Eutaw City Council approves increase in gas tax, proclamation for Headstart, Downtown Beautification and other matters

Eutaw Mayor Steele hands proclamation to Headstart leaders and Beautification Committee


The Eutaw City Council met for its regular meetings on October 10 and 24, 2017 and sponsored a meeting of the Downtown Beautification Committee in mid-October to discuss plans to improve the downtown Courthouse Square area.
The Council held and approved a first and second reading of an ordinance to increase the gasoline tax to three cents per gallon in the City of Eutaw.

These funds will be used for road and street repairs. The ordinance will be published and go into affect barring any opposition from the public.
The Eutaw City Council approved a proclamation honoring Headstart and Early Headstart provided in this community by the Community Service Programs of West Alabama. The program serves 108 children.
The Council tabled action on proposals from Mason and Gardner, CPA’s on accounting work for the City to develop financial compilation reports for the past three fiscal years ending September 30, 2015, 2016 and 2017. The proposals also call for development and training of staff to operate an accounting system for the current fiscal year beginning October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018, which will produce financial records and reports that could be audited for the current fiscal year period.
Mayor Raymond Steele asked that action on the accounting proposals be tabled until the first of the year, “ When we will know more about the financial status of the City and how much of these proposals we can afford to undertake.” The financial reports will be needed to support grant proposals and other requests that the City plans to make for assistance. These financial reports will form the basis for a financial budget for the city to measure and control finances.
The City Council also approved travel for Council members and staff to necessary training and municipal policy development meeting.
The Council tabled action on an $11,263 investment in the Retirement System to provide increased benefits to the 23 employees currently receiving retirements for service to the City.
Mayor Steele reported on progress on the USDA- Rural Development Water Loan and Grant Project. He said that the new water tank would be painted by the end of October and cleaned out and hooked up to the water system by the first of next year. All new digital water meters and fire hydrants had been installed. The company was going back over areas where new water pipes were installed and restoring damage to streets, drainage, and related concerns. The temporary power pole will be removed from the street when the water tank is fully operational.
The mayor said the knuckleboom truck was still in the repair shop and that city employees were picking up tree limbs, branches, leaves and other debris with an ordinary truck, which was slow and not as efficient as the specialized truck. The City was one employee short and needed to recruit additional staff.
The Mayor and Chief of Police said they were two officers short and were working on sending applicants to the Police Academy to be certified to serve on the police force.
The Mayor reported that the Downtown Beautification Committee had met to discuss plans to paint garbage receptacles and walls in and around the Courthouse Square with earthtone colors and classic designs. Rev. Deborah Born, Pastor of the United Methodist Church displayed some of the proposed colors and designs at the meeting. The Beautification Committee will be seeking the support and cooperation of downtown merchants and property owners for these improvements.

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