Mt. Hebron Coalition, Greene County Extension Service partner with Eutaw for revitalization projects



Mt. Hebron Coalition.jpg

Shown L to R: James Childs, Severe Strode, Johnni Strode Morning, Greene County Coordinator, Lovies Burrell Parks, Maggie Weston, LeEthel Childs and Mayor
Raymond Steele

The Mt Hebron Coalition met with Mayor Steele to discuss the revitalization plans for the city.
The Coalition plans to work closely with Mayor Steele on the following projects: Repairing and extending lighting for safety in the Eutaw City Park; purchasing paint for the Beautification Project in the downtown areas and City Park; planting Crepe Myrtles, Dogwood and Japanese trees in the town and surrounding areas of the city; purchasing basketball goals for the Eutaw City Park, purchasing outdoor trash cans; and adding additional physical activity equipment in the City Park.
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