Latasha Johnson qualifies for Eutaw Mayoral race

Our City Your Voices.
I am running for Mayor of Eutaw to fix the dysfunction and mismanagement that is bleeding away the resources needed to help our city continue with growth. Our water department is our city’s biggest revenue source and at this point we have lost lots of revenue from our water department. Our city is currently operating without a budget.
The voices of our city workers along with the voices of the citizens of Eutaw are not being heard. I will hear your voices as Mayor of Eutaw. Currently we are leaving our children behind.
Our city needs a good cleaning. It’s time to start telling our citizens they matter by providing them with the best services possible.
I want to re- establish trust in our city government by having financial reports published on time for all citizens of Eutaw to review.
I want to build positive working relationships with City Council members, other government initiatives and all boards in our community. My vision for the City of Eutaw is to create a city where people want to live, work, learn, visit, and love.
I have served on the city council for three years and during my three years I voted for the LOVES project. I spoke up for the roads in Branch Heights and King Village. I also spoke up for many other successful projects done here in Eutaw within my three years as Council woman.
On August 25, 2020, please go to the polls and vote Latasha Johnson for City of Eutaw Mayor. I will hear your voices.

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