Greene County Commissioners recognized for completing training program


Shown L To R: Greene Co. Commissioner Lester Brown, with Ray Long, ACC President and on the right Greene Co. Commissioner Michael Williams and Corey Cockrell

Greene County Commissioners Lester “Bop” Brown and Michael Williams recently completed the most rigorous training program available to county officials in Alabama, which includes 120 hours of training from the Alabama Local Government Training Institute (ALGTI). The commissioners were recognized for this achievement at the Association of County Commissions of Alabama (ACCA) 88th Annual Convention held late last month.
“The Level II training program that Lester Brown and Michael Williams completed is a set of advanced, ‘issue-oriented’ courses that many county commissioners participate in so they can perform their duties as efficiently as possible,” said ACCA Executive Director Sonny Brasfield. “When Alabama’s county officials share new ideas and information with one another, they learn how to improve the services offered in their own counties. This sort of communication ultimately helps county leaders contribute to a better quality of life for their constituents.”
Greene County Commissioner Corey Cockrell recently completed 50 hours of training also from the ALGTI on the basic responsibilities of the county commission. Commissioner Cockrell was also recognized for this achievement at the ACCA 88th Annual Convention held last month.

The ALGTI program emphasizes budgeting, personnel matters, planning, and road and bridge responsibilities. This unique educational program began in 1994 as a mandatory program for first-time county commissioners by act of the Alabama Legislature. Classes are supervised by the ALGTI board of directors, composed of county officials with ACCA, educators and members of the Alabama Legislature.
“Continuing education for our county officials will always remain one of the Association’s priorities for our membership,” said ACCA Executive Director Sonny Brasfield. “As with any organization, the sharing of new ideas and information is the best way to grow and prosper. The involvement of county employees and officials only enhances our efforts to improve county government and the services it provides at the local level.”

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