French qualifies for Sheriff of Greene County


After prayful consideration, I am announcing that I am a candidate for Sheriff of Greene County, in the upcoming June election.
I think it is time that, we, the Citizens of this county ask ourselves are we satisfied with the present law enforcement in this county? I Am Not!
I think when you the Citizens have problems and you call the  Sheriff you should be able to talk to the person that you elected. I think the sheriff should show up when you have problems, and he should not just send a poxy every time.
I have made it my personal business to be directly involved with youth through Tutorial Programs and Summer Enrichment Programs. As your Sheriff I will continue to do that, so that our youth will know that there is a better way.
I will continue to visit our schools, and be directly involved in anti-bulling programs.

As your Sheriff, I will be inititating an anti Domestic Violence Program. Finally, unless you are living under a rock somewhere, you know that theft of property is at an all time high. This is Greene County not Jefferson County.
If the Sheriff is committed, we can make our county a safe place and a better place for all. I will in the future be raising some serious issues that concern every citizens of Greene Count

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