John Kennard seeks Probate Judge office

John Kennard


I am today announcing my candidacy for the Office of Probate Judge of Greene County. I think the first duty of any elected official is to do the job that the people elected him to do. With God’s help, I will do just that.
I believe that there is a second component to holding an elected office, that is, don’t do as so many in the past have done. Don’t forget the very people that put you where you are.
I am a lifelong resident of Greene County and I have held public office before.
This is our county, and it is our duty to make it the best that it can be. Our children and our grandchildren deserve the same opportunities in this county as the children in Tuscaloosa and Marengo Counties.

I am married to the former Ms. Pamela Freeman; we have four sons, Cedric, Benjamin, Dr. Dewayne Stallworth and Marine Sergeant Alfred Lamar. I am looking forward to serving the people of Greene county. Thanks in advance for your vote, your support and your prayer. Let’s work together and make Greene County a place we all can be proud of.

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