Carpenter seeks 3rd term, Eutaw City Council District 2

A Real Choice For Eutaw – Experience We Need

I’m La’Jeffery “Chris” Carpenter I’m seeking re-election for my third term on the Eutaw City Council, District 2. Running for public office is nothing new to me now. I am currently employed by the Greene County Sheriff’s Office as K-9 Officer, and your current Council Member of District 2.
I’m seeking re-election because I’m prepared and have been personally affected by the issues here in Eutaw. When I decided to seek election in 2012. it wasn’t for power and fame. It was because of the direction the City was going, and I have love for my city. I want to continue to bring my resources and my experience to a city that really needs them. I will continue to work directly with citizens to make sure my agenda reflects their desires and needs of District 2 as well as the entire City of Eutaw.
Over the last eight years I’ve been able to work my way through the basic and advanced statuses as your District 2 Council Member. I graduated into the Emeritus status of municipal training which only a few elected officials from Eutaw have reached. I am the youngest Council Member elected in the history of Eutaw, as well as the youngest Council Member to advance into Emeritus status as an elected official within two terms.
My vision for Eutaw is to have responsible, knowledgeable policy-makers, with real experience for the people. We need experienced leaders who are not afraid to talk to the people; experienced leaders who put the people’s interests first and are also knowledgeable and able to make tough decisions to inspire and galvanize people to action.
I have a vision where young people can maximize and realize their full potential. Citizens, our city has challenges and opportunities. The solution to our challenges and opportunities is experienced leadership. Your experienced Council Member of District 2, along with other members fought for nearly three years for King Village to be repaved for the first time since it’s been a part of Eutaw. Your experienced Council Member and other Members currently have M&M Drive in process of being repaved as well. Our city now more than ever needs experienced leaders, not more managers, not more dictators. Experienced leadership is what it will take to get our City ready for the future. In my experience, experienced leaders are not afraid to ask “why”? As experienced leaders we solve problems; we lead by example; we know when to listen and when to follow. Experienced leaders are not afraid to say I don’t know but let me find out and I will get back with you.
I normally don’t make promises during my campaign, but I do have one promise, and that promise is to the citizens of District 2. I will continue to serve you to the best of my ability, and keep my campaign clean and out of political cliques. Experienced leaders don’t spend time in political cliques.
I ask for your love and support and that you Re-Elect La’Jeffery “Chris” Carpenter, Eutaw City Council Member District 2 on August 25, 2020

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