Eutaw holds ‘State of the City’ luncheon

Mayor Latasha Johnson, the Eutaw City Council and the city staff held the second annual ‘State of the City’ luncheon on November 16, 2022, at the Robert H. Young Community Center.

The mayor distributed a printed report on their challenges and successes during the past year.

In her talk, Mayor Johnson highlighted:

• The City has a budget for the second year in a row; this year’s budget has a General Fund with over $3 million in projected revenues and $5 million in total revenues, which are records.

• The City for the fiscal year ending October 2022, has audited financial statements which help qualify for state and Federal funds.

• Based on the budget, funds were borrowed from local banks for street repair equipment and police cars.

• The City of Eutaw reached agreement with the City of Boligee to consolidate its water and sewage systems and secure Federal grant funding for needed improvements.

• Work with the Eutaw Chamber of Commerce to promote and increase business development in the city.

• Purchase and renovate a building ( the current 911 office across from City Hall) to house the police force.

• Assist the Greene County EMS to improve the ambulance service and the Fire Department to acquire a new fire truck.

In concluding her remarks, Mayor Johnson said, “Together we can work to move the City of Eutaw forward for all of its people.”

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