Black crew climbs Mt. Everest

An all-Black team climbed Mt. Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, nine years after Sibusiso Vilane became the first Black man to summit the mountain. 

The all-Black team, which calls itself “Full Circle Everest,”
 reached the summit on May 12. The team climbed to the summit in 36 days. Mount Everest is 20,029 feet high feet high.

The team included, Manoah Ainuu of Bozeman, Montana; Kenyan climber James Kagambi; Rosemary Saal of Seattle; Desmond “Don” Mullins of New York City; Abby Dione of Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Eddie Taylor of Boulder, Colorado and Thomas Moore of Denver.
Vilane, who grew up in South Africa, reached the summit May 26, 2003.   He also reached the summit again in 2008.

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