Attempt to legalize Sunday alcohol sales in county fails

At its March 14, 2016 meeting, the Greene County Commission defeated an attempt to legalize the Sunday sale of alcoholic beverages in the county.  The motion for the same was presented by Commissioner Allen Turner, Jr. and seconded by Commissioner Corey Cockrell.  Voting against the proposal were Commissioners Tennyson Smith, Michael Williams and Lester Brown.
The financial report including budget adjustments were presented by Mrs. Paula Bird, Finance Director.  Bird’s budget adjustments indicated that Sheriff Jonathan Benison will increase his supplement toward the Sheriff and Jail Budget in the amount of $133,360.  Previously budgeted amount of $44,500 was for the final payment on six sheriff department vehicles making a total supplement of $177,860 for this fiscal year ending September 30, 2016.
Finance Director Bird presented other revenue changes in the General Fund 001 account:  Increase in the bingo payroll line item represents the amount the sheriff previously paid for the Temporary Restraining Order payroll through the first payroll in January. According to Bird,  “The ‘revenue’ increase for a transfer in from the Bingo funds that we are anticipating for the 8 months ending 9/30/16 in the amount of $258,800 will cover $244,397 of the increased Sheriff and Jail Budget ($133,360 + 244,397 = $377,757 increased expenditure budget). The remaining $14,403 transfer covers the last payroll in January for the TRO employees.”   Expenditures changes reported by Bird included the following: Sheriff Budget increase $222,808.45; Jail Budget increase $154,948.77; TRO Employee payroll costs through January $139,587.02; Fund 050 where county deposits bingo proceeds – Transfer into General Fund $258,800  (To cover Sheriff and Jail Budget Increases); Transfer into Matching Aid $432,000 (Fund used for road projects).
In other business the county acted on the following:
* Approved retail beer license application of Hazam LLC dba Clinton Food Mart.
* Approved levying of 2016 Alcohol License fee.
* Approved TECTA American for courthouse roof replacement.
* Approved Engineer’s request for bridge projects – Flag Road, County Roads 220 and 69.
* Approved job description modification for equipment operator I, II, and III.
* Approved loan from Merchants & Farmers Bank for two Mack trucks and one Low Boy.
* Approved payment of mileage to Homeland Security for repair of equipment.
Approved travel for staff conferences and training workshops.
Tabled consideration of work at Montgomery Recreation Center in Knoxville.
Tabled Miles College Building request.
The meeting adjourned.  There was no public comment.

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