Steele and Edwards in Oct. 4 Run-off for Mayor of Eutaw

In yesterday’s municipal elections in the Town of Eutaw there will be a run-off on October 4 between the incumbent Mayor Hattie Edwards and former three-term Mayor Raymond Steele.
Unofficial results show a total of 1,233 votes with Steele carrying each of the six voting boxes, including the Absentee Box, with a vote of 569 (46.1%) and Mayor Edwards receiving 308 votes (25%). Two other candidates, Carl Davis received 199 votes (16.2%) and Reginald Spencer received 157 votes (12.7%). A detailed chart of the votes is shown on page 8.
Latasha Johnson was elected to City Council District 1 by a vote of 204 (77.6%) to 59 for James Lewis. LaJeffrey Carpenter was re-elected to City Council District 2 by a vote of 171 (73.7%) to 61 for Stanley Lucious.
In Forkland, there will be a run-off between the top two vote getters for Mayor, between Charlie McAlpine and Johnny Lovell Isaac.
Based on unofficial results, the candidates for Mayor of Forkland received the following votes: Charlie McAlpine-87, Johnny Lovell Isaac – 77, Calvin Knott – 66, Michael Barton – 51 and Ollie Vester – 39.In the Forkland City Council races, in District 1: Joe Lewis Tuck was elected over Doris Robinson; in District 2: Christopher Armstead was chosen over Ridgeway (Pap) Gaines and Priscilla (Pat) Turner; in District 3, Preston Davis was elected over John Vester; in District 4, Samitria H. Gray was elected over Gertrude Parker; and District 5, there will be a run-off between Willie Sashington (18 votes) and either Samuel Isaac or Juanita Jackson who each polled 17 votes.
In Boligee, the election was postponed until October 25, 2016 by Circuit Judge Eddie Hardaway after the printed ballots did not have the names of all candidates who qualified. Dates will be set for a new qualifying period and all interested candidates will have to re-qualify or qualify anew.
In Union, the Mayor and all city council members were unopposed and reelected to their positions.
In Eutaw, three City Council candidates: Shelia Smith, Joe Lee Powell and Bennie Abrams were running unopposed and were elected to the City Council. The Council will have three old members and two new members – Latasha Johnson and Bennie Abrams.

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