker.
* Paramount Jr. High School Non-Renewal: Lonia Dancy-Brown, Long–term Sub (Math); Jerome Frank, (Physical Education).
* Greene County Career Center Non-Renewal: Terrance Mobley, (Agri-Construction – Instructor); LaSonya Richardson, (Health Science Instructor).
Eutaw Primary School Non-Renewal: Eric Hendricks, (Physical Education).
Eutaw Primary School Non-Renewal: Dencer Hall, (Janitor).
* Greene County Learning Academy Non-Renewal (Tutors): Vassie Brown, Nancy Cole; Leola Jones; Willie Wright; Angel Cordona; Cilla Morrow; Cordarrin Wilson; Mary Wilder.
* Sending Letters of termination for “Additional Service” contracts to the following employees: (Separate Contract):Rodney Wesley; Halven Carodine; Kendra Payne; Linda Little; Gentrell Eatman; Eric Hendricks; Janice Jeames; Frederick Holmes; Ruby Bell; Jerome Franks; Jacob Sullivan; Corey Cockrell; Dorris Robinson; Drenda Blackman; Jeffrey Wesley; Charles Carter;
Vanessa Bryant; Walter Taylor; Su’kova Hicks.
* Retirement Paramount Jr. High School: Charles Carter, (Elementary); Dorothy Branch, (Reading Coach/teacher); Billie J. Wallace, (CNP Manager).
*Assignment of Ms. Charlayna Jordan to Curriculum & Instruction Program for K-12 in addition to current duties;
*Assignment of Mrs. Shayla McCray to Curriculum & Instruction Program for K-12 in addition to current duties.
* Employment of the following for the Summer Feeding Program beginning June 6, 2016 and ending June 30, 2016 at Carver Middle School and Eutaw Primary: Linda Underwood, (Manager); Sandy Underwood, (Manager); Jacqueline Pickens, (Cook); Youlonda Coleman, (Cook); Rosie Davis, (Cook); Mary Hill, (Cook); Frances McGhee, (Cook); Jessica Lake, (Cook); Melinda Alexander, (Cook).
* Employment of the following teachers and bus drivers for Summer School June 6 – June 17, 2016. (Funding Source – Federal Funds). Carver Middle School: Teachers – Vanessa Bryant, Marjorie Duncan, Katoya Quarles, Shunetta Kirkman, Sandra Gordon, Wanda Blakely, Cassandra Allen, Joseph Polk, Corey Cockrell, Shekita Crowell.
Eutaw Primary: Teachers – Gennetta Bishop, Pamela Pasteur, Walter Taylor, Keisha Williams.
Paramount Jr. High: Teachers – Tamecisha Abrams, Danielle Edison, Tiffany Linebarger, Su’kova Hicks, Drenda Morton, Pinkie Travis, Felecia Smith, Jacob Sullivan, Lonia Dancy-Brown, Jerome Franks.
Bus Drivers – William Mack, Felicia Davis, Jada Goree, Teresa Hill, Brenden Gaines, Christine Carter, Ayanna Crawford, James Powell (Sub), Jerdine Gray (Sub).
The board approved the following administrative services items:
* Four day work week (Monday-Thursday) from June 1, 2016 -July 29, 2016.
* Increase of Visiting Student Price from $2.25 to $3.25 for the Child Nutrition Program.
Payment of all bills, claims and payroll.

Superintendent’s Report:
* Parent Visitation Day at Summer School is June 10, 2016.
* Report cards deadline is May 26, 2016.
* Summer school will be offered for students who have failed a course or would like more enrichment in reading and math skills.
* Committee has been appointed to develop a vision and mission statement for the school district.
* Committee appointed to revisit and develop a new strategic plan.
* Commencing with 2016-2017, course in computer science will be offered for grades 4-12.
* Plan to close career information gap.
* Plan to implement a mentoring program at all Greene County Schools commencing with 2016-2017 school year.
* Plan to organize a competitive Chess Club at Greene County High School commencing with 2016-2017 school year.
* Plan to teach “soft skills” for the work place.
* Freshman Academy will open on August 8, 2016 at GCHS.
* Greene County High will graduate approximately 70 students.
*Congratulatory breakfast will be held for graduating seniors, Tuesday, May 17.
* Seniors will visit their earlier schools wearing their cap and gowns to inspire young students to strive for excellence.High School

Former Greene County High School

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