SOS holds caravan to ‘Vaccinate before it’s too late and Expand Medicaid” in Montgomery on Saturday, will move around the state

Vaccinations offered at SOS event

The SaveOurselves Movement for Justice and Democracy held a caravan to “Vaccinate before it’s too late and Expand Medicaid” in Montgomery, Alabama on Saturday, October 2, 2021. This is the beginning of a statewide effort to encourage unvaccinated people in Alabama to get the shot and encourage the state to expand Medicaid as the best way to protect people’s health during this and future pandemics.

The caravan started at the Alabama New South Office and went down the street to the Urban Fine Arts Dream Center at 3860 South Court Street.
Vaccinations were provided with help from UAB Medical Services.

Bill Harrison, SOS coordinator of the event said, “We leafleted the surrounding communities and had a good turnout. About 30 people were vaccinated, including some who received boosters. We served hot dogs and had a live band, all of which added to the attention in the community.”

“We were also able to register some people to vote at the event,” said
Harrison which is the first of a series of similar events that SOS will be sponsoring around the state.

At a press conference to kickoff SOS’s statewide caravan for vaccinations and Medicaid Expansion held at Noon Thursday on the steps of the State House, SOS and Black Lives Matter activists promoted the caravan.

Attorney and Civil Rights Activist Faya Toure said: “Alabama
learned this past week that more than 1,000 additional people in our state have died of COVID, which maintained Alabama as one of the deadliest states for COVID in the nation. This is avoidable, and this has to stop. Vaccinations save lives. All medical and scientific evidence supports this, and Alabamians must get vaccinated to save their own lives, those they love, and others.”

As State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris said: “These aren’t numbers or stats. These are our families and friends and loved ones dying of COVID. . . At least 90 percent of these deaths are completely preventable with vaccination.”

Greene County Health System Board Chair and SOS Steering Committee member John Zippert said: “This caravan will take place in all corners of Alabama, starting this Saturday in Montgomery. Between Alabamian’s deadly low rate of vaccinated citizens and Alabama leaders’ ongoing failure to expand Medicaid, people in Alabama have died and are dying who should be alive and people will needlessly suffer with ongoing and long-term health issues.

“Also, hospitals across Alabama have closed while others are on the brink of closure with virtually every hospital across our state overrun with COVID cases, making them often unable to treat and save people with other health issues. This is deadly wrong on every level.”

Law Professor Emerita Martha Morgan said: “In the year 2020, more people died than were born in Alabama. This hasn’t happened since World War II, and so many of these people did not have to die. With vaccinations and Medicaid expansion, Alabama can save lives.”

Members of SOS, BLM, and other human rights groups will begin a Statewide Caravan this Saturday To Vaccinate Before It Is Too Late and To Expand Medicaid to Save Lives and Hospitals. This caravan will hold events over the coming weeks and months in cities, towns and counties in every corner of Alabama.


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