All 14 Amendments approved statewide Hillary Clinton sweeps Greene County 4,006 to Trump’s 838

Hillary Clinton polled 4,006 votes to 838 for Trump in a heavy turnout in Greene County, although Donald Trump won the electoral vote nationwide, in yesterday’s November 8 General Election.
Clinton received 82.2% of the vote in Greene County, which included 3,543 straight Democratic votes, to 17.2% for Trump; Gary Johnson received 13, Jill Stein 5 and there were 11 write-ins for President of the United States.
In the race for U. S. Senate in Greene County, Democrat Ron Crumpton received 3,829 (80.6%) to 918 (19.3%) for incumbent Republican Richard Shelby of Tuscaloosa. Shelby was re-elected statewide in Alabama by a large margin.
Congresswoman Terri Sewell was running unopposed for re-election. She won easily with 4,200 votes (99%) in Greene County.
In local races, Carol P. Zippert was running unopposed for District 1 on the Greene County School Board. She received 811 votes with 9 write-ins against her. Kashaya Cockrell was elected to District 2 on the Greene County School Board with 661 votes and 116 write-ins against her. These are the unofficial returns. When all the votes are tabulated and counted on November 15, the specific names of the write-ins will be available.
Greene County supported 10 of the 14 statewide amendments voted on yesterday. Greene County voters approved all of the amendment but 7,8,9 and 10. Statewide all amendments were approved, 12 by strong majorities and Amendment 9 for Pickens County and Amendment 12 for Baldwin County were approved by 51% of the statewide vote, based on unofficial returns.
Statewide voters approved adding members to diversify Auburn’s Board of Trustees (Amendment 1), support the budget of Alabama State Parks (Amendment 2), make procedural changes in the Alabama Constitution to give more power to County Commissions (Amendments 3, 4, and 5), place “Right-to-Work” provisions in the Constitution (Amendment 8), insure the legality of local legislation passed over the past thirty years (Amendment 14) and a variety of Amendments that applied to specific counties and localities in the state.

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