GREENE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION Prescribed Student Dress Code Grades K-12 Standard Dress Code

Girls:    Navy or khaki knee length skirts, jumpers, or shorts and

NO JEANS    Long or short sleeves navy or white
polo  knit shirt or buttoned blouse (shirt or blouse with
collar).     Shirts in school colors bearing school logo
Navy or white undershirt if visible

Boys:               Navy or khaki slack or knee length shorts.
NO JEANS    Long or short sleeves navy or white
polo or oxford  buttoned front) with   collar.
Navy or white undershirt if visible

Boys and Girls

Shoes:      Navy, brown, tan, or black leather
low-top or deck shoes.  No restrictions
on  Athletic shoes.

 Belts:    Web or leather belt in brown, black, or navy must be
worn with all items of clothing that have belt loops.

 Outer wear (coats, jackets):      Students are  encouraged to
purchase adopted outer wear
in school colors.  If not purchased
adopted outer wear jackets should
be navy, black, khaki, or brown.
Students  will  not be allowed to
wear embellished jackets; i.e.
Racing, Pennzoil, M&M, etc.

Book Bags:             Mesh (navy, black, or brown) or clear.

If parents are unable to ensure that students comply with Greene County Board of Education’s Dress Code Policy, the student’s parents or guardians must file an exemption form with their child’s school, which establishes special extenuating circumstances.  Approval for the exemption must be granted by the Superintendent according to the guidelines set forth in the exemption action of the Greene County Board of Education Uniform Dress Policy and in accordance with the information requested on the Exemption Form.

Students not in compliance with the DRESS CODE will not be allowed to attend school.
These sanctions are based on the STATEWIDE ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on

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