Wedgeworth wins Probate Judge race Summerville chosen District 5 Commissioner in Tuesday’s Runoff Election








Rolonda H. Wedgeworth won Tuesday’s Runoff Election by a vote of 1,291 (56.2%) to 1,006 (43.8%) for Jeremy Rancher for the Democratic nomination for Probate Judge of Greene County. Since there is no Republican opposition, Wedgeworth will be elected at the November 6, 2018 General Election.
Roshonda Summerville defeated Marvin Childs for the Democratic nomination for Greene County Commissioner District 5 by a vote of 248 (53.45%) to 216 (46.55%).
Turnout was down significantly in the runoff from the June First Primary election. Turnout in the Democratic party races was 2,308, down more than a thousand votes from June. Republican turnout was 115 votes. This highlights the dilemma of educating voters to vote in each and every election, which is critically important.
Wedgeworth, who serves as Chief Clerk in the Probate Judge’s office, won in all but three precincts. She thanked her supporters and said “I look forward to serving all citizens of Greene County in the Probate Judge’s office.”
Summerville, a political newcomer who works at the Greene County Physicians Clinic, said, “I learned a lot about my district and the people by campaigning door-to-door and I hope to be a good representative for people in District 5.”

Statewide Republicans completed their slate for the November 6 election with Will Ainsworth for Lieutenant Governor, Steve Marshall for Attorney General, Sarah Hicks for Place 1 on Supreme Court and Rick Pate for Agriculture Commissioner.
Attention turns now to the November 6, 2018 General Election, which is 100 days away. This will pit incumbent Republican Governor, Kay Ivey, against Walt Maddox, Tuscaloosa Mayor, the Democratic candidate, as well as other races for statewide and legislative offices. Candidates and politicalm organizations will be working on strategies to interest and excite voters to turnout at record numbers to participate in this upcoming election.

Primary Runoff Election set for next Tuesday July 17

Jeremy Rancher and Roshanda Summerville

Next Tuesday, July 17, 2018, the Democratic and Republican parties in Alabama are holding a Primary Runoff Election to decide political contests where one candidate did not get a 50% majority in the First Primary, held on June 5, 2018.
In Greene County, in the Democratic Party, we have two important political races to be decided in the runoff.
For Greene County Probate Judge, the race is between Jeremy Rancher and Rolonda Wedgeworth. In the first primary, Rancher, Chief Deputy with the Sheriff’s Department, led with 1091 votes (32.76%) to Wedgeworth’s 813 votes (24.41%). Wedgeworth currently is on leave from her position as Chief Clerk in the Probate Judge’s office. Four other candidates split the remaining votes.
For Greene County Commissioner District 5, there will be a runoff between Marvin Childs, a former commissioner who polled 203 votes to Roshanda Summerville, a political newcomer, who works at the Greene County Physicians Clinic, who polled 135 votes. Three other candidates, including incumbent commissioner, Michael Williams split the remaining votes.

In the first primary, four incumbent commissioners: Lester ‘Bop’ Brown, District 1; Tennyson Smith, District 2; Corey Cockrell, District 3 and Allen Turner Jr., District 4 were returned for another term. The Greene County Commission will face important decisions on the future direction of the county including road and bridge repair, recreation for young people, assisting the Greene County Health System to maintain hospital services in the county and many other issues facing the lives of Greene County residents.
Sheriff Joe Benison was re-nominated in the first primary. Veronica Morton Jones was nominated as Circuit Clerk and Ronald Kent Smith was re-nominated as County Coroner. All of these candidates will face the General Election on November 6, 2018 but local Democratic candidates are unopposed and will be elected pending any write-in campaigns.
On July 17, Republican voters will decide several statewide nominations for Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Agriculture Commissioner and several Supreme Court Justice positions.
All Democratic statewide candidates were decided in the first primary: Walt Maddox will be running for Governor, Will Boyd for Lieutenant Governor, Joe Siegelman for Attorney General, and many others will be on the November 6, 2018 General Election ballot.
On July 18, 2018, the general Election campaigns will begin in earnest with 110 days left until the November 6 General Election. People who have not registered will have another chance to register or change their voting address for the General Election.
Please remember to vote in the July 17 Runoff Election. Too many died and suffered to win the right to vote for all!

Childs seeks District 5 Commission seat




To the Citizens of District #5 and Greene County: It is after much thoughtful contemplation and prayer that I, Marvin Childs, have made the decision to seek the office of Greene County Commissioner of District #5. I believe the citizens of my district, district #5, deserve better than what we have received over the past few years. My decision to run for this position is based on a desire to work on behalf of the residents of District #5 and Greene County. This includes keeping District #5 residents informed of what is happening in the county and to be there for you when there are things that the county can do to help you.
As your commissioner, I will work alongside other Commissioners to move Greene County forward by working hard on issues our County encounters. Additionally, I will work with all other county departments so together we can all better Serve the People of Greene County. It is my belief that to serve, one must be a servant and that is what I will humbly be for you.
Thank you in advance for your support, your vote, and most of all your prayers in the upcoming June 5th, 2018 primary election.


The Greene County Democratic Executive Committee announces candidates

The Greene County Democratic Executive Committee announced the list of candidates that have qualified to run in the June 5, 2018 primary for county and state positions. The qualifying period ended on Friday, February 9, 2018 at 5:00 PM.
The following persons qualified for county offices, which will be on the ballot for the 2018 June Primary and November General Elections:

Probate Judge:  John Kennard, Grace Belton-Stanford, Rashon Smith, Jeremy Rancher, Rolanda M. Wedgeworth and James Carter
Greene County Sheriff: Jonathan “Joe” Benison, Jimmie Benison, Lorenzo French and Beverly Spencer.
Coroner: Ronald “Kent” Smith and Finest Gandy, Jr. .
Circuit Clerk: Veronica Morton-Jones and Debra Blackmon

Greene County Commission, all seats to be involved:

District 1: Lester “Bop” Brown and James Gaines, Jr.

District 2: Tennyson Smith, no opposition.

District 3: Corey Cockrell and Elzora C. Fluker.

District 4: Allen Turner, Jr. and John Vester.

District 5: Michael Williams, Marvin Childs, Grace Atkins Lavender, Roshanda  Summerville and Marvin K. Walton.

Democratic Executive Committee:
Barbara Ann Collin -District 1, Lester Cotton -District 3, Teresa M. Atkins  -District 3, Spiver W. Gordon- District 3, Mary Morrow Carter -District 3, Frank “Pinto ‘ Smith -District 3, Hattie Barnett Edwards- District 3, Amy Billups Wiggins -District 2 and Linda R. Spencer -District 1

State Democratic Executive Committee: Bettye Maye – SDEC 71, Nick Underwood SDEC 71
Johnnie Mae Scott – SDEC 72, Arthur Crawford, Sr. – SDEC 72, John Zippert – SDEC 72
All candidates may announce their candidacy, with a photo, at no cost in the Greene County Democrat. Please bring your announcement to the newspaper office. Special rates are also available for political advertisements after the free announcement.