Town of Forkland has a new mayor, Charlie McAlpine

In a special municipal run-off election held Tuesday, December 13, 2016, Charlie McAlpine was elected as Mayor of Forkland, Alabama with 167 votes to Johnny L. Isaac’s 100 votes. The District 5 council seat went to Willie Sashington who received 27 votes to Sam Isaac’s 20 votes.
The municipal run-off elections previously scheduled, across the county for October 4, 2016, were cancelled for the Town of Forkland by the incumbent Mayor Ollie Vester, who decided to seek a recount after the appropriate dateline for a recount had passed. Vester had sought re-election as mayor in the municipal election held August 23, 2016, but had not made the run-off.
Reportedly, Vester postponed the Oct. 4 run-off elections despite instructions from the Alabama League of Municipalities to proceed with the election. These delays resulted in the recently held special run-off election on Dec. 13.
The Forkland Council Members are: District 1, Joe Lewis Tuck; District 2, Christopher Armstead; District 3, Preston Davis; District 4, Samitria Gray; District 5, Willie Sashington.
The Forkland Town Mayor Charlie McAlpine and Council Members will take office on January 2, 2017.

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