Eutaw City Council approves resolutions not to work on private property and for a new subdivision

City Map

At its regular meeting on June 14, 2016 the Eutaw City Council voted on several important resolutions affecting the City.
The Council heard a report from Torris Babb, city engineer and building inspector that the plans for the resurfacing of Prairie Avenue from the Courthouse Square to Highway 43 have been approved and scheduled for bid advertisement This weeks Legal Notice section includes the formal solicitation for bids on this project, which is estimated to cost $ 500,000.
Engineer Babbs also reported that he had approved building permits for T-Mobile and A. T. &T to do work in the city related to communications and cell phone services.
The Council also approved a “Resolution Directing City Employees to Refrain from Entering Private Property.” The resolution states that, “No City Employee may perform work, while on City time, or allow the use of City equipment, upon any property that is not owned by the City of Eutaw, or covered by a current valid right-of-way or easement. The purpose of this resolution was to prevent cutting of grass, drainage work and other city services on private property.
The resolution contains exceptions for the City to act and go upon private property in an emergency situation or where needed to protect the health and safety of the citizens of Eutaw.
Babbs also explained that he had registered the plat map of the new Hattie Cove Subdivision on city land bordering Harris and Furse Avenues below the Eutaw Activity Center, in the Greene County Courthouse (Probate Map Book 4, page 2). There are four lots adjoining the streets that are available for sale now and once these are marketed the proceeds will be used to open streets and utilities for seven more lots.
Mayor Hattie Edwards said the lots were selling for $8,000 each and two have already been optioned for housing development. Persons interested in the remaining lots should contact Mayor Edwards at City Hall to purchase them. A formal set of covenants indicating the rules for the subdivision will also be filed in the Courthouse to govern use of the lots.
The Council approved bills and claims for the month of May 2016 and the meeting was adjourned in less than an hour.

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