Ke’Undra Cox seeks Eutaw City Council Seat District 1

My Name is Ke’Undra Cox. I am running to represent District 1 on the Eutaw City Council. I am passionate about our community. I want to do everything I can to make this a city we can be proud of. My platform has a focus on three things: Jobs, Transparency and Investment.
Data has shown that when people in a city are working not only does the city improve, but the wellbeing of citizens improves. Transparency is key between the people and its government. We must ensure that the people know exactly what the city council is doing and why. They also must have the ability to easily get in contact with their city councilor and ask any questions or express any concerns.
Finally, we must invest in our city. We need to ensure the city has a positive public image, this includes not just infrastructure but also investments into the community, including but not limited to: new housing, a recreation center, renovation to the city park and more events that promote community unity.
I believe that the time has come for a new generation of leaders in the city of Eutaw. I know that together change is possible. Together we can achieve anything we put our minds to.
I was born July 1, 1998 to Monica Cox and Willie Davis, Sr. in Eutaw, AL. I was later adopted by John Cox and former Eutaw City Council member Trudie Cox. I moved to the Birmingham area in 2007 and was raised by my Auntie Phillis Brown. I graduated from Minor High School in 2017.
After high school I began a career in the United States Air Force Reserve, which included assignments at Maxwell, Lackland and Goodfellow Air Force Bases.
I am currently enrolled as a cadet at Marion Military Institute in Marion, AL, pursuing an Associates in Arts Degree. I am also on track to achieve the Bachelor of Science in Political Science Degree in 2024.

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