Greene County School Board receives AASB President’s Award

District 7 Greene County copy.jpg

The Greene County Board of Education received the Alabama Association of School Boards (AASB) President’s Award 2017 at the annual District Meeting held Monday, September, 25, in Tuscaloosa, AL. The President’s Award is presented to school boards that have had 60 percent or more of their members attend at least three AASB conferences in an academy year and, in that same year, have had all members of their boards meet state-mandated training requirements. The award is usually presented at the AASB Fall District Meetings. In photo Left to Right: Greene County School Board Member, Ms. Kashaya Cockrell; Superintendent Dr. James H. Carter, Sr.; Board Vice President, Dr. Carol P. Zippert; Board President, Mr. Leo Branch and Board Member, Ms. Carrie Dancy. Not shown: School Board Member William Morgan.

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