Anikia Coleman seeks District 5 commission seat

I’m excited about my candidacy for the Greene County  Commission and I humbly ask for your vote, Tuesday, May 24, 2022 if you are a resident of District 5.
I am respectfully your, Anikia Coleman, saying out loud that the District 5 Commissioner’s scope of work should go far beyond upgrading two roads. That’s why my campaign slogan is “Expect More!”
I believe that I am the candidate who will embrace that “more” and deliver to District 5, the kind of leadership that it takes to make our quality of  life  much better.
I am the daughter of Mrs. Barbara Collins and the late Arthur Carpenter and step daughter of the late Harry Collins, Jr. As I worked toward graduating for Paramount High School, I learned while a member of Future Business Leader America that commanding leadership skills is priceless and I’m a proud to share that I was most fortunate to become Miss FBLA at  that time. 
When I am elected Commissioner for District 5, I will quickly  prove that voting for me was the right choice. My sleeves are rolled up, I already have a laundry list of improvements and special projects in hand that will deliver to you “more.” More concern for the needs of our elderly, educational enhancement for our amazing children and for all family units that call District 5 their home.
I am confident in my vision of more for us because I’ve experienced these thing first hand – provided community service on my own, feeding the elderly. I’ve volunteered cleaning our senior homes and sitting with some who are bedridden. I am employed with Mercedes Benz US International. I am an office holding member of the Bible Way Pentecostal Church where I participate on both the praise and worship teams.

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