Vote on Tuesday Nov. 8 in General Election!


Next Tuesday, November 8, 2016 will be a General Election in Greene County and throughout the nation.
Voters will have a choice between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald J. Trump for the 45th President of the United States. There are several other third party candidates who will be on the ballot in many states.
The decision is actually between the Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, candidates for President and Vice President on the Democratic ticket and Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence on the Republican side.
Congressman John Lewis said, “ So many people sacrificed and some gave their lives for the sacred right to vote, so we must all vote to honor their memories and struggle.”
In Alabama, voters will also choose between incumbent Republican Senator, Richard Shelby and Democratic challenger, Ron Crumpton. There are other statewide unopposed races for judgeships in Alabama on the ballot.
In local races in Greene County, Dr. Carol P. Zippert is running unopposed as the Democratic candidate for School Board in District 1 and Kashaya Cockrell running unopposed as Democratic candidate for School Board in District 2.

Alabama voters will also have to vote on 14 Constitutional Amendments. These amendments deal with some procedural changes, some county specific issues and some critical issues affecting the full state.
Amendment No. 1 deals with adding diversity to the Board of Trustees of Auburn University; Amendment No. 2 deals with protecting the funds for State Parks; Amendments 3, 4, 5 and 6 deal with procedural issues and greater local control for County Commissions; Amendment 7 deals with employees in the Sheriff’s office in Etowah County; and Amendment 8 which enshrine the state’s current anti-union right-to-work law in the Constitution.
Amendment No. 9 would allow a person up to age 75 run for Probate Judge of Pickens County; Amendment No. 10 relates to Calhoun County; and Amendment No. 11 allows counties to sell certain land in manufacturing zones at less that fair market value to attract industry and jobs.
Amendment No. 12 relating to charging tolls on roads and bridges in Baldwin County; Amendment No. 13 dealing with prohibiting age limits on eligibility to run for political office, other than for judicial officers, who are currently limited to 70 years of age; and Amendment No. 14 a procedural amendment on the Budget Isolation Resolution (BIR) and insuring that local legislation enacted between 1984-2016 is legal based on procedures in place at the time.

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