Literacy Council partners with local library, donating computers and books

The Literacy Council of West Alabama has partnered with the James C. Poole Memorial Library in Eutaw to launch an innovative version of the Lending Library program.  Eutaw residents will be encouraged to donate and/or take a book to children or adults.


Shown L to R (back row) at the Lending Library Box at J.C. Poole Library in Eutaw: Robert Terry, Lauren McFarland with Literacy Council of West Alabama, Angela Merritt, Eutaw City Councilperson Sheila Smith, Eutaw Mayor Hattie Edwards, Librarian Marilyn Gipson, (front row) Markiya Lewis, Markuis Crider and Dominic Spence.

The children may keep the books they get or they may return them to the library using the special Lending Box at the front of the facility. The children will be allowed to continue to take books home.  The Literacy Council is providing the books for this program.
This partnership is intended to encourage reading and enjoyment, and greater access to books.
Lauren McFarland, Executive Director of the Literacy Council of West Alabama stated, “ While placing a book in the hands of a child is good, I knew we could do better. This pilot program allows the libraries to be self-sustaining and connect the needs of children and adults who may read more if books were more easily accessible.”
The book lending box placed outside of the J. C. Poole public library in Eutaw will make books accessible to children and adults. It is also an opportunity for the community to donate books for children and adults to take home.
The Literacy Council has also donated two complete desktop computer systems to the James C. Poole Memorial Library. Ms. Marilyn Gipson, Library Director stated, “These computers could not have come at a better time.  As we approach the summer, we are in need of resources for our children and community as the library is one of the few locations open and routinely used.”

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