Children’s Policy Council hosts UA New Faculty Engagement Tour

On May 11, 2023 the Greene County Children’s Policy Council hosted the University of Alabama New Faculty Engagement Tour at the Robert Young Community Center in Eutaw, Alabama. The tour”s – Exploring New Places, Meeting New People, and Engaging New Communities – purpose is to encourage new community -university partnerships. Six panelists from Greene County discussed their programs making a difference in Greene County and what type of additional community-engaged research or service partnerships with the University of Alabama faculty, staff, and students would be helpful to address priorities within the County.
The panelist on the program were Christopher Jones, Director, Greene County Ambulance Service, Dr. Corey Jones, Superintendent, Greene County School System, Mildred Morgan, Facilitator, Strengthening Family Program, Mollie Rowe, Director, Eutaw, Housing Authority, John Zippert, Chairman, Greene County Health System Board and Lillie Jones-Osborne, Chairman, Greene County Children’s Policy Council.
This is the fifth New Faculty Community Engagement Tour to visit Greene County. According to Dr. Samory Pruitt, Vice President of Community Affairs at the University of Alabama, “ Community-engaged scholarship exists at the intersection of teaching, research, and service, the three pillars of the University of Alabama’s mission. The tour plays an important role in advancing that mission by providing opportunities to connect, and for the community members to become the teachers while members of the University community embrace the role of learner.”
Judge Lillie Jones- Osborne served as the facilitator and site coordinator for the group. She stated, “We are always happy to host the group and to sit down and have new dialogue with the faculty and staff to encourage new partnerships.” She further stated that several partnerships have developed over the years because of the engagement tour. The tour visited several other areas in the Black Belt and in West Alabama over a three-day period.

Greene County schools postpone all extra-curricular activities

The Greene County Board of Education held an emergency meeting Tuesday, July 28, 2020 to take action on the superintendent’s recommendation regarding extra-curricular activities for the 2020-2021 school year.
Superintendent Dr. Corey Jones explained that the school system has already determined a three-phase opening for the coming school term and in efforts to keep the students, school personnel and community safe, the Greene County School System will operate its first phase virtually for the first nine weeks.
According to Jones, if it is unsafe to bring students together for classes, it is unsafe for students, faculty and others to gather for any extra-curricular activities, including football, cheerleading, dance, etc. He stated that as we progress through the school term, we will reassess the health condition of the local community and do what we must for the safety of all

Mary Edwards Otieno seeks District 5 School Board seat

My name is Mary Edwards Otieno and I am a candidate for the Greene County Board of Education in District 5. I am running for this position because as a board member I believe that I will be able to work directly with other board members, the administration and the public at large to improve the Greene County School System.
I am a retired teacher who worked in the Greene County School System for 25 years and because I care for our children and community, I cannot continue to sit by and wait for someone else to make a difference. It is time for me and others who are new to politics to get up and step out of our comfort zones for our children and our community.
At this time I want to share with the community more information about my background, training, experiences and goals.
I am the oldest of eight children of Raymond Edwards, Sr. and Nancy Craig Edwards. I was born in the Pleasant Ridge community of Greene County, Alabama and my parents moved to West Greene when I was three years old.
My basic educational training was in the Greene County School System, beginning with Mt. Hebron Elementary through Paramount High School, graduating in 1975. That was a special accomplishment since I was the first to graduate from high school on either side of my family
In the summer of 1975, I entered Alabama A & M University majoring in History and Political Science, with a focus in Education. I graduated from Alabama A & M University in 1979 and did further studies there and at Livingston University, (now the University of West Alabama).
Upon returning to Greene County, I worked as a long-term substitute teacher at Paramount High School and at Carver Middle School and volunteered at the former Eatman Elementary School. I was also an Adult Basic Education (ABE) Teacher, Librarian’s Aide at Paramount High School and a Social Studies Teacher in the Greene County School System for 25 years.
My earlier work experience also includes being a line inspector at Vanco Sewing Plant, working at the Greene County Nursing Home and the Weyerhaeuser Corporation’s former plant nursery facility in Pleasant Ridge.
Currently, I serve as a volunteer with the Greene County Coalition’s Strengthening the Families Program and a member of the Clinton Volunteer Fire department.
When not volunteering, I am an avid gardener. I love to grow flowers, vegetables and spoil my four-year -old granddaughter, grandnieces and nephews.
With the support of citizens in District Five (5) and the public at large, we can improve the Greene County School System. My goal is to support and keep good polices, good programs, and dedicated individuals who I think will be beneficial for our children, and the county. If elected I will obey all local school board rules, bylaws and guidelines to the best of my ability.
How will I achieve the goals? I will work to understand polices before voting on them. I will do my own research on polices and issues that will come before the board. I will always listen to facts/opinions from other boards members, citizens from District Five (5), teachers, students and the community. I will try to always use common sense and play by the “Golden Rule.”
I am married to James L, Otieno, Sr. and we have one son (James, Jr) who is married to the former Monice Thomas (They have given us the smartest and most beautiful, granddaughter (Lilah) in the World.
We have lived in Clinton, Alabama for the past thirty (36) years.

Crowd gathers to watch GCH homecoming parade

September 30- October 4 was a week long celebration of homecoming activities for the Greene County School System from coronation, to wear you favorite team shirt, breast cancer awareness pink, mix match clothing, dance contest and an array of beautifully decorated floats, cheerleaders and marching band. Shown Above GCH Tiger’s preparing to pounce on the Hale County High School Wildcats.

School System receives Accreditation Plaque: School board begins superintendent search

At its monthly meeting held Monday, February 18, 2019, The Greene County Board of Education began its formal superintendent search. The board was in total agreement to engage the assistance of the Alabama Association of School Boards (AASB) in searching for the top administrator for the Greene County School System. At the December, 2018, meeting, on a 3-2 vote, the board took action not to renew Dr. James Carter’s contract as superintendent. Dr. Carter’s current contract goes through June 2019.
AASB’s search process will include advertising the superintendent search statewide and regionally; receive and screen applications; check credentials and references for all applicants; survey staff and community on desired superintendent qualities and skills; provide an interview guide for the board; submit a final listing of qualified candidates to the board for their interview and final selection.
At this February meeting, Superintendent Carter displayed the plaque the board received asserting the accreditation of the Greene County School System. The plaque reads: Greene County Board of Education has met the criteria for educational quality established by the AdvanceED Accreditation Commission. The board had been previously informed of its approved accreditation status.
In other business the board acted on the following personnel recommendations:

  • Approved resignation of Fentress Means as assistant basketball coach, Greene County High School.
  • Approved appointment of Alfonzo Noland as interim supervisor Maintenance Department.
  • Approved family medical leave for Marcus Steele, bus driver, Department of Transportation, starting Feb.4, 2019.
    *Approved suspension of Suntonna Miles, 6th grade teacher, Robert Brown Middle School, 10 days without pay.
    *Approved salary adjustment for Teresa Atkins, CNP Director.
    The board also acted on the following administrative services recommended by the superintendent.
  • Approved requests to appraise Mt. Hebron property; appraise and survey Eatman property; appraise and survey Birdine property.
  • Approved Corey Cockrell’s travel request to Glazier Coaching Clinic in North Carolina, March 7-8, 2019.
  • Approved initiation of a Wrestling Program at Greene County High School commencing with 2019-2020 school year.
    *Approved payment of all bills, claims and payroll.
    LaVonda Blair, CSFO, presented the following financial summaries as of December 31, 2018:
    General Fund Balance – $822,674.08; A/P Check Register Accountability Report – $208,391.01;
    Payroll Register – $889,953.83; Combined Fund Balance – $3,058,789.39.

Greene County School System awarded $25,000 arts grant

The Greene County School System was recently awarded a $25,000 grant through the Alabama Arts Education Initiative (AAEI) of the Alabama State Council on the Arts. At the Board of Education’s regular monthly meeting, held Monday, February 20, 2017, Superintendent James H. Carter, Sr. announced that the Greene County High Artistic Flow and Expo Project will focus on classroom experiences in the arts with opportunities for students to study a variety of cultures and artistic expressions. The project will also increase students’ awareness of the arts through field trips to various artistic venues.
According to Dr. Carter, the major components of the arts project include Music Development and Appreciation; Integrated Academic and Artistic Enrichment; Enhancing School Culture and Community Pride; and Staff Development to Enhance Program Implementation.
“Greene County Schools understand the significance of integrating the arts into the classroom. Our goal is to continue to expose students to the arts through their course of study,” Carter said.
In his report, Superintendent also informed the board that in order to fill difficult teaching positions, especially in mathematics and science, his office is formulating a plan to explore the Troops to Teachers Program sponsored by the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE). This program connects retired military personnel with various school classrooms.
Dr. Carter announced that will be implemented in Greene County Schools to help students who are struggling in reading and mathematics. This program is also sponsored by the ALSDE.
Carter reported that Friday, February 24, he, along with members of the Greene County School Board, will attend a symposium on charter school authorizers’ roles and responsibilities in Montgomery sponsored by ALSDE.
Superintendent extended a special salute to the Greene County High Girls Basketball Team as Area Champions and progressing to the Sub-Regional competition. A special appreciation is planned for team and coaches.
On the recommendation of the superintendent, the board approved the following personnel items:
* Employment: Frances McGhee as full-time Cook at Greene County High School; Sheila Billups as 5th Grade Teacher at Robert Brown Middle School.
* Resignations: Josephus Patrick as In-School Suspension Specialist and Track & Field Coach from Greene County High School, effective January 24, 2017; Jacob Sullivan as Head Softball Coach at Greene County High (Separate Contract).
* Leave of Absence without pay for Siegfried Williams to be off every Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. until May 26, 2017.
Additional Service contract(s) for the following employees at Greene County High School for the 2016 – 2017 academic year. (Separate Contract): Cordarrin Wilson as Track & Field Coach; Sukova Hicks as Softball Coach.
The board approved the following administrative service items recommended by the superintendent:
* Change order for roofing project at Peter J. Kirksey in the amount of $5,000.
School Calendar 2017 – 2018.
Field Trip Requests: Eutaw Primary School – Audubon Zoo and Aquarium in New Orleans,LA on May 12, 2017; Eutaw Primary School – Chattanooga Aquarium/Imax in Chattanooga, TN on May 11, 2017; Greene County High Debate Team – Competition at Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS on March 2, 2017; Greene County High Choir – Choral Performance at Festival Disney in Orlando, FL on April 27, 2017;
Professional Leave for Makane Morrow to attend Procurement in the 21st Century-Institute of Child Nutrition in Oxford, MS on February 21 – 22, 2017; Professional Leave for Makane Morrow to attend School Nutrition Action Legislative Action Conference, in Washington, D.C. on April 2 – 4, 2017;
Payment of all bills, claims, and payroll.
The board approved the followed instructional items recommended by the superintendent:
Partnership with T-Mobile, Greene County Housing Authority, and Stillman College for Connecting the Classroom with the School Community Project.
The abbreviated financial report presented at the board meeting for the month of January included the following, with the note that, in the absence of a CSFO, all accounts have not been reconciled: total revenue was $1,432,975.86; total expenditures were $1,114,137.11; payroll was $866,140.29; local taxes collected totaled $1,419,904.75; total bingo receipts were $64,351.45



Greene County School System Official Dress Code

The Greene County Board of Education hereby adopts the following guidelines for all elementary, middle, and high schools to participate in a mandatory standardized school uniform dress program.

1.    Students shall dress in proper uniform attire.  It will be the parents’ responsibility to ensure compliance with the uniform dress policy.
2.    Students shall wear the adopted school attire.  The clothing may not be altered by slits, cuts, holes, shredded hems, slashes, etc.
3.    A belt must be worn with pants and shorts that have belt loops.
4.    Shoes may be casual black, brown, or navy, or tan.
5.    There are no restrictions on athletics shoes
6.    Boots are prohibited.
7.    The School Uniform Policy must accommodate students whose religious beliefs are substantially burdened by the requirements.
8.    The uniform policy may not prohibit students from wearing or displaying expression items for example a button showing support for a political candidate so long as such items does not independently contribute to disruption by substantially interfering with discipline or with the rights of others.
9.    Students unable to afford uniforms will give notification in writing to Greene County Board of Education immediately.  Means of acquiring uniforms due to said special extenuating circumstances will be channeled through other charitable institutions or organizations for assistance.
10.    No student shall be considered non-compliance with the policy in the following instances:
a.    When noncompliance derives from demonstrated financial hardships.
b.    When noncompliance derives from a documented disability.
c.    When wearing a uniform violates a student’s sincerely held religious belief.
d.    When wearing approved attire for clubs and organizations

The following shall be considered inappropriate dress for students:

•    Hoodies
•    Boots
•    Shirts outside slacks
•    Strapless dresses
•    Sunglasses inside building (except for medical reasons)
•    Spaghetti straps
•    Picks, combs in hair
•    Hair brushes and curlers in hair
•    Tank tops, muscle shirt, or see-through clothing
•    Belts unfastened, slacks and shorts below the waist (sag), overalls with snaps unfastened
•    Halter, short-shorts, skin tight biking shorts, boxer shorts, and mini-skirts
•    Hats or other head covering (except for safety reasons) shall not be worn inside the building
•    Clothing with decals or slogans of unacceptable groups of language that contains and/or refers to suggestive or immoral behavior or profanity, gang activity, alcohol or tobacco advertisement
•             Sweat suits
•         Clothing or insignia that could insight ill feelings and racial problems
•        Earrings or studs for boys are not allowed

Prescribed Student Dress Code
Grades K-12 Standard Dress Code

Girls:    Navy or khaki knee length skirts, jumpers, or shorts and

NO JEANS    Long or short sleeves navy or white
polo  knit shirt or buttoned blouse (shirt or blouse with
collar).     Shirts in school colors bearing school logo
Navy or white undershirt if visible

Boys:               Navy or khaki slack or knee length shorts.
NO JEANS    Long or short sleeves navy or white
polo or oxford  buttoned front) with   collar.
Navy or white undershirt if visible

Boys and Girls Shoes      Navy, brown, tan, or black leather
low-top or deck shoes.  No restrictions
on  Athletic shoes.

 Belts    Web or leather belt in brown, black, or navy must be
worn with all items of clothing that have belt loops.

 Outer wear (coats, jackets)      Students are  encouraged to
purchase adopted outer wear
in school colors.  If not purchased
adopted outer wear jackets should
be navy, black, khaki, or brown.
Students  will  not be allowed to
wear embellished jackets; i.e.
Racing, Pennzoil, M&M, etc.

Book Bags             Mesh (navy, black, or brown) or clear.

If parents are unable to ensure that students comply with Greene County Board of Education’s Dress Code Policy, the student’s parents or guardians must file an exemption form with their child’s school, which establishes special extenuating circumstances.  Approval for the exemption must be granted by the Superintendent according to the guidelines set forth in the exemption action of the Greene County Board of Education Uniform Dress Policy and in accordance with the information requested on the Exemption Form.

Students not in compliance with the DRESS CODE will not be allowed to attend school.      
These sanctions are based on the STATEWIDE ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on

Greene County High School  
Freshman Academy
Dress Code

Blue Blazer
Button Down Shirt
(Long or Short Sleeve)
Burgundy and Honey Gold Tie
Black or Brown Belt
Khaki Pants / Khaki Knee Length Shorts
SOLID Black, White or Brown Shoes

Blue Blazer
White Button Down Shirt
(Long or Short Sleeve)
Tie Optional
Black or Brown Belt
Khaki Pants / Khaki Knee Length Skirts /
Khaki Knee Length Shorts
SOLID Black, White or Brown Shoes

Students must wear shirts and ties with Khaki pants or skirts with opening of school.
Students are not required to wear
Blazer Jackets until after Labor Day.


Greene County School System recommended for accreditation

The AdvancED External Review Team, following a thorough examination of the school system’s operations, has recommended the Greene County School System for accreditation. The specific recommendation states: “The External Review Team recommends to the AdvancED Accreditation Commission that the Greene County Board of Education earn the distinction of accreditation by AdvancED.”
In its exit report to the board and community on Wednesday, April 20, 2016, the Review Team stated that the IEQ (Index of Educational Quality) results indicate that the system is performing within acceptable ranges as compared to expected criteria as well as other systems in the network.  The team indicated that specific recommendations for continuous improvements will be contained in the final report.  “These improvement priorities must be addressed within two years,” the team emphasized.
The external review focused on processes that the school system has currently in place that stimulate and guide continuous improvements in the areas of teaching and learning, capacity of leadership and use of resources.
The five member review team conducted its onsite interviews and observations from April 17-20, meeting with board members, administrative staff members, principals, teachers and school personnel as well as students.  Dr. Keith Shaffer, State Director of AdvancED Mississippi office, served as Lead Evaluator.  Other team members included: Associate Lead Evaluator Kathy Gruner with the Baldwin County Board of Education; Dr. Angelia Bluitt with the Mississippi Department of Education; Dr. Julius Shankles, Assist. Professor, University of Montevallo; and Tera Simmons with the Butler County School System.
The review team was presented volumes of supportive data relative to the five indicators guiding the advanced self assessment conducted by the school system in preparation for accreditation process.
The local efforts of preparing the school system for the accreditation process were led by Dr. Rhinnie Scott, Director of the Career Tech Center; Sharon Jennings, Principal, Eutaw Primary School; Mrs. Barbara Martin, Principal, Carver Middle School; Mr. Frederick Square, Principal, Paramount Jr. High School; Mr. Garry Rice, Principal, Greene County High School; Mrs. Shyla McCray, Title I Coordinator; Ms. Charlayne’ Jordan, Federal Programs Coordinator as well as other administrators and community stakeholders.

April 21, Board of
Education Meeting

At the regular meeting of the Greene County Board of Education, Interim Superintendent Dr.  James H. Carter, Sr. gave the report from AdvancED indicating that the Greene County School System is recommended for accreditation.  Dr. Carter also gave updates on the Learning Academy and the Performing Arts Program, new initiatives of the system.
Dr. carter informed the board that a committee is working of various revisions to the Information Guide for Parents and Students in the areas of cell phone use; acceptable athletic shoes worn at school; dress codes – Khaki pants and Polo shirts with the school’s logo/mascot. Specific recommendations will come to the board at a later time once the committee has completed its review.
Superintendent Carter also noted that the last day of classes for students is May 24.  There will be a two-week summer school program for each school.  The graduation schedule is as follows: Greene County High School – May 20; Paramount Jr. High School, May 18, 6:30 p.m.; Carver Middle School, May 19, 5:00 p.m. and Eutaw Primary School, May 17, 4:00 p.m.
In other business the board approved the following:
* Personnel Items: Employment of Cassandra Kelly as long-term substitute (Mathematics) at Carver Middle School; Toice Goodson as 9th Grade Academy Administrator at Greene County High School commencing with 2016- 2017 school term; Rodney Wesley.
Instructional Item: Board approved implementation of Tourism as a mini-course for grades 6 – 12 commencing with 2016 – 2017 school year.
* Administrative Services:  Rodney Wesley – Travel to Biloxi, MS to attend 2016 Spring Nike Championship Basketball Clinics on May 5, 2016;
Greene County High Math Team – Travel to Atlanta, GA to attend Math & Science Day at Six Flags Over Georgia on May 13, 2016.
Carver Middle School – Travel Atlanta, GA to visit World of Coca-Cola, APEX, Center for Civil/Human Rights, and Martin Luther King Historical Site on May 6 – 7, 2016.
* Completion of paving the campus at Greene County High School.
* Authorization to request quotes to repair roofs at Peter J. Kirksey Vocational Center. Permission to request quotes for the removal of mold and mildew at Peter J. Kirksey Vocational Center.
* Approval of the following item(s) to be declared surplus and removed from Child Nutrition Inventory: Ice makers – Eutaw Primary.
* Bus Drivers who perform extra duties such as field trips after regular route has ended, will be paid at a rate of $18.75/hr. and not be paid for some arbitrary amount or by mileage.
* Payment of all bills, claims, and payroll.
* Bank reconciliations as submitted by Mr. Leon Dowe, CSFO.