ANSA endorses Clinton-Kaine ticket and makes recommendations Alabama Constitutional Amendments

At its Fall Convention on October 1st in Wetumpka, the Alabama New South Alliance (ANSA), the political sister organization to the Alabama New South Coalition (ANSC) endorsed Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine for President and Vice-President for the November 8, 2016 General Election.
The ANSA also endorsed all other statewide and Congressional candidates running on the Democratic Party, including Ron Crumpton, who is running for U. S. Senate against Republican incumbent, Richard Shelby. Local ANSC/ANSA chapters will also be endorsing candidates at the local county level.
At the Convention, ANSA delegates reviewed the fourteen (14) Constitutional Amendments that will be on the November 8th General election ballot. The ANSA made recommendations on these amendments as listed below. The Greene County Democrat is publishing the official text of the 14 amendments, in our Legal Notices section beginning on page 9 of this newspaper.
Amendment No. 1 – Yes : this amendment adds two at-large members to the Auburn University Board of Trustees to enhance diversity; it also limits the terms of Auburn Trustees, where no more than three will expire in the same year.
Amendment No. 2 – Yes : prohibits the use of any monies in the funds for State Parks from being used for other state purposes.
Amendment No. 3 – Yes: this is a procedural amendment which would allow the State Legislature to determine if amendments need to be voted on statewide or locally.
Amendment No. 4 – Yes: would allow County Commissions to adopt programs and policies relating to county personnel, litter-free roadways, public transportation, safety on public roads and emergency assistance without having to ask the permission from the Legislature.
Amendment No. 5 – Yes: modernizes the language in the Alabama State Constitution pertaining to the separation of powers between branches of government.

Amendment No. 6 – Yes: modifies the procedures for impeachment of the Governor and other statewide Constitutional officers, including the State Board of Education and the Alabama Supreme Court.
Amendment No. 7 – No: an amendment pertaining to the employees of the Office of the Etowah County Sheriff.
Amendment No. 8 – No: this amendment would enshrine in the Alabama Constitution the state’s current right-to-work law, which is anti-union and prohibits employers from placing any conditions on workers based on their membership or non-membership in a union or other labor organization.
Amendment No. 9 – No: this amendment would allow a person not over the age of 75 years to be elected or appointed Probate Judge of Pickens County. Currently all judges in the state are limited to age 70 to run for judicial office.
Amendment No. 10 – No: an amendment relating to Calhoun County relating with territory within police and planning jurisdictions.
Amendment No. 11 – No Endorsement: an amendment permitting cities and counties to sell certain city-or-county property for less than fair market value if the properties are in specially designated manufacturing zones.
Amendment No. 12 – No Endorsement: an amendment relating to Baldwin County concerning toll roads and bridge authorities.
Amendment No. 13 – Yes: an amendment to eliminate any law that imposes a maximum age restriction on the election or appointment of any public official, with the exception of judicial officers; and to prohibit the Legislature from enacting future laws to impose a maximum age limit for these positions.
Amendment No. 14 – Yes: a procedural amendment dealing with the Budget Isolation Resolution (BIR) and insuring local legislation, passed between 1984 -2016 is legal based on procedures in place at the time.
Officers of ANSA urged members and others in the community to vote on all offices and amendments on the ballot in November

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