Trump Atrocities Report (TAR) #3

mya 1.jpgWe continue our report on the outrageous and harmful actions taken by the Trump Administration and its Republican supporters in Congress, which hurt the working people of America.

We are numbering the atrocities consecutively, so you will have to go back to previous papers or go to our website on line at to see the prior atrocities committed by no. 45, his cabinet, cronies and supporters.

Atrocity No. 9: Trump is getting payments from foreign governments. He is receiving payments from foreign government through his business holdings in other countries, in direct violation of the “emoluments clause” of the U. S. Constitution. We do not know which governments and what amounts because Trump has never released his income tax returns that might shed some light on these issues. We hope the Congressional investigation of Trump’s dealings with Russia, China, Ukraine and other countries will reveal some of the facts on these secret dealings.

Atrocity No. 10: Trump has accused the press of promoting “fake news” while at the same time saying leaks from the White House are false and dangerous. He continues to sew confusion and dissension over news that he does not agree without clarifying what is true and what is “alternative truth”.

Atrocity No. 11: The Trump Administration has removed racist and white supremacist groups from the terrorist watch-lists. The only groups highlighted now are “Islamic terrorist groups”. The KKK and other indigenous groups, practicing terror within the borders of the country, are no longer listed and being followed by law enforcement.

Please feel free to send us information on public policy atrocities you think that this Administration is committing, especially those which hurt its supporters.

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